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West Iredell High School Reviews

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West Iredell High is a great school. All my four years I have had teachers who show genuine support for me, my grades, and my future. Although the teachers are great, I would like to have more activities where students and faculty members are able to connect and get to know one another better.
School is nice and safe, however has a recent problem with loss of staff. Educators are consistently above average and are always looking for ways to help students.
I have attended West Iredell High since my freshman year. Overall it is a nice school, yes there can be problems but nothing that isn't fixable. My teachers have helped me so much when it comes to school work. The teachers are also very nice to talk to if you ever need anything. The school is very clean, and I enjoy attending there. Its is in a nice location in the country, secluded from the bad parts of town. I feel very safe attending West Iredell, knowing the teachers and staff care for us and will protect us if needed. The school is very involved in the community from clubs donating to shelters, to JROTC participating in community service. I have very proud to call this school my own, and will always be a Warrior no matter what.
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I would like them to be less strict on computers and things but overall was pretty okay. I did come in late and everyone was very welcoming and helped me adjust very easily and it was a nice environment to finish off my high school career.
Some kids are dedicated, most are not. Teachers are often coming and going and most of them don't actually teach in order to get an adequate education. Also, when the administration is presented with a problem they don't immediately fix it or they ignore it all together.
West is the best. The JROTC program, which i a man a part of. Is excellent. The AP department does well preparing students for college. The staff is very positive and out-going for the kids.
At West Iredell High School, we were always in the school spirit. We would celebrate in many different ways wether it’s before a game, after a game, or during school at lunch.
Something I didn’t like at West that we don’t have much athleticism. People are scared to show their talent or the coaches might not make them feel good enough to even play.
Great experiences but could use some improvement. Safety is thought of heavily and I feel very safe in my school. I have the opportunity to do any club, sport, or activity that I want which is great. I feel some administration doesn’t care about the students though.
West Iredell High School is a good school with good staff members. Great agricultural classes if you’re interested in that type of thing. Had a great band as well.
I have learned so much in the 4 years I have attended West high FFA and played baseball football games . Great teachers and Principal . Made alot of memories class 2018.
The teachers are by far some of the best in the entire district. They are all enthusiastic about their job and they excite students from the first to the last bell of the day. The administration cares deeply about the safety and well-being of their students. They handle situations calmly and professionally before the situation has the option of escalating. The small school has created a "close knit" family where the students feel welcomed and know that they are accepted for who they are.
The teachers are nice. Most of them are funny and easy to get along with.
The food was really bad in my opinion. The school was clean.
My experience at West Iredell High School has been very good. The classes are nice, and so are the teachers and staff. The teachers make you feel welcomed and safe from the first day to the last.
I like West Iredell because they push you to do your very best and all the teachers want to help students graduate and get into a good college. The seniors do a research project that helps get ready for college, we were judged on our speech, paper, and portfolios. West has a lot of extracurricular activities and opportunities for everyone.
Most of the students are nice to each other but there are usually a few fights between freshmen at the beginning of the year.
The school is very good however small. This lowers the possibility for many advanced ap classes to make the cut. However, overall I enjoyed my experience at West and believe the teachers there are some of the best out there.
My experience with West Iredell High School isn't one to brag about. I wish the administration took more concern on our learning environments then our parking passes or our senior adviser taking time for actual seniors instead of freshmen in an AP academy flunking out of almost every class.
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West Iredell Is overall a good school. The academics have really grown in the past years! They have added an AP academy in which excels in academics and characteristics. West is full of diverse student and diverse teachers. The teaching is good, but the attitudes could be better.
West Iredell high school is a pretty average high school. We had homecoming football games, prom, spirit week, and things most average public schools had. I honestly think that high school did not prepare for college. I don't think any public high school can really help me prepare for college.
Based off of the teachers I've had at West Iredell, I would say they are some of the best. The only bad thing I have to say about West Iredell is that they should reexamine the way that they discipline the students.
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