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Waxahachie high school is a great opportunity for students and provides numerous of career paths. There are so many routes to take and so much diversity within the school which makes it feel like home.
My experience at waxahachie high school is great. I had the pleasure of meeting some great teachers. The education for me was very helpful.I have learned a lot from my teachers. And the resources for my classes were useful and also helpful. Especially for the online classes during the pandemic it was easier for me to turn in my work and also easier to understand and doy work for the rest of the semester.
I really enjoyed my time at Waxahachie High. I just wished there was a better program or experience for seniors to pay back for the pandemic situation.
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As long as you get involved and do your best, WHS feels like home! The teachers and staff try their best to make sure everyone is getting well taken care of in the classroom, as well as at home.
The teachers were very nice and I believe they truly cared about us as students. For me, I am a very antisocial person by nature and found it difficult to make friends. But the teachers always checked on me to ensure my mental stability. The classes were fairly challenging, but there was no time that I felt as if I couldn't go to my teacher for help. The dress code policy was a little strict and caused for a lot of students to attend detention. Speaking of detention, I have only gotten a detention ONE time in my entire time being in school. And this was because I had 3 morning tardies the accumulated from the beginning of the school year. I think that rule is a little out dated and should be fixed because the tardies were not my fault. However, all of my other experiences were positive. There was an amazing social atmosphere and encouraged unity.
This school has lots of opportunities to get experience in the work force. For example, we have a salon in our school for the cosmetology students to practice hair and nails and a health science room with dummies to practice on for all the future nurses.
i loved my school and i loved being there. The staff was friendly and most actually did want their students to learn and understand each lesson. School spirit is somewhat low.
My experience at Waxahachie High School has always been fantastic. I have been apart of the Waxahachie ISD cheer program for 5 years and it has been the best! What I like about Waxahachie High School are the teachers. They always make sure you are okay and make sure you understand the lesson as a whole before moving onto anything else. What I would like to see change is the school lunch just because sometimes it can be cold and no one wants cold food.
At Waxahachie High School you fit right in! The teachers and staff are so involved in the students lives and dedicated to seeing each and every student do the best that they can. The environment at Waxahachie High School is something that can only be described as amazing because of the friendships created and the memories made. There is something for everyone at Waxahachie High School and no one is ever left out!
I am a Junior at WHS and I really like this school. I have attended this school for 2 years now and compared to my first year of high school at my old school, WHS is so much better. The academics and teachers and sports are so much better. This school does have it's problems like the safety. There are security guards but I feel like they could do more to keep the students safe. Other than that I really enjoy going to this school.
Not very challenging. Many problems with administration and classes. Overall good high school experience
It was alright. Could have been better. Probably has changed since I went there. Very football oriented.
There isn’t really much I enjoyed about my high school, besides the fact that we got a new high school. One thing I would definitely change is the staff, mainly the counselors. The counselors my freshman and sophomore year didn’t prepare us for the future whatsoever.
The counselors this year are more trained and provide with more answers then just an, I don’t know.
These past few years at WHS have been good, but at every high school there are somethings that need to be changed. WISD incorporates every UIL sport in some type of way. Administration finds a way to support the cheer team, but as a cheerleader other sports get more recognition and support. There just needs to be more equality in the way they treat the sports. But overall WISD had treated me well in the years that I have lived in Waxahachie.
My high school is average. There isn't anything wrong with the building itself because it is only a year and a half old but the administration could do their jobs a little bit better.
My favorite part of the high school is the college counseling center. The women who run this helpful resource are absolutely amazing. They actually care about every students future. Their office is a safe environment to hang out or to receive college help that students can't get at home. I love to talk to them and keep them updated on my college status. One thing I would change would have to be the random drug testing. The school only tests the students that participate in extra curriculars. Students who don't participate in any of these activities don't get selected. I think that if the school wants to remove the drugs then all of the students attending should be tested. The school should not isolate one group of students when it comes to drug testing.
In my opinion Waxahachie high school is just a step above any other high school. Offering a wide range of sports including golf, swim team, soccer, and tennis. Their Performing arts center has brought home 13 District Championships and 8 Area Championships. If your struggling in a subject they even offer a after school tutoring in the library. Where there teachers of all grade levels ready to help. They also have CTE (career technology education) electives. Overall waxahachie high school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activates, and academic help.
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My high school, Waxahachie high school is a place that offers alot for alot of people. It's size in some cases is equivalent to that of some colleges. With a great roster of teachers that are there to ultimately help the students in anyway possible. However the school does get crowded very often (to be expected)
Every teacher I've have encountered is very encouraging. The staff are great and the security works hard to prevent any bad situations.
I am a current student at Waxahachie High School and I can honestly say, I absolutely adore it. There is a few bumps with our new administration but nothing that can not be ironed out. Waxahachie has the best teachers and school buildings. Everyone loves the new high school. I feel like I am offered everything here at Waxahachie. From sports to fine arts, everywhere you turn there is different opportunities.
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