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I really like West Tech. Obviously it wasn't SUPER fun because it was high school, but the facilities were nice and most of my teachers were excellent. Even though it's a magnet school, I found that my English and history teachers were my favorites. I recommend Mr. Roser, Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. McKinney, and Ms. Williams. I was very well prepared for college after my time at West, although sometimes the focus on college prep was a little too overwhelming. If that's what you're going for, West is a great choice.
The teachers are all very willing to help to each an every student and they create a very welcoming and fun learning environment.
West Career and Technical Academy is a great school that open countless of opportunities for students. The programs offered at the school helps students find college and career interests that they will study in. I am in the Biotechnology program and I feel I have learned so much about this science and plan to major in this study in college.
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I have learned a lot through my program class and electives offered at WCTA. All of the core class teachers have helped me to do my best in their classes and teach me more about what I didn't know I didn't know.
I really liked the environment and how helpful staff and faculty was to help when needed. I would like to see sports being introduced.
It is one of the best high schools in Las Vegas. The students are really smart and most of the teachers are very good at their jobs, but the students are often overwhelmed with useless busy work.
I am now a senior at West Career and Technical Academy and I enjoy the school very much. It has a great environment that has helped me prepare for college.
I was a student here for 4 years and it has really prepared me for college and the real world. In the Business Management Program, I have honed my presentation skills and business skills like completing taxes and completing the accounting cycle.
West Career and Technical Academy is a beautiful campus located near Red Rock and Summerlin. The teachers there are amazing and understanding of situations. The faculty are really nice and caring also. This school, though, are for students who are hard workers who strive for success.
West Tech provides all of the basics for a 21st century education, as there are enough computers for everyone to use. The school offers what is essentially "major" classes but for high school. Mine is biotech, and the skills I have learned in the four years of that class have far surpassed the experience given to many other schools in the nation, let alone the city.
As far as I can tell, the amount of bullying is zero. The school is diverse enough that people can be as eccentric as they want and no one will so much as tease them.
West Career and Technical Academy is truly a wondrous school! This school is equipped with the finest facilities and the best teachers to help young students, like me, achieve their goals and go beyond their capabilities. When I was a freshman at this school, I was stunned by how ginormous the campus was, how involved all the parents were, and how hard-working each and every student at West Career & Technical Academy was. Being surrounded by such enthusiastic teachers and students made me want to work harder and do my best in this school. Throughout my four years at West Tech, I have become involved in many clubs, programs, and competitions that have further advanced my academic career. At West Tech, any student who goes here will be motivated to try their hardest and will have a plethora of opportunities opened up for them thanks to this amazing school! These four years have definitely not been easy, but they have made me be the person I am today! Go Wranglers!
I enjoy my school because it offers a variety of academic challenges in many topic areas. I like that the school is small - 1500 total. My teachers are supportive and available when I need assistance. I like that we have experiential learning available.
I think that this school is fun and challenging to go to. On top of that, there aren't to many issues with bullying or other stuff like that.
It’s alright, depends on what teachers you get, but for the most part it makes sense. If you choose regular classes you get the regular amount of homework, if you choose honors you’ll get a slightly harder and more work intensive schedule, and if you choose AP... good luck.
At WCTA, most of the staff are caring and the topics we learn are fairly unique compared to other high schools. Our school has 9 programs which guides each student towards their desires of career in the future. WCTA offers programs like Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Business Management, Cyber security, Digital Media, Engineering, etc. Each program is unique to the different career paths students may choose. Most of the teachers at WCTA are very caring of their students and are very passionate when teaching. They hope for the best of their students and go out of their way to help their students succeed in what they do. However, there are teachers here who aren't as caring of their students. Some of the teachers would just pass out worksheets to keep their class busy but not teach or answer questions posed by students. In result, students are less knowledgeable in those subjects compared to other students in different schools.
It was academically rigorous, mentally strenuous, and very challenging. I grew a lot and had a lot of opportunities.
My expierience at West Career and Technical Academy has been exceptional. By listening to staff and taking rigorous classes, we are set to work at college-based standards. By completing thier assignments and being educated in such an environment, we are properly prepared for college and our future altogether.
The only thing I would change about WCTA is the lack of sports and clubs incoroporated with the academics. By just focusing on school, the school does not provide me with many opporunities to be active or socialize with other students.
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I really like how prepared this school makes its students for college. Most of the teachers and staff treat us like they are professors and are friendly with the students. The amount of resources we have is outstanding and I am very lucky to have gone to WCTA.
It was a great school, and I got into a good college. It was a great school, and I got into a good college. It was a great school, and I got into a good college. It was a great school, and I got into a good college. It was a great school, and I got into a good college. It was a great school, and I got into a good college.
I love this school, the nursing program is excellent and it provides a lovely experience for future CNAs.
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