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School is very safe and a great environment to learn in. I recommend anyone who cares about their education to go to this school
Overall, West was a pretty fun school and definitely prepared me for the difficulty of classes in college. I would say the best thing about west is its academics and the high standards they have for the students. You don't realize it when you're there, but realize the importance of the work load and expectations once you're in college.
Great mix of academics , sports and social life. Easy to navigate. Super nice teachers. Extra help provided if need. Lots of clubs to suit just about every interest.
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Had a great 4 year experience. Made many memories with friends. Disliked the administration, and certain teachers who could not teach. Wasting school funds to paint the roof of school buildings, instead of using ti to fund sports programs and other purposes.
The academics are very good and the teachers are very supportive. The sports programs are very well, but the one thing I do not like about West is that it doesn't feel like a community. There is little school spirit and it feels as if there's several individual groups rather than one concise group.
West High School offers a great education for those who seek it. Many teachers are very caring and devoted to their students academic goals. The teachers make the learning experience fun and at the same time teacher the material very well.
West High is an average school with nothing incredible or truly amazing quality that makes it stand out. The school has terrible colors of brown and gold and the teachers and administration do not trust students at all. Security guards are super biased and will act totally nice to girls but be harsh to boys. The only way to have fun or be involved is joining multiple clubs and leadership positions. Get involved with ASB and make friends of all grades to have a great experience.
The quality of education at West High School was generally pretty good in my experience. The social science and English teachers in particular were some of the best I've ever had. That's not to say there weren't a few bad teachers because there most certainly were, but most ranged from decent to fantastic.

The biggest problem with West High is the administration. I am not the only one who holds this opinion; several students and parents I've spoken with share the same view. The West High administration is way too involved in the students' personal lives. They are way too involved in the students' choices of clothing. There is selective enforcement of the rules and clear favoritism. Some of the office staff is extremely rude and racist towards black and brown people in particular. Generally, the less interaction someone has with the administration, the more likely they are to have a positive opinion of West High.
West High is a great school that preps their students very well for college. This school distinguishes itself through safety, student preparation, and student involvement.
I have overall had a really good high school experience. I have had very nice and helpful teachers who go out of their way to help students learn or been go beyond the demands of the class. West High is filled with students who challenge themselves by taking honors and AP classes so the competition is very motivating and sometimes even fun. The amount of kids in these classes also provides a sense of community where you can reach out to other students for help. Our school also has many clubs and sports programs that allow everyone to take part in almost anything they would like. I have started a club with a couple of my friends and it has been really fun. I play sports and take part in many extracurricular activities. My high school experience has been very good and I am thankful to be going to such a good school.
West High School is a place of diversity and empowerment. As I look around the classrooms, I witness different color skin tones that reflect out dear parent’s hard work in creating a better opportunity for us. Viewing insights and different perspectives of different cultures, this school allows me to simply be me-- and even better. I have grown and flourish to become a better person each and every day. Although I acknowledge my privilege, I would like to help others realize not to take the opportunities they have for granted. Many overlook the potential and don’t express enough gratitude for their privileges, and that is what I would like to change.
I think my high school is overall a very good school that helps its students prepare for their future endeavors with preparation through academic and social skills. The academics are great, the sense of community is very much there, and there is a lot of diversity among the students. Although the food offered is very lackluster, there isn't much the school can do about that on their end.
I think that West High School is a very academically driven school however, things that I would definitely like to see change in is school spirit and the social dynamic because I feel that a lot of students are essentially separated into cliques and with that social aspect it's very hard to make new friends because everybody has their own group.
West High School is a great school with good teachers who care about the students and the students' success. The facilities are very clean and up to date and there's a lot of opportunities for growth, development, and socialization for the students.
West is very safe and enjoyable to study in. The school's teachers are very knowledgable and our academics are very strong. The classes are challenging and there are many opportunities to take AP and honors classes.
I am currently a senior at West Torrance High School and my experiences at this school was amazing. Not only our campus is big and clean, all the staffs and the teachers are very friendly and since this school is a very diverse, no matter what ethnicity you are you will find your "place". Almost every year the school has a construction, which means every year the campus is getting better and better. Recently we've just got our own Performing Arts Center where all the events will be held. Not only that our Gym and our Libraries were also re-constructed and it absolutely feels great playing sports at the gym and studying in the library.
Very safe area and diversity is excellent. Very competitive in academics and sports. Parents are very involved. We are happy our child went to West High in Torrance.
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This school is probably the most difficult out of all the TUSD schools but it will prepare you for college. Everyone here is incredibly competitive. Not much bullying or drugs going on--just a lot of students stressed out about their grades. The school spirit and community as a whole is lacking. The teachers here will either teach you really well or barely teach you at all. Cafeteria food is horrible.
The school offered many things but didn't truly prepare students for life after graduation. The culture and society that formed was collaborative but also judge-mental.
West High is a great school with many opportunities. There are a lot of clubs to address all the things you might want to do or even be part of a like-minded group of people. If you want, you could even create your own club. There is also a variety of classes to pick from. The only thing I would say that is negative is that it would be better if they kept students more informed about things.
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