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What I liked about West Milford High School is that I felt it has prepared me well for college. The teachers at WMHS are hit or miss. You could have a really great teacher who cares about their students and you could also have a teacher who shows no care for their students. Some teachers just want the bell to ring and the day to be done every day. And some teachers genuinely enjoy teaching and it shows.
Some aspects that I liked about West Milford High School are:
- Teachers make learning enjoyable
- Students are lively
- Morale is upheld
- Merit is rewarded
- Safety is a priority
- The fine arts are represented well
- Bullying is strictly condemned
- College readiness is proficient

Some aspects that I did not like about West Milford High School are:
- Board of Education lacks preparedness
- Lack of diversity
- Lack of education regarding culture
- Resources for the disabled could be improved
- Parent involvement is excessive
- Sports teams are well funded, however, student performance lacks
Great all around experience, teachers are very helpful. Not always perfect, but no place is. I very much enjoy attending this school and I think it is very well rounded.
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I went through some tough times at WMHS. People were not always the nicest, and the amounts of work at times could be harsh. As most high schools, there is always a teacher or two who give you a hard time, but I am glad that I have found multiple teachers who I can go to for anything and will always be there to support me.
Great school, I enjoy everything they accomplish at the school. The sports are amazing and really brings the school together. All teachers are great and help the students a lot.
This school has a lot to offer when it comes to classes, sports, and other extracurricular activities. I’ve been part of the band and taken all honors/ap classes since freshman year and I’ve surrounded myself with people that are as dedicating and hardworking as I am. All the teachers I have had seem to care about their jobs and their students and are willing to stay after to help out those who struggle. The only thing I don’t like about my school right now are the student mass who seems to lack school spirit. Every pep rally gets quieter and lamer because no one is cheering.
West Milford High School is a good school with great teachers and great programs. But there are some negatives about the school including the resources available. There was not very much help given in the college application process and schedules are always messed up so I could never take all the classes I wanted to. Overall I think the school is pretty well rounded except for some minor faults.
I was relieved to have finally graduated from West Milford High, not because it was difficult but because it was a mediocre experience. Academics that I barely had to study, horrible food, teachers that lose hope just as much as I do, and students that would not stop talking for more than 5 minutes plagued my experience.
My experience at west Milford high school was good. The school lacks in diversity among students but I had a lot of amazing teachers that helped prepare me for college. There are a lot of ways to get involved whether it be through clubs or sports. The were a variety of classes offered as well and a lot of opportunities to learn. School food wasn’t terrible. They would have waffle days, omelette days etc which were always fun.
My experience with WMHS was overall average. Most teachers were able to explain their lessons well and prepare us for tests, others seemed to have more difficulty and left me feeling very unprepared for the future. The band is outstanding and I admire their dedication. The performing arts are very good in WMHS and it is easy to get involved if a certain club interests you. One that stands out to me in west Milford is the bagpipes which always give fantastic performances. There is a wide variety of sports offered from football to fencing as well. One thing I do not like is that guidance seems to be unorganized. Emails take a while to get answered, paperwork gets lost, and if you have a question it takes a while to find someone with the answer. West Milford is not a terrible school, but it is certainly not high ranking either.
My experiences at West Milford High School have been varied. I can vouch for the superb quality of education in the English and History Departments; they contain teachers unparalleled in commitment and dedication to their students, constantly desiring for their pupils to succeed and realize their potential.
My experience at West Milford High School has overall been a positive one. Like every high school, it has it’s positives and it’s negatives however each difficulty my school has come upon, the adminastry does its best to solve the issue. One thing I would wish to improve is the safety of our school. Throughout our school you can find activities by students that should not be permitted and should be taken more seriously.
I had a very good experience at West Milford High School. A lot of the teachers really liked me and made their learning environment enjoyable for all. If at some point I did not understand something, the teachers would be there to help at an instant. All the teachers I had were good with one on one experience and really helped me to be successful. If there was something for me to change, it would be the food in the cafeteria, but that's about it.
West Milford High School did a lot to help prepare me for college, and have me many valuable life lessons, especially through my involvement in the music program there
I love the quality of teachers at West Milford. Almost all of them are exceptionally friendly and genuinely invested in their student's growth and achievement, in ways resembling a parent to child. I am always able to speak candidly with them, and have found solace in quiet a few mentor's arms on more than one occasion.

However, I do wish there was more stringency in regards to admittance into honors classes. It is frustrating to be in an accelerated class with peers who either don't want to be there or cannot keep up-- an issue I think would easily be resolved with more monitoring of student's ability to preform in high level classes.
West Milford Township High School is a good school. You get out of it what you put into it! If you want to get involved you can. A lot of AP/Honors courses to challenge yourself. As with any school, some teachers are better and more engaged than others. Administration does what they can to create a positive and safe environment.
Plenty of courses to choose from, the facility is overall clean. The students are not sociable towards me in my experience.
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I liked West Milford because it offered so many things that my previous high school didn't have. Lots of sports teams, lots of school spirit, as well as being a large school.
I like that there are so many academic classes and electives you can take. I also enjoy having many after school activities that you can join. A lot of students can be rude which I hope changes over the years but most teachers are great. The music department is stellar.
In my experience, I am very grateful to have moved to West Milford and attend West Milford High School. In the town I previously lived in I would not have had the opportunity to find interest in architecture, engineering, or sculpture. West Milford High School provides classes and programs that have shown me the career I want in the future. Some of these are C.A.D, AP 3D design, Architectural Design, Art Club, Art Honor Society, Robotics Club, the Science Olympiad team, and many art competitions through the past three years I have been able to enter and even place in.
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