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I have attended West Ashley High School for all 4 years of my high school experience and it has had a great impact on my life. The teachers and staff are great and they are always striving to do their best for the students.
I am currently a sophomore at West Ashley High School and my experience has been average. West Ashley is an amazing high school with so many opportunities, I just wish they had more options for extracurriculars and the art departments. The amount of clubs are limited as well, with the standard debate teams and robotics clubs there is nothing really extraordinary about the options. The classes are good and the staff is extremely friendly in my experience. The options for classes are being expanded with the new Advanced Studies building currently in progress and I believe it will be great for the school and its students. Overall, I enjoy going to West Ashley High School and would encourage other to go as well.
Overall is a good school as long as you have the right classes. I personally am a very shy and introverted person so when I had problems with classes, I was happy to find out how active the guidance counselors were and how quick my schedule was fixed over an email.
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The school is average. There is hypocrisy by the school officials in the dress code between girls and boys.
I enjoyed my time at West Ashley High School. The Culture is very accepting and the teachers are very supportive.
West Ashley High is a great school for making friends and finding what you want to do in the future. However, there is a serious gap between students, and many students ruin the whole experience. A majority of the school has no spirit or respect, and the school is letting students slide by.
I transferred there from a smaller charter school therefore I was very concerned about class size, safety and just being overwhelmed. At West Ashley High School I felt safe. The class size although larger than what I was accustomed to was not intimidating. The students and faculty were friendly. I felt challenged academically. Even though there were many students trying out for the sports I played at my charter school, I was worried that I would not have an opportunity to play sports or make a team. At West Ashley, I tried out for several sports and was selected based on my athletic ability. My guidance counselor, Mrs. Estes, was also amazing!
The teachers are all very accommodating to the student body and value building relationships with their students. My biggest gripe with the administration is just that it is sometimes a bit difficult to communicate with staff.
I liked attending the pep rallys and footballgames. My experience at WAHS was not bad at all. I met alot of new people.
Overall I had a pretty positive experience at West Ashley high school. I had my ups and downs but all in all I learned a lot and got the opportunity to meet a lot of great people. West Ashley is very diverse with a lot of different people from different backgrounds. West Ashley has their flaws just as any other school but you can see everyone working everyday to make it the best possible school it can be.
I liked the fact that they helped me with my work and they almost always treated everyone fairly. However, I would prefer that the teachers are more diverse.
There are some good teachers but for the most part they won't really help you much, the people that go to the school for the most part are genuine but also don't really care much for you. It honestly seems like the janitors don't really do their jobs. In summary its the typical public high school.
It was ok some of the teachers are great some of them just rude and don’t care and too many fights happened during my time there
I like how diverse the student body is, most teachers are very kind and teach well. Some teachers can be mean but that’s at every school. I love West Ashley
I like that I can experience public school next to an upper-middle-class neighborhood, but some people are stupid where I live. The principle, Mr. Cumback, is amazing.
West Ashley High is very diverse. It has a lot of classes for various fields that help towards students goals. The staff are very helpful and the school is prepared for any situations.
I liked the friends that I have made over the past year and if I could change anything it would be the ways things are bigntaught to us.
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I really like the STEM opportunities like the Mechatronics classes and robotics team. I wish the math classes had better teachers. The food also needs to be improved.
West Ashley High School was not the place to have my ideal high school experience but I have made tons of good memories and amazing friends and I wouldn't change that. I wish the school overall had more spirit and the kids were more involved in school activities. Also, the upkeep of the school is pretty poor. It is often dirty and lacks vibrance. It doesn't make me want to be there.
West Ashley High School, is very nice and big. Although I school has troubles we get through it. The CTE department is very good, and I'm gonna be a completer soon.
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