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West Bridgewater Middle/Senior High School Reviews

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I loved the openness of the school and the ability to get in sunlight, eat outside. The school has a lot of clubs and activities for kids to join and my son loves the electives he has taken. I gave the school a 4/5 because I’ve noticed the school doing almost nothing about the physics teacher who I’ve heard numerous complaints about. I find this is a pattern with the school because I’ve had close friends and family that have attended this school and they said the poor teachers are there till they retire despite complaints from students and multiple failing grades. However over all the rest of the staff is great I just really hope the school would step up because the school really does have the possibility of being the best in the state.
West Bridgewater has offered many positives to me over my high school career. The administration is very positive and are always trying to give the students the best opportunities possible. The faculty is fantastic and are genuinely interested in helping their students to succeed. Both administration and faculty alike genuinely want to get to know students on a personal level, and as a student there, I have had many teachers come to my sports games to support our team. As a whole, everyone in the West Bridgewater school system really care about stidents and try their best to make school a place that everyone feels comfortable, happy, and safe. As a senior, going through all of my years of high school there, I would recommend the West Bridgewater school system to any parents or guardians looking for a positive social and educational shift for their child.
I like that this is a small school and everyone knows each other. The teachers are so friendly and care so much about their students. My parents moved to this community so my sisters and I could go to school here. Going to West Bridgewater public schools are like going to private school because of the small size but with the public school setting. I wouldn't change a thing!
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To me west Bridgewater has been a great experience because overall the teachers are great and know what they are doing and are willing to do whatever it takes for the student to succeed
The West Bridge water Middle/Senior High School is a great place to learn and play sports. Great administration and staff create a great learning environment.
its good, the principals give a great environment. The teachers are for the most part great. I enjoy this school very much and the way everything functions.
I moved here from Grafton in 8th grade and may I say, it was been such an amazing thing that the people at WB have done with the new students. The teachers are very nice and sociable. The Principle and other faculty members really care for their students. There is so much to do, WBMSHS offers so much. For example there is a great deal of after school clubs, sports, and so much more. Overall my time here at WB has been fantastic and I recommend that you go here also.
I mainly liked the administration at the school. Everyone was open for discussion and the school was filled with genuine teachers.
This school is absolutely amazing. I would not want to have gone anywhere else. This school has taught me so many things, the teachers are also the best of the best, oh ya and can't forget the lunch ladies.
I have had a great experience at West Bridgewater Middle Senior High school! All my 6 years I have gone to this school since 7th grade I haven't had one teacher that didn't care about us or just pushed a bunch of work on us. They challenge us with work and push us in good ways, they know we can do it and they help us all the way.
I enjoyed coming to school here, they make everything a little too literally and the food has improved. The computer tech teacher is awful and is extremely late for everything.
My experience at West Bridgewater felt like a fairly long one. Growing up here, I have been associated with the same kids my whole life. While West Bridgewater High school is uncomfortably small, there are plus sides. I have always felt safe in this school, the staff is amazing for the most part, and bullying/cyberbullying has never been an issue for me or anyone I've known at my time at West Bridgewater.
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This school is really what you make of it... alike most schools and educational systems. However, the guidance and prep for college is sub par and the office portion, guidance counselors, and even principals seem to lack in care for students success despite acting as if they do.
Good school for those who want to put in the effort to succeed. Access to AP and Honors courses for those who wish to take them. Many clubs and sports to help students get involved.
Small enough to make close friends, however too small if you want to branch out. Classes sometimes seem like busy work, but easy enough to pass.
I love WBMSHS. It is a small school where everyone knows everybody, which is perfect for me. Some people may not love that, though. Academics are superior and teachers prepare students well for college and the real world. It is a welcoming environment where I feel safe coming to every school day.
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This school is nice and new, the technology really brings the school to life and into the future. The teachers, administration are very well mannered and they are polite and ready to help.
West Bridgewater did nothing for me except stress me out, and teach me how to deal with annoying people. The point is not to learn but to just pass class and exams.
Overall it was a pretty good time at WBMSHS. Most of the teachers are very in depth, making sure every student understands thoroughly. Many of the teachers act more as a friend than a staff member, always going out of their way to brighten your day with a hello and a smile. The design for the parking lot and new rules at school make day to day movement harder than ever. The parking lot is designed poorly, one door policy for all students and faculty: causing traffic to back up onto the main street. Many unncessary things built and put into new school that could have been used for more academic based things. For example, TVs on every corner of every hallway, a courtyard that we aren't even allowed to use, new air conditioning system that rarely works correctly.
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