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West high school is such a diverse place, and the teachers understand everyone is different and comes from different cultures and lifestyles. I love that they respect that. Most of the teachers genuinely care about our future and help us succeed in the best ways they know how. I also love that our high school is the only one in our county with the International Baccalaureate program, which is used to expand our knowledge and explore different thought process of other nations across the world!
The IB program is outstanding and is preparing me well for college. However, the quality of the non-IB and AP education seems less spectacular. It's hard to find out what classes are elective options, I have been in classrooms where behaviors were a problem and teachers did not teach.
We are incredibly thankful for West High, in Knoxville, TN. We have had three kids go to West. One is now a college freshman and the other two are currently a junior and sophomore. The diversity at West, both ethnic and socioeconomic, is one of its greatest strengths. And the administration and faculty cultivate a unity and energy around the school that both students and parents pick up on. And as parents of students at West, we could not feel more supported by their teachers and the administration. West is also an IB (International Baccalaureate) school, and the IB program has proven beneficial for the entire student body, even those students who are not part of the full IB program. West offers an incredibly unique, healthy and holistic preparatory environment, particularly when compared to other Knoxville area schools. We could not be more thankful for the ways in which West has prepared/is preparing our kids for college and adult life.
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I enjoyed certain areas of West Creek, being able to perform in Orchestra, learning Latin at my own pace, and the cleanliness of the school. Student interaction with the principals is pretty good! Devoted to making sure their students are happy.
What I like about West High is that it is the most diverse school I know. Teachers, there are very understanding and willing to do whatever it takes for the students to succeed. They connect with students on a different level and I believe this is very important because they touch hearts, become friends and people we can trust. In high school, you don't know who to be with and who to separate from but those teachers they always have your best interest in mind.
Amazing academic challenge. Not so good staff. Diversity in student council is needed. Let all students know about available scholarships and academic opportunities.
My high school experience was an okay one but I watched from the sidelines as certain people would receive special treatment because a teacher liked them or because they were a certain race. One day we have a walk out planned and certain students used that as a platform to yell memes and say the phrase "white lives matter" over and over making other students very uncomfortable and the principal never did anything about this. Also there is a particular vibe you get from West that seems pleasant but once you get into the mix of it all you'll start to notice things that happen around you.
I am a rising junior who attends West High School. I have had an exceptional experience my sophomore and freshman year in high school. West offers many challenging and advanced course that I take advantage of. Furthermore, the school has a great academic staff. However, one thing I would hope West could expand on, is the various clubs and extracurricular activities that they offer.
Idolizes full IB program. If you are not in it, you fall through the cracks. Additionally, the full IB program does not prepare students as well as they claim to. Many of my friends in the program were very capable of going to great colleges but were rejected from everywhere except UT because they weren't well rounded students - they were told they would do well if they just did the full IB program.
My overall experience at West High School has been memorable. I enjoyed reconnecting with my old friends and getting to know my new friends. The classes have been/still are invigorating, especially the IB courses, but they have proven to be very beneficial in preparing me for college. I am going to miss going West and seeing all my friends when I leave, but I will always be a West High Rebel.
It is good, but does not prepare everyone. The IB curriculum is very goof for preparing students for college.
I absolutely loved the majority of my teachers. They have answered all of my questions and are truly willing to help. However, I do want to see a more diverse staff environment.
Attending West High School was a great experience for me. I came from a small Christian middle school and when I started here my freshman year, it was an eye opener for me. West is a very diverse school with students and teachers from all different walks of life. I had to make all new friends in a place that I didn't know. Everyone was very welcoming and the community here was what made my experience so amazing.
I've had a great experience at West High School! The academics are wonderful, the clubs are well-organized, and the teachers, administration, and students are all super friendly! The diversity is also a major plus. I do wish some of the teachers and staff recognized the large workload most of us are under as an IB school, but luckily most are fairly understanding. Overall, I would recommend West to future incoming freshmen.
Having just relocated to Tennessee and West High I would say that first impressions of the school have proved me wrong.From the outside West looks like a typical old, rather grimey, inner city school.But once inside although still an aging school you are immidiately beseiged by a vibrant atmosphere of dynamic young teachers, a very diverse student population and a cheerful and involved Principle.There are plans to update and renovate the school.The International Bacculaurate program is challenging and inspiring.Daily schedules are well thought out and the yearly structure of vacations and blocks makes going to school a pleasure for otherwise usually jaded students.Overall I would say that West High is a pleasent surprise and will rise up again as one of Knoxvilles better high schools!
West High School is a great school. The IB program is challenging but definitely prepares the students for college.
Teachers say they are understanding about workloads, but honestly it's completely overwhelming. Teachers schedule large assignments at the same time, don't give us enough time to do stuff in class, and quite frankly expect way too much from us. The scheduling process is easy thanks to our lovely guidance counselors (shoutout to Mrs. Bast), and tutoring is relatively easy to get, although it's not always that helpful. Popular classes are any with Mrs. Bell, Mr. Galoo, Ms. Sharp, Ms, McKellfresh, and Mrs. Street, who are extraordinary teachers.
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The student life is pretty great. We all get along really well despite the different minority and ethnic groups. Sexual orientation is only a problem to the rich conservatives, but even then the mocking and teasing is kept to a very small minority.
My classes are fun and engaging. The majority of my classes have fantastic teachers that really get us kids interested and class and try to have as much fun with us as they can. The clubs and organizations are both abundant and serious(ly fun). The administration is subpar at best and oftentimes does not know how to engage with the students (except Mr.Killian, and doesn't know which battles to fight.
I love my school! It's a fun, engaging habitat for honors, AP, and IB students. However, it may not be the best habitat for non-honors, cp classes. Non-honors kids are less involved in athletics and clubs, and their parents are also much less involved.
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