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I am currently attending West Anchorage High School and it is great. From it’s teachers, diversity, student involvement, etc, west is a very well rounded school and provides lots of opportunities for its students. When I am at school I feel safe and cared for by each of my teachers, and although I may struggle in classes sometimes, I can always feel confident that I won’t be judged when I ask for help. West, being very diverse, has allowed me to learn about other cultures far more than any other school I’ve gone to and I feel that they incorporate culture into a lot of clubs. One thing I would improve is to make sure that student cultures are not just accepted, but also talked about in the classroom as well. I know that all students would benefit from learning about others and being from America, I know I appreciate hearing about other places during my school day. Overall, west is by far the best school I’ve gone to and provides a variety of opportunities for its students.
West high provided a wide variety of sports and activities that were well managed. This school also featured the IB Diploma program and AP classes as well as many different language programs.
My experience on West Anchorage High school has been awesome. There was a lot of diversity of students in the school that are very friendly and ready to make friends. Also, the teachers in this school are very nice and they will understand if you have a problem. Sports and activities in this school are very fun.
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West High School is a great school with tons of diversity and friendly administration. The academics that are offered are high-level and can help you prepare for college.
alright the school is very diverse but i ran into a problem with the immersion teachers since the other staff does not know what their are teaching they pretty much teach what ever they want with out anybody restricting them on what they teach for the only immersion high school in anchorage they are very bad so i recommend not so go into the program in high school
West has great programs for high achieving students, but the administration could use some work -- overall, they've got great potential but due to some bureaucracy a lot of students miss out on opportunities they would otherwise have.
Throughout my time here at West High School I've learned how grateful I am to be here. I love the diversity in this school, and its involvement with the community. I highly recommend this high school to anyone! The staff at West High School are so kind, for they always attempt to be involved with the lives of their students. Personally speaking as a student here at West High School, I am glad that I have the great privilege of being here.
I really like the community of West High. There is such a diverse student body at my school. There are so many clubs that students can join so it's very hard to not do anything.
The students and staff are very diverse, and it makes anyone feel welcomed no matter their ethnicity.
What I liked about West high is the amount of diversity and how it feels safe to hang out with friends... i guess
The science department here is terrible none of the teachers teach. Every science class I have taken (IB Bio, IB Chem, Chem I, Bio I, IB Physics) have all been self-taught. The admin is overly confident and despicably self-congratulatory. Nobody in charge at this school can see the errors in the system. Yes, West is a diverse school, but none of the friend groups or classes are integrated. The sports are fun here. I would never send my kids to this school.
I had a great time with the Dance West program and am grateful for the opportunities West gave me. Although West offers School Within a School there are limited AP and IB classes. As for clubs I was never a part of one because they weren't advertised well enough to become a consistent member.
West Anchorage High School was the best school to be placed in in Anchorage. The school offered many academic programs and language programs in order to challenge students to do better. There was always good safety, it is the 3rd most diverse high school in the nation, and students always knew they had someone to turn to for help. The only thing I would like to see change was the food options and quality.
Overall, I believe West Anchorage High School was a good school, the one thing I wish I had seen more of was the sports coaches giving the athletes (and their parents) college information A LOT earlier.
I enjoyed many classes during my high school years, but what I liked the most was how the teachers cared for their students and taught their classes relevant informantion that helps them prepare for college.
West High School is exactly what I was looking for in a high school, normalcy. Yes it is a good school and I'm glad I went here, but it feels very normal. As someone who has trouble feeling "normal", I appreciated this greatly. Your experience will be what you put into it. Put yourself out there, make friends, join clubs, work hard in studies, etc. Don't forget to take it easy, but take it.
I really enjoyed the shared sense of community even amongst the extremely diverse population. There's a certain energy from this school that I absolutely adore. However, the administration hinders the excellence of this school to a certain extent. Hopefully they understand that they don't need to over regulate every activity that occurs in the building in the future.
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West High School was the original high school in Anchorage. It is the 3rd most diverse school in the nation. West offers many IB classes along with some AP classes. The library is being rebuilt after the ceiling tiles were shaken down from an earthquake, so once that’s finished it should be excellent.
High school isn’t like how it is in the movies. There are some definite differences. West High School, is one of the best schools in the Anchorage School District because it is both academically and culturally diverse. Everyone in this school is free to express themselves with out being judged and I am proud to be apart of such a great school. But not everyone is as accepting as others. In my four years, I’ve seen many fights that I haven’t been apart of, but in the end the people that fight end up becoming each other’s best friends. People at this school move on quickly and are always on the move to better themselves as students and individuals. Teachers and administrators are very involved with their students, they make sure they have a connection so they can sort of relate to what the student feels to understand them better. This school is an overall great school and I wouldn’t mind having my kids be enrolled here as well.
As a West High student I have had great teachers and the subjects taught are all very interesting. There is nothing I would like to change.
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