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Wauwatosa Montessori School Reviews

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my husband told me about this school. he said that is a great school for kids and it helps you learn more about live. Wauwatosa Montessori now has a AP program. AP is a Montessori middle school. i have a 13 year old daughter. she wants to start her own business and the AP program has a business. they make fudge and other products and sell them for money to go on a trip. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL
Montessori is the PURRRfect fit for my daughter and I'm not KITTEN! It's education level is off the chats, the community makes my daughter life complete. At first I was a bit on edge of the school, due to the low population on little tikes, but when my daughter came home from her first day of school and asked me for the first time if she could help with dinner, ohhhhhh I was overjoyed! I recommend this school for anyone who lives in the Milwaukee area, kids get the education they deserve!
My child blossomed into a young women with her amazing math skills and all her knowledge I am just so proud of her
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my child loves this school. she says the teacher are so nice and caring. the last school she went to the teachers didn't really help her when she was struggling. here the teachers help her learn a certain lesson make sure she understands it and then moves on to the next lesson.
I love this school it gives my child great opportunity to learn in new ways the people there are super nice and overall the teachers are great its nice that the children really have a great relationship with the teachers and can grow and have there chance to shine.
amazing school with amazing teachers my little one gets the help she needs when she needs it. she made amazing friends and the school is well protected (no drugs like other schools) I love this school my little one in now in 7th grade and she LOVES her class.
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