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we are a current family at wellan montessori, and we cannot wait to leave next year. we had read a review once on another website that classrooms are like islands there and that is true. some are great some are terrible.
couple of years ago during our child's first primary year there the teachers were cool, we invited them to our house and they both came to dinner with their families, although we found out later on that that was not allowed!! when it was time for our second child to enter primary the teachers barely say hi, we have not spoken two words since the beginning of the year and we have no idea what is going on in the classroom or with our child. there is so much inconsistency between classrooms, teachers and teaching styles.
We have two children in the Beginners Program at Newton Montessori and we love the school. As a parent, there is nothing better than seeing my children light up when they see their teachers in the morning. They have a big smile on their face when I drop them off and a big smile when I pick them up at the end of the day. I really enjoy seeing videos of their classroom activities, especially Spanish, Music, and Library class. Their teachers are warm, communicative, and really make the school a special place.
Our son started in Sept. 2018 at NMS in the lower elementary program, and we could not be happier! The opportunities he has in the classroom to explore academic ideas that excite him along with the way he has grown in his ability to "stick with it" as he works to meet areas that are more challenging for him both stand out to me as subtle, but uniquely strong. Our family feels lucky to have landed here. From the masterful classroom teachers to the engaging specials, we couldn't be happier. Thinking ahead, we are so excited that the school is adding a middle school program; our son will be able to benefit from this great community through 8th grade!
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Our daughter is in her 4th year at Newton Montessori School, and we couldn't be happier. NMS provides a natural balance in fostering intellectual curiosity, social and emotional awareness and growth, independence, and collaborative learning. Our daughter's teachers know her exceptionally well, and as such, are able to challenge her in the most personal of ways. We trust the teachers and administration completely; and are so thankful she is in a school that harmoniously teaches to the mind and heart, ensuring that our future is filled with intelligent, thoughtful, and caring humans to lead the next generation.
This is our son's third year at Newton Montessori and our daughter began this September. The school is incredible! From the parent community to the quality of the teaching, this school really is the best in the area. Our son is in his second year of Lower Elementary (akin to 2nd grade in a traditional school) and is excelling in all academic areas. He is doing multiplication with products in the ten-millions place, reading at nearly a 5th grade level, and is very interested in science at the moment. The Montessori method is, hands-down, the best educational approach-especially to get kids ready for their experience in the workforce in 10-15 years from now. Our daughter is in the youngest division and she positively loves it. She just turned 3 and every day she gives me a kiss goodbye and then runs into the class (not kidding!) with the teacher and doesn't even look back. This is the best school in the area for sure - for little ones all the way through elementary and middle school.
Our daughter started at Newton Montessori School in 2018 and the experience has been amazing for all of us. The school puts forth a blend of academic learning, life skills, and thoughtful regard for community that is second to none. The NMS community is comprised of passionate individuals from faculty, staff, and families that work very hard together to foster an environment of responsibility, respect, and inclusion. The result of their collective continued efforts is a very special place that is life-enhancing to everyone involved. Students are being prepared for the next stages of life both in and out of the classroom; all while having fun and making new friends. Our daughter is happy and thriving; and as active parents and supporters of Newton Montessori School, so are we.
Newton Montessori School has a superior program with certified staff for children starting at 15 months in their beginners classrooms all the way up through the 3-6 years primary cycle and well into the elementary program. We have been at the school for almost 5 years now, with both our children having started at 15 months - an age that other schools in the area couldn’t accommodate. Our older child is finishing up his primary cycle (the kindergarten year), while our younger child just started the first year of primary. The core curriculum is well-balanced with focus shifting seamlessly from self-care, expression and independence during the toddler phase to greater awareness, active engagement, reading, writing, math and science in the primary classes. Specials such as Spanish, library, music, art, drama and gym start in beginners and continue through subsequent years, alongside extracurriculars such as the fully-equipped and certified teacher-led design lab and woodworking classes.
We have now been at Newton Montessori for 6 years and have our third child attending this school. We have experienced classes all the way from pre-primary to upper elementary. We love the community, the teachers, and the administration. The community is diverse and friendly, and the head of school is a visionary. She has been steadily growing the school, renovating the facilities, and adding new services every year.

The "triple aim" of NMS - to help children develop into caring, curious, and confident learners - is something we have seen accomplished in all of our children.
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