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Wayne Early Middle College High School Reviews

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I loved the teachers there. They have great compassion, teaching styles and overall character. The only issues I find is that a lot of amazing teachers have chosen to go elsewhere amidst the time I have been there. In fact, all but one of the teachers I had freshman year have gone on to teach at different schools. Now I am not sure why but I know something must be up. Overall though, I had an incredibly enriching and pleasant time at the school and have grown so much as a person just from being there.
The teachers were very relaxed and acted like friends rather than teachers. There were many opportunities to be involved outside the classroom in extracurriculars, and the inclusive environment greatly reduced bullying. Cliques didn't really exist. Everyone was friends. The guidance counselor was supportive and readily available to help us. However, the pressure to receive our associate's degrees without taking a fifth year caused psychological issues for many students.
Being at WEMCHS is a life changing experience. It has prepared me for the world and especially college. evenm though we are working towards our associates degree, the school does not push us to got to a college afterwards. They help us to do what works for us.
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The school is great, awesome teachers and lots of help available to you. Prepares you for college very well, you take college classes along with high school. And an awesome guidance counselor.
Wayne Early Middle College High School or better known as WEMCHS, is hands down the best high school that anyone can wish for. No we may not have sports, but we are a family. We stuck together like no other school could ever. If we were struggling with something be it academically or personally, there is not anyone we couldn't go to. The teachers were not just teachers but second parents or older siblings. My school was more than a High school, but a second family.
My school was a small school because it was an early college and I loved it. I loved the fact that I got to connect more with my teacher because of the smaller class sizes. I got more one on one time with my teachers which is something good you can't always get at other schools. The teachers were great teachers who genuinely cared for the students and wanted us to do well. There were also there if you needed someone to talk to.
The activities that organized the school and the students were really enjoyable and you can see that they put in a lot of work. The one thing I would to see is more clubs at the school that relates to physical activities since we don't have sports, but other than that it is an amazing school. I had a great high school experience.
I like how caring the teachers are for there students. The teachers go out there way to teach and make it fun and very well understood. Everyone gets along and the school is very high-spirited.
WEMCHS is a great academic school. So much room for a student to grow, get involved and learn at a higher level. The only negative is there is no sports. The plethora of clubs almost makes up for the lack of sports. WONDERFUL SCHOOL!
The teachers are all very good at their jobs, the school has been established for a while now and has a very good system in place.
I have LOVED my experience at Wayne Early Middle College High School! The teachers are very great at teaching the students how to actually grasp the knowledge that they are receiving and to put it to use in their own community.
Everything was just perfect. The friends I made were amazing. The teachers were amazing and got along with me very well. The environment made me always happy to be at school. I would highly recommend anyone to attend this school.
My experience at Wayne Early College High School has the been the best so far I love the diversity and I really enjoy the learning atmosphere. I couldn't see myself going to any other school I am so grateful to have opportunity to attend this school.
I love the school, I love the teachers, the courses are amazing, but I hate having to deal with the principal.
I was very appreciative for the opportunity to earn college experience and obtain an Associate's degree. The only thing I would suggest would be for the student selection process to be reformed. Also, I believe chemistry should be in the curriculum.
Wayne Early Middle College High School is an excellent school for upcoming high school students to have a smooth transition into a college experience. Aside from a school sports team, students are provided with everything one could expect from a regular high school experience, as well as the opportunity to get their Associate's degree and get used to the qualitative expectations of your average college professor. The only drawbacks I'd consider the school to have would rely on the individual students themselves. Specifically, for students who aren't very determined to do well in their college courses, especially in their junior year, their GPA will suffer accordingly. Ultimately, what one aims for from their experience at WEMCHS will determine what they'll get out of it, both good and bad. The combination of taking all high school honors courses, obtaining a free Associate's degree, and having access to an abundance of four-year university knowledge should not be wasted.
I love that this school is a great opportunity to get ahead. I wish they wouldn't expect So much from us and I wish we had sports teams.
I like the people, energy, and opportunities provided by the school. Once you figure out a rhythm and plan for success, everything will run smoothly. It's a really fun place to be. I am hoping the workload will lessen a bit and there to be so much pressure at the school. Sometimes it's suffocating and everyone feels like they're competing with each other.
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The diversity of the high school was really set apart regarding the rest of the Wayne County school system. The small class sizes allowed teachers and peers to know everyone on a more personal level.
I loved getting to experience college before actually going to college, it really prepared me for my 4-year university. The staff and teachers are also really great they're always so helpful and ready to answer any questions.
Awesome school and faculty! I really like it here and think it's a great experience! Definitely recommend!
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