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Websterville Christian Academy Reviews

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Great education. I have attended Websterville since Kindergarten. Have made friends there and good Christian education. Being a small school, the clubs and activities were minimal.
I have been attending Websterville Christian Academy since the sixth grade, and can say with certainty that it is a great school. Though limited in its resources, the staff body employs a number of tactics to capitalize on financial, resourceful, and opportunity limitations. Because of the school's smaller size, it is understandably close-quartered; however, students are still provided with sufficient classroom spacing and breathing room. Additionally, this proximity "issue" can be considered a blessing in disguise. More than any problem this closeness causes, it promotes a communal and familial atmosphere in which students can grow as peers, rather than strangers. Faculty members are notably involved in students' lives, and do their best to put students' best interests at the forefront of the academic agenda.
Wbcs is a Christian school that provides Godly guidance. That is what I loved about this school. They don’t need to change anything. Wbcs just needs to keep its morales and principles alive in the school.
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I would like to see less judgment, from the faculty and administration. There are not many diverse class options or available academic help.
I have been attending this school since I was in third grade. There are several things that I would change if I could, but aren't necessary when it comes to having an education.
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