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I love going to West Lincoln but I wish that they would expand their arts program. The academic classes are taught very well by competent teachers. The school is very focused around sports, but there are very few other after school activities. I have heard that they are working on adding an art class besides music, so I'm sad that I wont be around for it. If you are looking for a very academic school, West Lincoln is for you.
I started school when I was 5 years old- I learned lots of things through out the years and made many friends. I did try my hardest once I got to high school and did make honor roll the later part and I feel like I worked hard for no rewards no praise. I understand the ones with the highest ACT score and highest average deserves the best but everyone should have a chance of something. I made honor roll my senior year and studied hard but still had to
Sit on the back row at graduation, they sit you according to the way you rank which i think is very unfair & prejudice against students that does not have a 4.0’gpa. I would’ve been happier with myself if I could have received some award and/or scholarship.
Over all the school was good and I appreciate the opportunity of being there for 13 years . Both my parents graduated from there as well and I made it another generation of our family graduating.
I walked in to register my kids and was told to go back to where i came from.
Then my son was assualted at school.they never called me. And they suspended my son the victim the same as the child who assualted him. Could it be because they never wanted us there in the first place? i think so!
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I am the 3rd generation to attend and graduate from West Lincoln. Lots of improvements have been made over the years. It's located in a small close knit community. The teachers are very helpful and care about the students. Improvements needed are more classroom space and upgrades to the sporting facilities.
West Linncoln is an amazing school. Everyone parents, teachers, staff, and students are all working to help each other. It is a very close knit community not just a school.
I have attended West Lincoln my whole life , ever since i was in kindergarten. West Lincoln is an amazing school , we have accomplished so many things as a school as a whole.
I love West Lincoln because it has been like home since before I was able to attend school. The teachers at West Lincoln help us students prepare for the future and support us in our decisions. The past thirteen years at this school have molded me to become the student and person I am today.
When I first moved to the West Lincoln School, I thought that this would be just another school that was boring and had no fun to it. Well I was wrong because as long as I have been here, I have had much fun with all of my teachers and my activities.
It's a no bullying tolerated school
It need more activites like band and choir.
I wouldn't go to this school because it's too far from where I live but everyone is nice. I personally like economic class y
The teachers are pretty cool I'm a new student there for my senior year so I really don't know but about them like other students but they are friendly but also about business.
Personal safety is not an issue at my school in my opinion. We do not have metal detectors or on campus security but our local law enforcement would be there in the blink of an eye if needed. As for the school nurse, she is only available 2 days a week. Her schedule is divided between four schools during the week. I have often worried that a health emergency may arise that the other staff may not know how to handle.
Student council seems to be one of the most active organizations. From holding food drives for the local food and collecting items for the children's home to adopting needy children at Christmas to buy gifts for, the student council is always on the move. Not much is made well known about many of the other clubs so I would have to assume they are lacking in commitment.
I would choose my school time and time again if given the chance. Although it is a small school, it has a big heart. The students always seem to pull together when needed. The staff is supportive and our community is always there to cheer us on.
For the most part, the teachers are great. As with most schools, there are a few teachers who do not put forth their best effort. Some are intimidating and not willing to go that extra mile for the struggling student but fortunately my teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. I feel like I will be well prepared for college. Our principal is understanding and fair yet firm. I believe those qualities and standards are what made West Lincoln Attendance Center a recipient of the National Blue Ribbon School Award.
They try to do their best at everything
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Everyone loves and does their best at the sports that they do offer.
They do their best to stop things from hapening
They have unique teaching styles
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