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I've been in WCHS for my entire high school career and it's nothing to write home about. Like most of KY schools, the textbooks are outdated, but they have made a progressive leap towards technology-based recourses. The teachers are lovely at best, mediocre at worst. There is a heavy spotlight on sports, mainly Basketball and Football. There is an ajoining tech. school which, while small, is decent. There is a large agricultural elective selection, ranging from animal science to botany, and it's accompanied by an even larger FFA chapter. There is a blind-eye turned to those who are in desperate need of mental help, though, and blatant ignorance of mental/behavioral disorders from an alarming amount of staff. Seperation of church and state is very thin, it's practically a gradient. Otherwise, it's okay. Would choose homeschooling for my (nonexistant and theoretical) children if given the option, though.
I wish it considered more student concerns. The teachers are great and very understanding. They try their best to help in any way they can. The facility is average. If it was bigger it would be better, but we also don’t have many students in this county.
What I like most about Webster County High School is the staff. All the teachers and administrators care about their students, encourage them to do their best, help them do their best, and want to see them achieve their goals. I would like to see the school support every sport, not just the major sports. Some of the less supported sports have some of the better teams.
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My experience has been pretty great. This school has allowed me to make many friends that I would never have talked to without it. Going here has shaped me into the person I am today, and I am grateful. I would probably improve a little on the safety and how they run things throughout the school.
Webster County High School is a great place to learn and experience a great education. This facility homes great teachers, many eager-to-learn students, and much more. While providing advanced placement classes, Webster County also provides a hand-full of dual credit courses which allows students to receive both high school and college credit at the same time. With all of the bad going on in the world, Webster County has decided to take the safety of the students into their own hands. This 2019-2020 school year, Webster County has added their very own Resource Officer. This Officer is a Police Official who stay all day at our school to protect our staff and students. Webster County High is a great place for all eager learners.
Attending webster county high school has been the most stressful thing in my entire life. This is largely to the lack of support from administration on issues such as bullying and mental issues. I often found myself avoiding school in whatever way possible and constantly begging my mom to take me to the doctors office for a note just so I could avoid it. There isnt much of a "guidance" office and you have to learn to trust a teacher over a counselor if you want to get any support whatsoever. Many times, students would leave class to talk to another teacher about their issues rather than go to the office for support. Overall the most stressful experience with little to show for it.
I loved the atmosphere when walking into the building. Being a small school, everyone knew who you were and were the nicest they could be. I would change some of the program to better fit some people.
I am a senior at Webster County High School and my experience has definitely had its ups and downs. Freshman year I was bullied horribly and nothing was done about it, the food is just sad but slightly improved over the past 3 years (I don't consume it often), sophmore year was much better and junior year was a bit better. It had amazing points but also horribly low points. The principal and assistant principals were outstanding my sophmore and junior year. Academics were ok but it seemed like at least one teacher out of all my classes would quit or be terminated, so at times there is constant rotation of teacher with no training in that subject.
Even though we are a small rural town, a lot of big things come out of Webster County High School. From running on our cross country team and being in FFA to taking AP and dual credit classes, I think our school demonstrates pride. Our motto pride stands for positive respectful individuals that demonstrate excellence.
I love how many opportunities our high school provides for a chance to follow our dreams and our goals in the future. However, one thing that many students, including me, have a problem with is the food. There could definitely be a change there. Other than that, I would absolutely recommend this school to others.
I am very fond of Webster County High School and find it an excellent place to learn. Many of the people who are in my class are very friendly and have a lot of school spirit. I love how small the school is as a whole and how helpful the teachers are. The one thing I would change is the lunch they provide us.
When I had graduated they didn't have much in the way of art classes and I would have liked to see more for those like me who would've been interested in them.
I love the hometown feel of a small county school and that is what you get at webster. Everyone cares and knows your story. They make sure each child has the chance to succeed and will do whatever it takes.
In my experience in Webster county high school I like how safe for the students. I like the teachers, but they do not really care about teaching I wish they would care about the students more. They do not prepare you for college at all. The meals are nasty, but during lunch time we communicate to our friends, and I really enjoy that. I just wish the school would care more about teaching you, and preparing you for college.
Need more teachers, more class choices. There should be tutors available. Small school, so everyone knows everyone.
I really had no choice. Only high school in co.
Some are excellent; some are terrible.
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The courses offered at this school are very informative, and the teachers are very helpful, as well.
There is a healthy variety of courses to take at the high school. The courses offered are satisfactory, for the most part.
The school is very well protected, and I have not ever felt like I was in danger. The security is strong, and the feeling of security is just as strong.
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