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West Delaware High School is a small town high school with many opportunities. Personally, I am able to be involved in many different activities such as speech, music, or FBLA while being offered college courses as well. I would like to see a more diverse culture and more guidance as we move into life past high school.
As a recent alum, I had a pleasent experience here. The academic opportunities I was given enabled me to enter college with 29 credits. Plus my teachers were amazing. I could always count on them when I needed extra help. The extra curricular activities provided at West Delaware also made my four years memorable. I was able to participate in anything I wanted including cross country, choir, speech, student council, and so much more. I'm glad that I went to a small school that allowed it's students to be a part of multiple activities because each and every one of those extracurriculars shaped me into the person I am today. The only reason I did not give a fifth star is because I think I could have been better prepared for a college classroom. I'm still adjusting to the concept of listening to lectures for an hour and doing most of the work on my own. I think my teachers in high school did a great job of teaching me, but I wish I had been accustomed to this study style before college.
I like going to West Delaware because it is a place where everybody knows your name. It is hard to walk down the hall and not know somebody. Everybody is friendly and the teachers try to do their best to help you.
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I love that students can do whatever they want here. You could be in Show Choir and also be on the Cross Country team, or play Football and be on the Speech team. All while still getting a quality education!
This high school is the typical small town school full of bullies and not equal rights. The football guys party in the school parking lot drinking and smoking. There is a cop that drives right past every hour and doesn't do anything just because they know they're football players. The bullying is horrible but the teachers are sweet. It's a shame they have to work in this sucky of a school.
I loved the closeness everyone has and the tremendous amount of activities to be envolved in. The high school really makes everyone equal. By being state champs in volleyball or a sad incident within the student body, each and every faculty member helps you celebrate and cope with it. Every teacher is always there to help you and gives you the respect that you give them. The academics are amazing and put you on great path for you future!
West Delaware is a great high school for all students. All teachers are very friendly and are committed to giving students the best education they can. There are many different activities and ways for students to get involved and staff are very flexible about working around multiple activities' schedules.
My experience at West Delaware has been an incredible experience because of all of the experiences that it offers. I have met so many different personalities of teachers from weird and goofy to strict and sequential. I also was encouraged by other students to be in activities that I never saw myself doing during high school such as be a part of the musical and play.
There is a way for everyone to be involved and enjoy their time at West Delaware.
Overall quality of teachers is amazing. I never felt that a teacher didn't care.
There are various clubs, teams, and groups to be a part of at our school. I feel that there is a club that is fitting for almost anyone at my school. The variety provides equal opportunity for each student.
There are some parents that do not support the school system. For the most part, many parents are involved in a variety of different activities as well as volunteer their time to help the school.
The faculty in my school are great. Almost every teacher is willing to help struggling students along with providing lessons that keep everyone engaged throughout the entire class.
There doesn't seem to be any problem when it comes to technology. Teachers provide option for people who don't have Internet.
Every teacher is different and has a different teaching style, but I've been able to learn from every teacher I have had.
I can't complain. Everything seems to work well.
Many times I've heard kids from other schools say, "Ugh! Not West Delaware! They always beat us."
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I get along with almost everyone their. It's a close-knit community where every helps each other out.
I eat it everyday, so it can't be too bad. From experience, I know it's much better than other schools' lunches.
The lunch ladies do the best with what they have in order to keep lunch prices down.
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