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Waverly Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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This school is diverse and provides several opportunities for students interested in all types of fields. Overall the teachers are inclusive and kind. An issue I do have is the few teachers that aren't as inclusive in regards to their treatment of lgbtq+ youth including but not limited to: constant misgendering and obvious dislike of lgbtq+ students. However, the support from those who do give it is abundant and warm and the local saga club is inclusive and welcoming. The school puts a focus on sports and fitness over the arts and it is very apparent as funding for art and music programs continues to dwindle resulting in much frustration for students and staff. Overall, the school it's self is a good place to go that provides a good level of academic support.
I like the people at this school; there are very few people that have any problems with respect. I would say that they should plan things better, such as calling snow days when we legitimately need them. I’m not saying that so I don’t have to go to school; there are times when the roads are pure ice and they don’t cancel school for the day. One day they did that I saw a kid walking to school and they slipped on the ice and fell into the road.
I liked how small the school was because I got to form very close bonds with my classmates. I can easily talk to teachers if I need help. The teachers are very understanding. I don't have to worry about not being able to participate in a sport because there aren't a lot of students. The only downside is that there aren't a lot of opportunities for classes that I can take.
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There are tons of different clubs and activities you can be involved in.
My high school experience has been pretty good.
A lot of the teachers at our school have given up. They do not seem like they actually want to be there helping students. But there are a select few who generally enjoy helping student understand a topic and will go above and beyond to help them.
the guidance counselors are great!
It would be nice to have a school nurse.
I've enjoyed going to WHS, I have enjoyed sports and learned a lot.
I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my high school years. I have made life time friends that I will keep forever. I love the environment I was in. Everyone knew everyone and everyone was always there for each other. If I had to do everything over I wouldn't change a thing.
Being so small we don't get the best resources. We aren't offered the same classes that big schools would have. We don't vet the new things every year. The tablets that we have don't work half the time. The teachers on the other hand are the best. They are there to support you and make you your possible best.
The extracurriculars at Waverly High school are good. The sports are all we have in this little town so we try our very best to make thing the best they can be. The clubs on the other hand aren't as dedicated though. People just join a club to just join a club. We don't do much with clubs. I wish we did.
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