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This school has provided me with one of the worst experiences I have ever had. The staff is racist, the ones I have expressed complaints about are still employed and the school is outrageously unsanitary.
What I like about Watertown High school is that the school has many clubs and extracurriculars to take throughout the 4 years of high school. There are not as many electives as clubs/extracurriculars but there is still a lot of things a person can do in this school. For academics, it is pretty well thought out on the type of subjects that are given for each year. The changes that I would like to be made are having multiple improvements on college readiness for both juniors and seniors and how the school is operated by the administration. School culture is not shown very well to students.
School life at Watertown High School has never been steady. The variety of students and teacher in our district is very dispersed. We have many religious, racial and financial need based families in our district that brings different mindsets and thinking to our community.
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The teachers try very hard to give the students the best education they can. Due to the low income in the area the school cannot afford the very best. Sports are good overall they provide many different sports. They don't have a lot of clubs but they are very willing to help students create clubs if they desire. The school tries their best even if the students don't realize it.
Watertown high school primarily poses as a center of opportunities, even as it is vastly rich in diversity, productivity, and efficiency.
If you aren't into sports you will not have many options in activities.
There is little to do unless you go out of your way to make something to do, however the education is fine and there is little to complain about.
I only have a few bad teachers while attending school here, i had a few teachers who shaped the path i am now taking for college!
The school has plenty of opportunities for extra-curricular activities but is just plain boring
Teachers aren't very focused and tend to just joke around
What made this school wasn't anything about the school, it was the teachers that made the school great.
For my freshman and sophomore year, this school seemed good. It's been a while so my ratings are a bit vague.
It was not bad for a highschool.
My overall experience at this school in my four years I have been attending has been great. One of my favorite experiences has been the Wind Ensemble, I had the honor of being brought in as a 9th grader and all of the upper classmen and my band teacher were so eager to help with anything that I may have needed. If I were to do my high school experience all over again I would definitely choose Watertown High School based upon the Music Program itself, we have won many awards at competitions at places such as Disney World, and Hershey Park. The students in the music program are a tight knit group who are always there for each other.
The serving sizes are often too small, so kids are forced to get a double or I've even seen kids buying a triple lunch which costs them more money and it could potentially be unhealthy seeing as they are going way over the limit.
My experience with my guidance counselor has not been the greatest, my experience with the administration on the other hand has been great.
The teachers at Watertown High School are very hard-working and dedicated to the students, they want to see them succeed. The teaching styles of the teachers vary, but overall the learning experience is one that any student could learn from.
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Our extra curricular activities range from Math League, to Diversity and Multi-Cultural Club, to Gay-Straight Alliance as well as many other clubs or organizations. The most fun club I have been involved with in my four years of high school has been the Audio/Video club, we have gone on different field trips to the News Station and fun things like that.
Most teachers are there for their checks while a very few are actually caring, dedicated, student focused people. They end up being shunned by other teachers or burned out due to carrying the burden of true education
I was forced to grow up very quickly due to harassment and bullying from both students and many staff. This school hides the issues from the community and caters to prominent families (and school board member) children
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