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Overall, it's a very nice school but it's very hard to be accepted if you're not rich, white, and straight. Although they applaud themselves for being diverse, they don't acknowledge the struggles that POC have to go through for attending school here.
Wayland High School was a great school. I loved most of the teachers, they were very helpful, but being a person of color. The school needs to work on its diversity and teaching the students about diversity and how to deal with race issues.
I liked the various classes you could take for electives and the many opportunities you could get for AP classes which count as college credits in college. In addition to that the campus is really nice and there are many different extracurriculars to take part in as well.
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Relative to other high schools I have seen, this public high school is well equipped to offer excellent opportunities to students. Many teachers carry Ivy league degrees and/or decades of teaching experience, and there are a ton of extracurricular programs for students to explore their interests. Our athletics programs do alright for the size of the school, and our arts and music programs often do well relative to the rest of the state.
My overall experience was ok sometimes it was really hard due to my son being an hour away from home
As a student here during the COVID-19 pandemic, I think the administration is handling it really well. They are making sure that every student has access to the internet and the teachers are working really hard to make sure we are all learning what we need to. My math teacher extended my deadline because I couldn't figure out some of the material and helped me by making extra videos so that I could understand it. When in school, I don't notice much discrimination, but as an LGBT student, it is a bit hard sometimes. I have been in classes where students will say something like "I don't want to be friends with a gay person" and it was hard to hear, but I understand because not everyone is fully comfortable with that. I have mental health issues also and most of the teachers are really understanding though some aren't. Some classes, we don't get through a lot of work , but that's more the fault of the students in that particular class, not the school as a whole.
I currently go to Wayland High and I think it's an amazing school system, the teachers are really helpful and the students are always involved.
WHS is one of the best schools in MA hands down. The only problem I see in the school is how ununified we are. We have no school spirit and we put down people who are different than others. I constantly see upperclassmen patronizing other students who have learning difficulties and those who are LGBT/those who are in those communities. Another student said it really well, "while most students eat in the cafeteria, the LGBTQ students eat in the hallway. While students interact with each other happily, they pretend that students who are LGBTQ and/or don't play sports don't exist."
Apart from the social aspects of the school, Wayland is a great place to learn and get ready for college.
My favorite parts about Wayland High School is the rigor of the academics and the amount of resources and help we gain from the teachers here. On the downside, our school is not diverse at all, and does not have the best school spirit. Our school is very focused on only academics while everything else is not as big of a priority.
Wayland high school is acidemic oriented with a lot of school spirit. The teachers are well educated and are invested in thier students. Wayland High School offers a lot of community service opportunities for students.
I went through Wayland through the METCO program and it was a good diversifying experience. Although a small school in a town, Wayland helped create close-knit bonds with people I never would have been able to meet.
My time at Wayland High School has been tumultuous. I was a student with untreated mental illnesses (I was diagnosed with CPTSD and anorexia). I was heavily involved with the community at Wayland High. The teachers often nurtured and fostered my passions and struggles. I can confidently say that my guidance counselor saved my life. The only reason why I wouldn't rate the school as exceptional is because of the higher administration system. I was forced to report an assault that had happened to me (which is understandable). The guise of caring from the principals was stomach-quenching. It was evident at the end of the procedure that I was not cared about, only the wellbeing of the school. However, I was able to express my feelings of injustice through the amazing art program that the school offers. I felt comforted and heard by the counseling program and the teachers whom I were close to. The ALRT program (which I was in) is a blessing and I've heard the same about other IEP programs.
The school seems perfect on paper, but overall I did not have a great experience at WHS. The town and school are both highly competitive when it comes to both academics and sports. I am a student with learning disabilities, and this school did not help me reach my full potential. Although it is a small, safe community, I was not impressed.
I really liked Wayland High School! They were really inclusive of everyone. The size of the school creates a really intimate environment; everyone knows each other. However, this can also come with some caveats, as everyone can pay attention to the latest gossip about you.
I love the teachers and academics of Wayland High School. They truly care about helping you learn, and are always happy to help you if you need it. The curriculum is rigorous but not impossible, and the Guidance Councilors are great at helping with the college process. Getting ready for college is a big focus, and they do a great job of it.
Teachers are nice and supportive and very willing to help. But students and kids can be rich, snobby, and very cliquey.
Wayland has taught me many lessons, academically, socially, and mentally. Going to Wayland High School has been difficult due to its academic rigor, however, the teachers will work to help as much as they possibly can. The community is very close to one another and they're always nice to those that are new to the community. At Wayland, you will be taught the importance of struggle to receive something as rewarding as knowledge.
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Wayland High School appears to be perfect but is one of the worst schools I've seen. The school's success is due to the culture of kids pressuring each other to succeed and nothing to do with the teaching. In fact, many teachers waste time in class and give us loads of homework to make up for it. In many math classes, we talked about basketball instead of PreCalculus and learned the material online at home, and in Latin class is laughing at the teacher and going home with a lot of lines to translate.
Also, the school has a lack of appreciation of diversity. The school is mostly white, and slurs like "that's so gay" and "you're such a fag" constantly resound in the hallways. In fact, while most students eat in the cafeteria, the LGBTQ students eat in the hallway. While students interact with each other happily, they pretend that students who are LGBTQ and/or don't play sports don't exist.
I felt very fortunate to be able to go to a school like Wayland High School. The academics are one of the best, and with the opportunity to take high level courses such as AP classes, I have learned a lot and earned much college credit that can save me money in college.
Honestly, probably one of if not the best schools in the state. I have nothing bad to say about this school. The teachers are great, the school is great, and it is just fantastic.
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