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Weirton Madonna High School Reviews

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Madonna has excellent teachers that not only help you grow academically, but spirtually, personally, and mentally as well. There is not much I would change about this school.
Madonna is a great school where everyone knows each other. The students are very helpful and nice, and always have the best attitudes towards work. The teachers are well-trained and not only treat us like respected students but like family as well. A change I'd hope to see Madonna have is their equipment to update. They have very old frail textbooks which can make some lessons hard to keep up. Overall I enjoyed my time at Madonna and hope it grows more each year!
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I liked the small school and that I knew everyone there. I developed relationships with students and teachers that I don't think one may experience in larger schools. It's like a family. Parents are involved in their kids activities however, there are many that are too involved in the day to day school life and the administrators sometimes allow that. I would like it if that would slow down. Other than that, it's a very safe school with teachers who truly care about their students.
I love Madonna! I am currently a senior and my past four years have been wonderful. At Madonna I have had so many opputunities! I am lucky to have great teachers and coaches.
It is a nice small school with personal connections, but there is too much favoritism! The lunches have gotten better over the years.
They help their students out. Each teacher and administrator is there for the student.
The one thing I would change about Madonna is a better parking lot.
I have been a student of Weirton Madonna High School since my freshman year, and I'm about to start my senior year. I really like that the classes are small. I'd estimate about 22 students in a single class, making it easy to get one on one time with the teachers if you ever need help. Since being at Madonna, I have seen my ACT scores go up considerably, and I think that the teachers have done a good job at preparing us for college.
It is a very small Catholic school located in Weirton, West Virginia. Overall, I have been fairly pleased with Madonna.
Pep Club, great group of Students. Key club learned a lot
Overall experience has been positive. With a smaller school I feel I have learned much more. The curriculum is a step above the public education.
I feel the teachers are great. anytime I have had an issue and asked for help they have always been there for me.
Sports. We have a great basketball student section fan base. Ranked #1 this year. Had different themes for each game. One of the best after school activities.
I Feel I received a good education at this school. Liked the environment and atmosphere. Im very involved in sports and have great experiences as a 4 year softball letterman. enjoyed activities outside the school. wonderful people
Teachers are very friendly and approachable. Willing to help students and offer services after school. They care about the students.
The cleanliness of the school is not an issue. The safety is also not a problem as well.
This school is terrible with any form of discipline. I was bullied severely. I cried everyday and was noticing hurting. No one helped. Some teachers, if not all, heard the things being said about me and never did anything. The cheating is terrible and most students do it. Plus the students only treat you nice if you have money or you're popular. I would never come to this school if I had the choice.
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My view of the teacher's work is alright. Some of the teachers try and teach and make sure students are understanding the work. Others, however, do not care if you understand but only care the grade a student receives and how it affects them.
Most teaching styles are very outdated, as are almost all of the books used. Teachers care about the best students, but often are angry/frustrated/intolerant with those who struggle
All academic resources are outdated, no tutoring is directly available. Guidance counselor (ONE) is not helpful or motivated at all.
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