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West Broward is a modern school with updated equipment, technology, and programs. It offers several Career and Technical Education courses, which allow students to become industry certified in the corresponding fields, such as Early Childhood Education, Marketing, Engineering, TV Production, and Veterinary Assisting. WBHS has a positive and effective environment that encourages students to live "kinder and gentler" and be lifelong learners. Teachers and staff are knowledgeable and will assist students as much as possible. There are so many active clubs and organizations students can choose to be part of! Examples include Key Club, Student Organization of Anatomy and Physiology, various National Honor Societies, Band, and DECA. Its sports teams are successful and improving even more. West Broward has a welcoming environment where all students can feel accepted and motivated.
West Broward High is a great place to attend! Administration keeps the parents updated via email and text messages. Many clubs and activities are offered and open too all students. Most teachers that attend the school are awesome! And school spirit is important with many pep rallies and lunch games. Yet with all schools, there are sine disadvantages. The food served is not at all good, diversity is lacking due to the school being primarily white, and parking is a joke when security is not paying attention too who is entering the parking lot. Other then a few minor problems that could be fixed, the school is overall one of the best schools in Broward County!
West Broward is a well maintained school and has interests for everyone from TV production, Band, 3D animation, JROTC, Culinary, Computer Science, Engineering, & more.
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I really enjoyed how many programs there were at WBHS. The vet program was amazing and I can confidently say it was the best part of my 4 years there.
Overall, I am proud to call myself a bobcat. The programs West Broward offers are wide ranging and enjoyable. There are many opportunities to make friends through clubs and teams. The majority of teachers are always willing to help their students and are very understanding. The electives give every student a chance to find what their interests are. West Broward also offers a wide variety of AP classes that allows me to challenge myself. I'm thankful for the West Broward JROTC program which has helped make my high school career quite memorable.
I been at West Broward for all 4 years, and I'm currently on my last year there. From freshman year to senior year, I really enjoyed my high school life. The teachers are great and care greatly about you, although there were 2 teachers I had that were not good at all. However, despite that the school is very good.
The best experience was my senior year, mostly due to the new principal we had the chance to spend the year with. He genuinely cared for the school, students, and all the events that any organization had at the school and was very present in the students lives.
West Broward is an excellent High School that has plenty of programs and opportunities that will allow a student to recognize and fully immerse themselves into their future career choice. With programs such as culinary, television production, and an outstanding music program, West Broward has plenty to offer its' students in terms of life preparedness, with some of the best staff available to help guide students in the right direction.
I liked some teachers and the people who have grown beside me and the faculty who have treated me very well and with respect.
I really loved attending WBHS! Go Bobcats! I was part of the inaugural class starting off my freshman year as a high school student there. We had a great principal. I was also on the Cheerleading Team, won state champs4 years straight!
West broward high school has an Emergency Medical response program and an Electrocardiography program as well and after taking these classes that’s how I knew I wanted to be in the medical field.
At first I didn't want to go, but over time I came to enjoy the environment brought on by the school. The staff is stern but cares for the well-being of the student body.
West Broward High provides the basic tools needed to succeed for the average high school student. Through the educators, mentors, and peers students are able to gain an authentic high school experience. Those who utilize the opportunities given to them will surely enjoy the school. Having compatible facilities as well as engaging activities breeds a welcoming culture at West Broward. With everything, especially school, it's all in what you make it.
There are plenty of career technical education programs available. There is a program for early childhood, culinary, vet, and engineering. The campus is beautiful.
I purposely left my old school to come to West Broward, because I heard of all the wonderful programs and classes and its true. I've learned so much and have gained so much experience, I'm glad I went to this school. One thing I would change would be the Guidance and the way certain situations are handled, other than that I have no issues.
West Broward High School is a school with lots of opportunities. To begin with, the counselors are very helpful when the time is right and the staff is super friendly. You make lots of friends, you get a wide variety of classes offered to you, and it contains various CTE programs such as Early Childhood, Ver, and Culinary. These programs can help you with certifications and many opportunities throughout your high school career.
I loved both the environment of the people and the school atmosphere at West Broward High School. The faculty and staff there genuinely care about their students and will do anything in their power to lend a helping hand when needed. Also, the fellow students truly have the most positive spirits that contribute to West Broward being a safe and welcoming high school that makes everyone feel like they have a voice.
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It would be better if the students could reach out to faculty more easily. The faculty is not as easily accessible as one would expect them to be. The food served could definitely be better as the quality of the meals are very much in need of improvement. The school has good academics but it seems to value other activities such as music, art, and sports.
The learning was great. Some of the teachers were good but others had family problems going on at home and brought that to school with them, affecting others. There were a lot of fights last year but this year has gotten better. Overall, it was a pretty okay school. A lot of stuff can be changed.
West Broward is an excellent school, with lots of fun and educational opportunities. Specifically through the Early Childhood Education Program I have grown to love working with, teaching, and caring for the young preschoolers. West Broward does not only have great academic classes and courses available but fun spirit weeks and elective courses of interest.
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