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Just like any other high school experience, would recommend research before high school starts and look into college before hand planning is helpful and talk to your counselor they may be able to point you in the right direction. Teachers are good food not great but hey what school food is.
Wellington high school had a huge impact on my future. When I was in 8th grade I moved homes and schools and started a new life in Wellington. Despite changing everything so later in my school career it felt like home. I built connections and relationships with students and teachers that still carry on even after I graduated. I’m so thankful for what Wellington has given me and I’d recommend this school district to anyone.
Wellington High School is a small school, which I feel is a great thing. It allows the students to get to know each other better and it allows the teachers to make their work with the students more individualized so the students may have a better education. WHS has some fantastic teachers which have greatly contributed to my experience here, and have for sure made it enjoyable. They care about the students. However, I have given it four instead of five stars because it's high school - I think every high school will have some teachers or policies or even just some students who put a negative spin on the experience.
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What I liked about Wellington High School was that it was small. It gave students the ability to connect with their teachers more in the class and outside of the class. What I would like to see changed which is happening now is the adding of more classes.
I first entered Wellington High School as a previous homeschooled student. The staff and faculty welcomed me with opened arms and created a space of comfort. Some students reached out to me right away, but it took the first year for my grade to make me feel apart of the school. I would like to see students to have more school pride at WHS.
I loved my experience at Wellington High School. The staff and the kids who attended were great! Wellington High School is located in the small town of Wellington, Ohio. Many people look down on us because we are small, but inside we are a very strong knitted family. All the students and staff are close and friendly. We have never been known for violence which is always a good thing. Our academics have room to improve but because we are so small, we don't have as much money as bigger schools to put toward academic advancements. Overall, Wellington High School is a great school.
There are many good teachers that provide a great amount of knowledge and experience. However, most of the school has little variety in classes or options of any kind-- most teachers are less helpful than others. Overall, the school is very easy to pass through.
As a small farm town, there is little diversity and there are prominent families or groups within the school system.
There are some measures to protect students, but the school does not fully commit to them and does not communicate well.
The school is very inviting, and welcoming to all students and willing to help all situations to make the student feel welcome.
Teachers at my high school stand out among most because they are willing to help with any problems that arise, even if they aren't from their field of teaching
There are many clubs available and it is easier to get higher roles from the small number of students.
This school can allow you a great experience if only you let it and try to succeed. Nothing is too difficult except occasional favoritism.
Most of the teachers at Wellington are great, wonderful people to learn from. Only a small handful are not.
Bullying happens everywhere, but I'm personally not aware of bullying happening often here. We have police walking around all the time. We have a nurse, but she is only there once a week. I feel safe with my teachers, I think they all care about the studens' safety.
our student counsel is very involved. our school hosted the state convention last year and it was a success. The club worked hard to raise a lot of money, and also had to find host homes for all of the students traveling here from all over. We have great, hardworking people in charge, and that makes all the difference!
Its a small community and you get to know a lot of people and a lot about them. I would for sure choose this school again. It has been a great experience and environment to be around.
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The teachers work hard to make sure we get the materials learned that we need to. They have always been willing to help me before and after school when I have taken the time to ask.
The health and safety measures for WHS aren't really adequate. For bullying you can go to the principal or guidance counselor and they will handle the situation. For security we do have one armed policeman in the hallways as well but usually never by the main entrance, when visitors come to the school there is a camera outside the locked door where they have to buzz in and say their name before coming in. Although, since there is no officer in that hall, an intruder could just walk in after saying his name and being assumed as a parent and walk down the halls, bypassing the office, and harm students. There are no metal detectors and we have about two sweeps of the school yearly whether it be drug or general. Health programs really lack within this school, there is one school nurse for the elementary, middle, and high schools, and therefore is almost never present in the high school. We have the option of laying down in a "sick room" for a class period if we do not feel well but don't want to go home. We have a one semester health class that is required to be taken by all students that does cover sex ed but the guidance office does not offer anything in regards to information, possible handing out of condoms for contraception, or anything else health related. If we feel sick we go home, or go lay down in the sick room for a class period.
This year my school has cut all clubs except for Student Council and National Honor Society. The only extracurriculars here are sports and self funded clubs that are separated from the school who only use the building as a place to hold meetings. Which includes a Civil War club and an Anime club. The school even cut very important clubs such as Students Against Destructive Decisions or SADD, even though our town is known for a heroin problem. The school really let down the student body by taking away an outlet for students to express themselves and learn about others things other than academics.
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