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I purposely left my old school to come to West Broward, because I heard of all the wonderful programs and classes and its true. I've learned so much and have gained so much experience, I'm glad I went to this school. One thing I would change would be the Guidance and the way certain situations are handled, other than that I have no issues.
West Broward High School is a school with lots of opportunities. To begin with, the counselors are very helpful when the time is right and the staff is super friendly. You make lots of friends, you get a wide variety of classes offered to you, and it contains various CTE programs such as Early Childhood, Ver, and Culinary. These programs can help you with certifications and many opportunities throughout your high school career.
I loved both the environment of the people and the school atmosphere at West Broward High School. The faculty and staff there genuinely care about their students and will do anything in their power to lend a helping hand when needed. Also, the fellow students truly have the most positive spirits that contribute to West Broward being a safe and welcoming high school that makes everyone feel like they have a voice.
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It would be better if the students could reach out to faculty more easily. The faculty is not as easily accessible as one would expect them to be. The food served could definitely be better as the quality of the meals are very much in need of improvement. The school has good academics but it seems to value other activities such as music, art, and sports.
The learning was great. Some of the teachers were good but others had family problems going on at home and brought that to school with them, affecting others. There were a lot of fights last year but this year has gotten better. Overall, it was a pretty okay school. A lot of stuff can be changed.
West Broward is an excellent school, with lots of fun and educational opportunities. Specifically through the Early Childhood Education Program I have grown to love working with, teaching, and caring for the young preschoolers. West Broward does not only have great academic classes and courses available but fun spirit weeks and elective courses of interest.
The physical appearance of the school needs to be improved otherwise, it looks like a prison with all of the 10 feet fences and bland colors. They are putting up more banners that focus on school pride which is good but teachers and staff should enforce the students to participate more. West Broward needs its own football field and more parking.
I like that my school is comparable to a college campus. Students are given a lot of freedom. We have a plethora of honors and advanced placement classes. For the most part administration and teachers are supportive.

My only issue with my school is that I wish there was a club geared towards African American/Caribbean students.
Very welcoming atmosphere. Multiple certification programs that are excellently funded and taught. I completed the Vet-Assistant Program, and became certified with over 500 hours.
The guidance counselors were not helpful. There seemed to be a new problem popping up every week while I was there. I transferred from a another school.My transcripts were forwarded before school year started however it was not evaluated and put into the system until a year later. My parent and I had to go in to the school multiple times in order for it to be resolved. I was told that everything was fine and I had nothing to worry about each time I left the guidance office. Yet, there were still mistakes and misinformation from the guidance. Throughout my time I realize the problem was not attributable to one person but it seems to be a department wide problem.
West Broward High is a very accepting school. Like most high schools theirs a groups for everyone. I switched to the school my sophomore year and I'm glad I did. I felt as if no one was pressured into following the crowd but were able to express themselves induividually and were accepted. I recently gradtuated and although I participated in sports and band, I wish I was involved more. As much as I liked the school for how it was l, I feel like they schould do more when a student and staff member pass. At the school I transferred from, we would have a fountain and gather and unite as one over the person. But at WB they would do the moment of silence and give us an option to wear a color shirt in remeberance of the person and the counseling. But I feel as if they should have done more. We meet new people in every class we attend and we build relationships with each person. We interact with these people on daily bases l. I feel like the school should have done more.
West Broward is an amazing school full of high academics, fun clubs and programs, and home to many entertaining events. It changes every year with new decorations and technology advancements. The food tastes great and is handled in a clean environment. Most of all, the faculty are friendly and provides the students with information on college readiness and scholarship opportunities.
I enjoyed electives offered at West Broward, like the culinary program and the Spanish language/literature classes. I took the culinary program for my junior and senior year along with AP Spanish Language/Literature. Although there were issues with the timing in which I was allowed to take the culinary classes, the end result was worth it. As for the Spanish courses, I very much enjoyed learning with Sra. Torraca and was able to expand my knowledge of my culture more than I had expected.
Its a weird school. Most teachers I've had there were not very good and I often struggled compared to a other highschool i attened. It is a new school and has only been open for a few years but I genuinely believe it has flaws in the way they hire teachers. Most are too new to or not prepared to handle students and it can be frustrating having to learn the course on your own
West Broward High School became my home away from home through my four years there. With all of the extracurriculars offered and diverse population, it is easy to find a place where you're accepted and can do what you love.
West Broward High School isn't only a school for students. It is a school that builds family. This is where friendships are made, risks are taken, life is taught, and where everyone finds themselves. Career oriented programs offered here ,such as the Emergency Medical Responder Program, Culinary, Vet, and Early childhood, are meant to prepare us for future careers.
I liked the large range of activities available to students at West Broward. The school tries to cater to almost every type of interest with school-run programs and activities, from multiple art classes for varying skill levels to clubs like Model U.N. and robotics. My issues with the school lie with the way that the administration tends to deal with student-led activity. Clubs are difficult to establish because of large amounts of administrative red tape and the fact that teachers don't necessarily wish to sponsor clubs because of it. Overall, West Broward is still an excellent place to be and learn, with a great group of teachers, faculty, and students.
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I love how diverse my school is. We have several clubs and honor societies for everyone! Spanish Honor Society, Video Game club, Gay Straight Alliance, National English Honor Society and Speech and Debate (just to name a few). Our school as a whole is very supportive, and one can see how united we were during the several walkouts are school participated this month in honor of the Stoneman Douglas victims. The only thing I would say my school could improve is an expansion on courses. We have a lot of great classes available but a lack of foreign language classes. I have been lucky enough to be apart of our Spanish program, but I would have loved to learn French or even Latin!
I would like to see students become more involved with school activities. There’s a lack of school spirit at West Broward which makes football games, homecoming week, etc. disappointing to many.
West Broward has taught me everything I needed to get into a very selective college, and feel prepared for it. With the amazing extracurricular opportunities, everyone can find something they love at West Broward. For me, it was the Speech and Debate team, which likely aided my application to college the most, by giving me the skills to write a good essay and the resumé to make me stand out.
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