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Class times were long, which required students to focus for longer than reasonably expected periods. The coaches and teachers made the learning/athletic process enjoyable by working and coaching me based on my individual needs.
West Columbus High School is built upon years of the important history that makes our county the way it is today. My high school has a tremendous support system between my peers, teachers, and other faculty. We each learn something from each other everyday considering the great diversity we have racially, socially, and economically as a school. Even though the school is composed of less than 300 students, this makes for the perfect learning environment where you are a person whose education matters, and not just a number in the system. Along with the ciriculum, West Columbus High has many activities, sports, and clubs for any student to be apart of.
West High School has a lot of scary reviews from many, but honestly if you haven’t lived it, you wouldn’t know. West High School has so many positive things to the school. The administration is outstanding and would do anything to watch you succeed. If you are a cowboy, you are family. They support you to the fullest and make sure you become successful. Being a cowboy means you are brave, courageous and outgoing.
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The school has a very interactive educational program through the STEM classes and programs to the various team and instructors willing to help their students reach their educational goals. The main issue is the fact that the school district overlooks the age of the school as it begins to deteriorate with age as well as the area it is in sometimes its not the instructors faults its the kids within the school.
Attending West Columbus High School so far has been an memorable experience, that I will forever cherish and take with me throughout my lifetime. What I like most about West Columbus is the small campus and the student body. It allows teachers to have a close relationship with there students, and understand them on a personal level. In the future I would like to see West Columbus provide more clubs and after schools programs to better prepare students for life after high school.
Preparation for college and overall life after high school graduation is something that needs to change greatly. I feel like students are not prepared enough for what many call, the"real world". Not everyone who graduates high school is going to decide to go to college; even if they want to. However, those who do further their education are not necessarily in an better position. Having some sort of program where adults and employees from different fields can share their experience with youth could go a long way for many students.
What I like about West Columbus High School is our administrative staff.They strive to make sure that the appropriate decisions are made concerning our academics and social development.These skills are enchanced by the policies set for our school environment.Our administrative staff makes sure that our curriculum meets the guide lines set by our state so that we will be able to enter any college that we endeavor to attend.By meeting these state requirements we will not only be able to be accepected by local colleges and universities and any higher learning establishment in the nation can accept our credentials.As students we have to do our part.We do take advantage of the opportunities given by our teachers.They open there doors for us to have after school and before school tutoring. Sometimes they will even not eat lunch to give us that extra help that we need.Our teachers really try to accommodate our educational needs to the very best of their abilities.
Hi my name is Danyelle Wilder and I am a freshman at West Columbus High school. West Columbus is a great school and the teachers really work with you to make sure you are college ready, they help you understand everything you know and are all willing to sit down and help you. The teachers at WCHS really want to make sure you pass your grade. Every parent and teachers are involved with the activities and clubs at WCHS , they support everything that goes on at WCHS and helps make it a better society and well-being for the children... The only thing I would change about this school is the food, I understand they want us to be healthy and they care about our health and what we eat but wheat food isn't kicking it beside that WCHS is a great school.
Good school but head Principal shows favoritism and sports are not taken serious. You can have a close personal relationship with teachers.
I Like That It's A Small School And All The Students Are Close. What I Would Change Is The Teachers. They Have Very Bad Tempers And It's Not Professional.
West Columbus offers a variety of classes but they never really felt as if they were preparing the students for college. The teachers were excellent and made it a point to make a human connection with the students while still prioritizing the lesson at hand. In a situation where a problem would arise, a teacher would always be there to aid the student in whatever way possible, and this really helped the school to feel more connected. The close relationship between the students and teachers helped both to realize a more personal sense of growth and achievement, both of which helped school to not feel so daunting. The staff and administration were excellent and were always available if needed. The school had and maintained its pride, even in the face of adversity such as a lower budget. Overall my experience was very good and I'm proud to be a Viking.
West Columbus High is a great school. Not only do the teachers care just about your school work but they are also involved with how you do in extra-curricular activities such as sports. They make sure you get the material you need in order to succeed in the class room and they make sure you are ready and well- prepared for college.
Academics was mostly great in my graduating class most of the students really cared about there grades me being one of them
Most groups were really accepting.
Police were there during the day so I basically felt safe. The nurse was there when I needed her, didn't really use that many visits there. But in all school safety was in tip top shape.
Loved my time at this school I do wish some things were different while I was there but in all I enjoyed my experience. Due to the teachers, my friends, and cool events I was pleased.
My favorite thing about my high school was band and the teachers I've encountered. I loved band so much because the band was much like a family everyone was accepted and treated like someone, we all really loved each other. And the teachers I had were always finding fun ways to improve lessons so they wouldn't be boring and making the learning process much easier.
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Most of the teachers are great at least the ones I've had the pleasure of being apart of their class were great.
Our school do not offer alot of classes. You may not have the classes you need to graduate either when school begin.
Everyone is accepted by teachers, but some students do not accept other. For example if your liking the same sex you may get bullied. That is a big problem in our school is bullying.
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