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I loved the helpful teachers and the endless amount of activities that you can do. I was given tons of different opportunities and learned so much besides environmental science. If it wasn't for changing to WMAES I wouldn't have made some important connections and learned tons of different skills that I can use in the real world. I was able to travel all over the country with the service learning trip and learned about starting my own business.
Attended since 1st grade. Excellent teachers. An AP Class is required to graduate and the test is free to the student. Mandatory SAT Prep class for Juniors is also nice.
West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science is a GREAT school to attend. All of the teachers care about your education and will spend time out of their day to help you. The teachers main priority to to help you succeed. The teachers want to get to know you on a personal level, they will ask how your weekend was or if you are doing okay. The school is on 62 acres and a lot of the leaning material you can learn outside so that gives you a different experience then just the class room setting.
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Absolutely stuunning school. Great focus okn academics to make sure kids get a quality education. Has sports but not many would like more added. Lots of acres so teachers can take kids outside to explore different kinds of environments.
We relocated to attend WMAES. It was different for both of my children, as one excelled and the other was pushed out.
Overall, the curriculum was attractive and teachers appeared to care about success. However, I often wonder if the test scores are higher, because of the treatment of children who need extra time. I seen 3 who struggled and were eventually pushed out and it was recorded as, "behavioral concerns".
Good curriculum, poor adversity intervention.
My experience with WMAES has been one that of a very challenging one. WMAES is a very hard school, especially in high school, as they require you to take challenging classes to graduate. Most the teachers are good at explaining the things taught, others not so much. Overall however, the teachers do a good job. The only thing I would like to see change is the amount of explaining the teachers give. The school does not do well with giving students time off, however. Students seem very overworked.
Small classes meant I got to know and become friends with many of the people in my grade. Having environmental classes also meant we went outside to the 60 acres of land and go into the forest or prairie or meadow.
The teachers spend time getting to know the students and as you progress through the years, you will be known by them and they will ask questions of how you are doing.
The after-school classes for if you are failing a class can help you better your grade in that subject
We don't have a school nurse they check it out in the office to see if it's bad or not, if its bad then they will give attention towards you but if it's not bad then they give you ice to help a little.
We don't have much clubs but we try to make some that maybe some students maybe interested in.
This school is great, but I feel like I don't fit here. Everyone is great they help you around the school and try to make you fit in but I still don't feel that way.
The teachers at this really do make sure we are actually get the stuff that they are teaching, they help us on the topic that we struggle on and explain it in many ways they can teach us.
Visitors must sign in at the main building and must be "buzzed" in to get to the office to do so. All other buildings on campus are locked. I feel that my kids are safe no matter where they are on campus.
There are more options for high school kids, but it's pretty limited, in my experience for middle school and below.
WMAES is a great school that offers such a wonderful change of pace for kids who are used to "typical" schools. The attitude seems more laid back and the teachers, for the most part, are well versed in how to integrate kids who are "different" into the mainstream classrooms.
The only criticism I have is that there needs to be more consistency with special needs students (who are mainstreamed) across the classrooms in middle school and above.
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They don't have many security measures that I know of but I felt safe there. I don't believe there's really ever any bullying.
I don't know exactly what after school programs they have but I do know that a the have after school help for students every day. Limited sports organization.
I love this school because there is a lot of hands on activity and the teachers and students are great. This school is unique because they center on environmental of my favourite topics...and go outdoors for many of the lessons.
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