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Unfortunately, there have been many issues regarding safety lately. For example, there have been a bomb threat, a gun threat, and a stabbing all in the past two months, and it is not even the end of term yet. However, their academics and school culture are fantastic! There's no place else I'd rather be.
I enjoyed my years in west high and was happy to have graduated from it. Also having better usage on books and teaching would be good.
I am a junior at west high school one of my greatest experiences is with the science and math department as all the teachers are understanding to a students situation or learning abilities. I would like to change the clubs at west high as i feel there is not enough academic clubs right now there is only 3.
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While it’s hard to put a rating on an high school, West High is anything you make it. It is great that any student can really go far at West. Students just have to commit themselves to invest in themselves.
West high school has always been diversed and I felt like I fitted in when it comes to education. I loved this school and I’m grateful they helped me become the person I am today, it is a public school and they have so many resources.
They have APA classes, they have concurrent enrollment, they have a very diversed school, most people think it’s a ghetto school but not really it is a beautiful school.
Many of the teachers here are passionate and experienced in what they teach. There are many classes you can choose to prepare you for your future career, Or maybe you unsure of what career you want to go into you can still try out the diverse classes offered at West.
My Favorite thing about West High is the diversity. I have friends from so many different cultures that all have different learning abilities. We all struggle together to complete the same assignments and classes. So many countries and ethnicity's have come together to create a new comfortable atmosphere where we can all learn as a school.
West High School is a school that will continue to change but hold onto it's traditions. Going to West was the best decision that I had ever made. I wouldn't trade my past four years for anything else. West allowed me to be involved in student government as well as prepare for my future by taking two pathways.I was able to be in student government for three of my four years. My two pathways that I completed were medical assisting and early childhood education. These reasons and so much more are why I am furthering my education with hopes of one day becoming a pediatrician. Within the walls of West High School I became the person that I am today. I learned from textbooks as well as those I sat next to. I was given opportunities to grow and if I failed I had an amazing support system there for me to pick me up and get me going.
West high has an interesting student and teacher culture. Most teachers seem to be living out the last of their tenure before retiring, and students are disrespectful and rude. If you find a good crowd to hang with you'll make it through high school, but only barely. I would not recommend that anyone go to this school.
Weird but fun place. The building is super old and kind of gross. All the students are super accepting and kind because of the diversity and size.
It's beautiful school with lots of interesting electives and the almighty ELP- the only thing is the parking really sucks. Why are the gates always closed? It takes ten minutes just to get anywhere! ELP is awesome, and Spirit Bowl is perfection; why do people skip that?
One of the most diverse schools in the valley. The student body is very welcoming. Our IB program is highly rated overall.
My experience at West High School has been pretty good because here at West, everyone I have met so far have been helpful and friendly to me. Also, West High School is so diverse, you get to meet and connect with people from different background and it is an experience you will only find at West High. In the near future, I would like to see our college readiness change because right now, it is good but I feel like we still have more room to work with our local college and help students connect with them.
West high school has the worst academic program ever. The teachers don’t care whether you have a life or not. The food tastes like plastic. The bathrooms are so disgusting filled with graffiti. I see bullying in the halls and the administration doesn’t do anything about it. The building is almost 100 years old, making it filled with holes and bats. Since there are 7th graders, the ELP program is absolute garbage. No one joins the clubs, and they never win any competitions! Their sports team is on a losing streak, and very few opportunities are given for involvement. Only 65% of students graduate. The overall acedemic statistics are awful. Definetely choose another school.
west high school is a great school but something can be hard i try my best to get to school even though im sick and i try to get good grades and get a good GPA
Throughout my years at West High I have had the opportunities to learn new things, make new friends, and join clubs. The support students give each other is something you won't be able to find at any other school. West High's academics is top notch and the school spirit everyone shows is amazing. However, one thing I'd like to see change is the girlsrestrooms state, they're gross.
West doesn't have a lot of funds. There is a very diverse group of people including those who disrupt the learning environment in various ways as well as those who are obsessively involved as well as those in-between. Id like to see more people in the in-between zone.
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West High has an incredibly diverse student body, all of which are highly involved in making student life better for everyone!
I love this school, I have been here since I was in 7th grade and everybody has always been incredibly kind to me. I am in the IB program and I take honors classes, all of my teachers have been incredible and helpful. Even the ones that people dread are super kind and really care about what they do.
I love West High I have been attending for about four years now and the only thing I would change about it would be the amount of bats.
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