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Wauwatosa West High School is a home. Never have I once felt unsafe or unaccepted at this school. The students here and the teachers here are very friendly and are very willing to help anyone in need. Teachers work hard to make sure every student has a chance and are always willing to give students outside time to help them out. Over all, Wauwatosa West High School is an amazing place and I'm proud to call it my school.
The courses offered, especially AP courses, are a blessing. If it wen't for AP courses or advanced classes, we wouldn't be prepared for collage and to save money.
In my eyes, I see athletes versus non-athletic art students. Then their is a theater club who are most likely stuck up. I from experience being in all 4 years of tennis and making varsity while also taking 1 year of orchestra have noticed that its usually sports versus art. The " sexual orient" are mostly those who attend art classes. Racial diversity are kicking steroetypes for examples, 4 out of 7 asians in the school are athletes. Including me. Even though we may not be at best of academics but we are average 3.4s.
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I think it's "okay" because you are chosen. And if you are not well known, you aren't given a chance as a nominee.
This school is unique because, the teachers and 3 principles here, are ready to help. These principles are not the "bad guys". They are trying to help to make school a safe and better place for everyone to come and get their education.
I believe it's great depending on the new teachers and the students themselves. Sometimes the student gives the teachers a hard time. Sometimes the new teachers teaching skills just are not tough enough to be able to control a class room.
There are lots of options for extracurricular activities. There's a club for just about everything.
my experience overall wasn't bad. it could have been better. It could have been worse.
At times the teachers can give off a certain demeanor that isn't appealing to the students. The teachers may not always show that they like to help their students.
There are plenty of safety measures in place. However, we do not have a school nurse and our health program is kind of awful.
Although some of the coaches leave something to be desired and some clubs are preferred (football) over others (any girls sport), there are many activities that are very fun.
The administration is just a bunch of guys and it's a total joke. There's lots of hostility in the environment, and there are a lot of unnecessary rules that just cause problems. The administration does not listen or even consider making changes when you present a problem to them and find a way to blame the students. Honestly, I hate it here.
While there a few teachers who go above and beyond for their students, and really try to engage us, many of them do not seem to care at all. They are negative and just lecture every class period.
Many different clubs and organizations for everyone with differing likes to join.
Teachers are highly educated in their skill sets and genuinely care about their students learning and growth.
The on staff police officer is highly involved in the schools events and I feel safe in my school environment.
Freshman year, I was iffy; however, as the years go by, I really am getting close to the school and everything it offers. It truly is great if you open up to the whole experience and try new things/talk to new people. You get out what you put in :)
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Most teachers will go out of their way to ensure that dedicated students succeed; however, favoritism toward those who are succeeding can be observed.
The only extracurricular I did was theatre and it was one of the best high school theatres in the state. We won many awards and it was a great experience for me.
High school isn't the greatest time of your life, but West wasn't the worst place to get an education. It was fun, some teachers were cool and the theatre department was amazing.
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