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Wekiva High School allowed for me to grow in my academic abilities. Being able to be involved within the culture in the school is what grows my school pride. Meeting teachers and administration that not only try help you grow your academic abilities but also gives you lesson what life will be like after high school.
I feel like I had a good experience art Wekiva high school from freshman to senior year, at first the administration was not really good but this upcoming year they had hired new people an the school was doing well again.
The school was low on teachers. The resources to help students with college and career choices were not made available to students, you would have to ask for them.
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I liked how you can talk with your guidance counselors to get your schedule how you like you and there are people on campus to help you with any academic needs.
Good principle. School has great spirit. A lot of teachers and counselors work hard to get you where you need to go. Lots of activities and clubs for students.
The staff and teachers are mostly great. Most of the sports teams do very well. What could be improved is the focus on STEM as well as student and parent involvement. The campus environment could be better; there is a large overall lack of respect for authority and not much order.
I made friends there very easy. This school had helped defined for who I am. This school is very friendly. I just wished that this school can have a little more safety.
Wekiva High School was in overall positive experience. I am glad I earned my degree from there. A lesson I learned from the time I have been there was, in order to be successful I have to strive to reach my goal. Wekiva taught me the importance of responsibility and independence. Most of the staff encouraged and helped me succeed in areas I often struggled with. I am grateful I was able to expand my ideas through creativity and activities at the school.
Wekiva High school is but the best school in the Apopka area but they try to find different ways to help keep kids safe where they can learn in a safe environment. But what I would like so change is how the workers here love to play favorites when it comes to punishment.
My experience at Wekiva High School has been amazing so far. Some of my teachers have forever impacted my life, and the choices I make. I get the help I need from my counselor and the guidance department on my path to college.
The admin are very strict now, making school boring. We barely have fun events like the other high schools in the area, but we do have pep rallies. Most teachers do not care about you succeeding, but a select few do.
wekiva high school is good school and has great teachers but needs improvement on administration. I have been going here for all 4 years and am glad to be a wekiva mustang. When it comes to getting help on work and grades the teachers are always there to help and offer tutoring.
Wekiva is a mediocre school. The solutions administration comes up with are ineffective and illogical half of the time. Teachers don’t care about their student’s progress, most of them just hand out busy work until it’s time for standardized testing (which no one is prepared for). There’s a small few who seem to really be interested in their students’ development, but like I said, you’re lucky to get them. Charboneau, Kelly, Kellen, and Furo are some of the most interested teachers we have. I’d like to see more teachers like them. Football is the only sport Wekiva cares about, as all the other sports are overlooked and underfunded. I’d like to see more than 10 people at games (all of them being parents.) School spirit isn't as great as it could be, which makes it hard to enjoy your four years here. Diversity is definitely an A, which I’ve always liked about Wekiva. Overall, it’s a below average school. Poor felt too critical, though.
what I like about wekiva is that teachers actually care and want to see you succeed. also student involvement is a very important thing here at wekiva. The principal constantly ask student leaders what she can do to make the school better and more students involved. Wekiva is a new school compared to other school in the area so the principal is trying to start a tradition.
The school is a average school there's nothing that really pops out! The only thing that would pop out is the great FFA program and the sports! The teachers are poor but there are few that will go above and beyond to help with no matter what like Will King, Randal Ius, Coach Warsiu, and the Athletic trainer Ms.Juliet!
I experienced a magnet program crumble just within one year, causing the school to have one teacher basically give out free college credits and another learning the material approximately one week prior to teaching it. Additionally the curriculum was off in every department of the school. One particularly disheartening example was when my Biology class had a grading scale of 5%, 5% homework, and 90% exams. This is problematic because if you do well on the exams and participate in class, you can walk out of the class with a solid A in biology without learning a bit of information, all of the curriculum was a review from life science in sixth grade. Additionally there were mandatory test corrections for the tests, that we did in class. So if you got no questions wrong you got extra credit assignments on top of your perfect score. At that point the class grades are worthless. overall the pros do not get even close to the weight of the cons. I hope the school gets their act together.
It’s not a terrible school but there are many fights and many teachers don’t care. Many schedule changes. Counselors are rude
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All through my four years of going to Wekiva secondary school was exceptionally aware of how to keep improving the earth. The staff was cordial and never wavered to go well beyond for their understudies. There were numerous assets in every case promptly accessible for the understudies. Additionally I adored the assorted variety and how included the children were in their clubs, the chief was decent to everybody she saw and you could see that she really thought about the understudies, one thing that I would change about my previous school would be the nourishment that we gotten and, I would love it if the instructors got the chance to show the class material in their own specific manner, in such a case that they figure out how to cause the children to comprehend the educational program I feel as though they should instruct it that way.
Throughout my four years of attending Wekiva high school was very conscious of how to continue improving the environment. The staff was friendly and never hesitated to go above and beyond for their students. There were many resources always readily available for the students
My experience at Wekiva High School was compared to a roller coaster ride. There were ups and downs in my 3 years at the school. It was fun and exciting but at times it could be tiring and draining. Honestly I loved every minute of it now looking back, it taught me how to survive in life and to never get too comfortable. The teachers weren't always the best but most of them had good intentions, they were there to teach us but at the same time they were still learning because no-one is ever truly done learning. I played sports so it made the years even better it gave me something to look forward to after a long day of learning, I could finally relax and escape the craziness of the day. So with that being said I have no regrets sharing three years of my life with the students, teachers, and staff.
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