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Wellesley High has been a great experience. Amazing teachers that are always looking out for you and offer help to anyone who needs it. So many resources academically and socially. When it comes to clubs and activities, there's a spot for everyone. With competitive sports teams, many radiate raider pride. Unfortunately this usually only applies to mainstream sports but in recent years there's been more turn out to our swim/dive team which has been completely undefeated for years. The METCO program here is a step in the right direction when trying to make the school more diverse, but more needs to be done. With the current political climate there has been lots of discussion on how to go about doing this. The online forum "Let's Talk" was created by 3 students in the class of '21 and has provided a safe space for students of all backrounds to share their stories in an in formal way without adults monitoring. I am proud to call this my home and am thankful for everything it has given me.
Snobby rich white people with a sprinkle of diversity. A lot of students actually bribe their teachers, administrators, and colleges. I have heard numerous stories of this happening and it is absurd and illegal.
My experience at Wellesley High was good. I was able to make a lot of new friends each year at the school and was able to go to teachers if I feel I need to. Wellesley has prepared me to go off to college and and enjoy my experience in college.
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Wellesley High school teachers and administrators truly are what make Wellesley high school so amazing.
Variety of classes with engaging teachers and faculty. Plenty of extracurricular activities. Accessible faculty. Great school spirit. Supportive student body.
I've had a very good experience with this school. The academics are very rigorous, and the sports are very competitive in comparison to some of the other towns in the league. My only complaints are the lack of diversity within the school and the lack of STEM-funded activities. The school puts a lot of emphasis on the arts and sports, but doesn't pay much attention to the STEM subjects, especially for girls in STEM. Nevertheless, the curriculum prepares the students very well for college, and the teachers are super helpful.
Wellesley High School is a great place to spend 4 years. While I had my ups and downs there, in reflection I could not have been supported at school any more than I was. They are flexible in helping and assisting you, but you do need to advocate for yourself. Go in with a good attitude and try your best and you will have a great time!
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Wellesley High School; I thoroughly had fun with academics, extracurriculars, and the general school environment. The rigor of your experience really depends on which classes you take, but the school is more rewarding when you challenge yourself, not only with classes but with new clubs and activities as well.
I was a METCO student at Wellesley High. My experience varied every year, there were moments where I hated being at Wellesley High because of all the racial incidents that seemed to never stop. I wanted to drop out my junior year because academics were hard and the environment wasn't great. I felt judged in certain classes by students and sometimes teachers. However, there were some good parts. I was apart of moving company which was the dance club, and I was apart of child lab. With those two things I was able to do what I loved work with children and dance. I also had a few supporting staff members that helped me get through high school.
My high school experience at WHS was pretty great. I didn't have any problems here and they had a lot of resources for me. The teachers I had helped me get on track with my work and that was very helpful.
It’s a very 2 sided school. You can either strive or struggle. Great teachers and bad teachers. I struggled when I attended the school, poor grades, S/A, and I wasn’t doing well. My parents were not happy with how the school let it continue and didn’t do anything more than give me detentions. Students have the ability to strive, and I will say the school has great electives. By all means if your son or daughter is good academically and is a healthy individual, the school will be great, but my experience with the school has been negative. The wrong people doing the wrong things, but there is the other side if your child is healthy and will make the right decisions, they can strive there. Make sure they don’t associate with the wrong people, but if they attend make sure they get involved with the school and utilize the great electives they provide. The school has great opportunities, but it is easy to fall down a negative path there.
Excellent staff and facilities prepares students very well for college. Very safe affluent town with a unique school culture.
Wellesley High School offered many great courses throughout all four years of my educations. They have some of the best teachers in the state. But the social environment is not always the easiest thing to navigate, especially if you don't look or act the same as everyone else.
An academically rigorous school with incredible teachers and awesome after-school opportunities. Some of the highlights are the school's plethora of clubs and sports, as well as the amazing staff at the school. Only downside is some teachers are incredibly difficult relative to others and some people end up with them and it can really mess with their grades. Additionally, the math teachers are a mixed bag as some are great at teaching and others just give textbook work and tests. I would still give it a 5 overall.
It looks as if things have improved at Wellesley High School. When I was a student there, unfortunatley, it was not a very nice experience. For an LD student there was not a place to express these things. I was placed into classes where kids had major behavoral issues. This was deeply overlooked by faculty and staff. I didn't get the encouragement I needed by teachers, faculty and staff to get into extra curricular activities,sports, or clubs. Then, senior year, they have no knowledge of where students with LD issues go and get further education. Wellesley High School threw me out in the world with no knowledge of how to do anything and basically washed their hands of it with the attitude "Hey, it not our problem"
I am very lucky to go to a school with such valuable resources and live in a community where most families are very well off. The one thing I would say that could be improved on would be the diversity of the school. More awareness for minorities and more opportunities for less fortunate families would lend a hand in mending the gap of social inequality.
Loved the teachers there, everyone was so enthusiastic and knowledgable about their fields. Definitely a great overall experience for people invested in their academics
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It was a really accepting environment that gave as much attention to the arts as it did to sports and that was really comforting to know, as I am a member of the performing arts community. It was also really accepting of us LGTBQ+ students
Upon transferring from private school, I found myself very welcome and quickly at home at Wellesley High. There are many extracurricular and academic offerings, and I feel confident about continuing on to college as an independent student next year!
I felt like Wellesley High School really prepared me for university. Even though the school seemed difficult there were plenty of resources and it definitely made the transition to college easier.
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