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The teachers and staff all truly care about their students and helping them succeed. My time in high school has been difficult as my dad has been battling brain cancer; however, I know that every day I go to school, there is someone I can talk to if I need to. Waukon High School partners with Northeast Iowa Community college to offer concurrent enrollment classes. This has enabled me to graduate with my Associates of Arts degree at the same time that I graduate from high school. Waukon High School offers multiple opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom, whether it be in clubs, organizations, or athletics. One thing that is difficult for me personally is the no backpack in the high school rule. I spend my days traveling between the Waukon NICC Center and the high school. It is difficult for me to carry all of the books that I have to carry between buildings without a backpack.
I love my school. The faculty is extremely nice and caring. Bullying is invisible. The students are caring for each other and do not vandalize the building or any other school property.
Waukon High School is a good school in general. Some teachers are absolutely amazing and really care for the students education. My favorite teacher is Mrs.Jensen, she truly cares for each student and tries her best to teach them in ways that are comfortable for everyone. I would say that the only thing that needs to be changed in the school is expanding the classes so that they help students more with preparing for college and life outside of their home.
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The teachers and administration do a very good job at teaching. The bullying in this school is awful and the administration does not do very much to stop it. The food here is not the best and the school itself is not a very clean place. Sports at this school does fairly well and the coaches seem to do a good job. The clubs are very popular and students enjoy participating in them. As for college readiness, Waukon does an excellent job to prepare us. With the help of NICC (Northeast Iowa Community College), the students are able to do many college classes for free.
I enjoy taking NICC classes through WHS, each student gets a certain number of credits they can take of college classes paid by the high school.
Great school, opportunity to take college classes while going to high school. That is a bonus. Variety of classes offered. Clubs and sports avaliable to all students from freshman to seniors. Teachers are helpful and well educated in all areas of education. It gave me a great start for my future.
I loved that all the teachers were very helpful and would help you out in any way they could for you to succeed. They had a variety of options for sports and clubs. They also had an after school program which would go until 6:30 at night where you could get extra help on homework and studying, hang out, and encouragement to keep trying. Everyone Was really nice and very welcoming when I moved there.
We are allowed to take college courses all throughout high school. This allows the student to be more prepared for their future. We also have different choices in our physical education program, which is nice because you choose how you want to exercise.
It was a great four years, but they need to treat the ag program better. How to do that would be by helping them with odds and ends for example the greenhouse having an alert system when the heat breaks.
I liked the one on one interaction between the teachers and the students. I also liked NICC Waukon Center being walking distance from the high school. I would change the respect the teachers and other faculty gave the students. To me, it felt like we were all looked down open and not treated like we were going to be living in the real world in a few years tops.
I enjoyed the small class sizes and how the teachers were able to interact with students and help them if needed.
Overall is a great school. Good partnership with area community college which makes it easy to obtain college credit while in high school.
Waukon High School has taught me many new things. The teachers could be better at teach though. Some teachers expected kids just to teach themselves. The teachers and staff are nice and always say hello to a student in the hallway while walking by them. Bullying isn't a huge factor and doesn't happen frequently. The types of clubs and activities could be better and they should offer more. I think the sports and regulations needs to be reevaluated, and the coaches of some need to be more respectful to their athletes.
Great school, nice opportunities for college level classes while in high school. Really prepares me for my education beyond high school.
There are several clubs and activities, but sometimes it's hard to find the time to go.
There isn't a school team, but we do have some clubs, which makes up for it.
The majority of my teachers were kind and caring.
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Drinking and drug use are very prevalent with moderate measures taken to prevent their abuse
Overall, our school is okay in terms of extracurricular activities. We offer on or two sports per season, and have a few after school clubs but not many, and they are relatively limited do to lack of student body enthusiasm. Our music and arts programs are nearly nonexistent
The variety of opportunities available to students at this school tend to be small due to its relatively small size. While there is an emphasis on athletics, there is essentially no support for drama, music, or the arts. In addition, the student body tends to be extremely cruel. The social experience has led me to anticipate graduation more than I ever imagined I would.
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