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Webb School of Knoxville Reviews

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I have two kids in Webb and couldn’t be happier with the experience. The faculty are highly engaged and available. It’s a welcoming community of families.
Webb is academically great! I went to public school previously, and I wasn't getting the educational help I needed. I'm now thriving at Webb, and I'll be very prepared for college.
webb hat schöne bäume. auch die Insel mit Scarlett Johansson. Kälber machen keine Milch, es sei denn sie bekamen Babys. Stiere sind männliche Kühe. webb flutet nicht wegen des erstaunlichen Kirk Beckendorf.
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Academically, Webb is great. If you want a good education, go here. However, if you want good, lasting, friendships and an accepting community, this may not be the school you want. I've been here since kindergarten - the middle school administration can't handle bullying properly, and the upper school administration barely interacts with the students. The teachers are average and don't always communicate homework properly with students. As much as I would love to give Webb a positive review, I just can't.
I moved to Webb my junior year in high school and have nothing but positive things to say! Even though moving schools in high school can be hard, Webb opens everyone with open arms and the community, teachers, and atmosphere are all positive and encouraging. The college counselors and process has been incredible, and every learning experience I have had has been helping me be better prepared for college. Every day, teachers and peers push each other to not only be the best academics and students they can be, but the best people that they can be.
Webb obviously provides its students with above-average education and classes, but the hyper focus on academics and athletics has left the arts department behind. They claim to want to cultivate students to be prepared for college, but in the Upper School, that can go too far sometimes.
The school is good for college prep and the teachers are excellent, but many of the students are very snobbish or elitist.
A place to learn and grow smart and strong. A school that helps you to unleash your qualifications and shine them. A place to thrive and shine.
Great school. I am glad that I got to experience a place like Webb. I would definitely send your kids here if you want them to excel.
Webb has a fantastic education program that does an amazing job at preparing you for college. For me, I appreciated the foreign language education I got there. Spanish is easily a second language for me now after graduating from there! I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking to get a modern educational experience.
The teachers are amazing, and incredibly knowledgeable. They make their lessons fun and interesting. The campus is beautiful, and meticulously maintained. The amount of classes is great for the size of the school, and many classes are on the AP level. The food is excellent, and diverse. There are always several options available and soup, sandwiches, and salads are always available. There are always vegetarian options, and there are several vegans who are able to find plenty of options. The food ranges from homemade burgers to falafel and chicken curry. The Seniors get a special lunch once a month provided by the parents which is incredible. The theatre program puts on a show each semester with great quality for a high school, and the other arts have good programs especially choir which maintains excellent marks at JBLyle.
Students at this kid exist in a culture of bullying which the faculty seems to quietly condone. Academics are just so-so. Only positive is the beautiful campus and facilities. Please save your will thank me. My child hated this school and thrives at her new school.
I spent a week at Webb School as an exchange student from El Salvador and I loved it! The facilities are very modern. The campus is big with lots of green, and the buildings are all in great shape. Everybody was so nice and welcoming there, you could really notice the strong school community. Also, the food was to die for!
Do not send your child to school here unless you want to spend almost 25K a year...and they end up at the same college they would have if they went to public school.
This school has an atmosphere of mean kids who are hateful to one another and the faculty and administration turn a blind eye. It is a horrible culture. The academics are no better than anywhere else...the fancy campus just makes things look better...there are some awesome teachers here...but that does not outweigh the nasty culture of the kids that are allowed to act this way...
My daughter transferred here in middle school. This school has a strong culture of bullying and pompous spoiled kids who are overall unwelcoming unless you are a complete follower. Academics were great. The student body is comprised overall of wealthy kids and star athletes wirh financial aid. Few kids care about the academics sadly. Don't be fooled by the high price tag and pretty campus.
I stumble in this school. No one wants to help me get better and the school environment is just plain terrible. I hope things will get better, but as of now, don't go here.
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We are completely happy with Webb for our children. They make it cool to be smart and different. The teach critical thinking and how to listen to and express viewpoints. My children have gained a lot of confidence through the small class size and teaching approaches. They are truly invested in helping each child achieve their full potential. It is about academics but so much more. We call it the "Webb experience" which incorporates everything - academics, communication skills, extra curricular activities, counseling, social skills, etc. You or your child can email teachers or administrators and get a response that day. Great parental involvement. Most importantly, my kids are excited to go to school....most of the time.
Webb is a good school with not good teachers. Some of the staff is very nice, but most have some serious problems. At least half of the teachers have favored students getting more thorough explanations. This leads to a large portion of students getting better grades than others based on who they are.
Mutineers actives are offered for any club and organization a couple times a month!