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I like that the school is smaller so you can get to know the teachers and coaches more on a personal level. I feel very safe at this school. I wish they offered more of a variety of classes tp choose from. Typical classes are to read chapters/books and worksheets to fill out instead of actual teaching.
The school is truly a great atmosphere and always full of great students and faculty. Waterloo High School sets you up for success in high school as well as for college. The most important aspect of the school is that they will provide students with the tools to succeed while also teaching them how to be respectful and kind individuals in society.
My high school is very friendly and I have made incredible memories here that I will never forget. Every student and family is extremely supportive of all others, and we all work together to achieve our goals. My favorite experiences were winning state for volleyball, twice, and seeing the community and the entire city come together to support us. I would definitely choose this school again if I had to do it all over because of the love that emits from everyone.
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Our school selects the most knowledgeable teachers to work for them. My current teachers have gotten their classes AP certified, and although they are highly intelligent, they are not compromising any interest in the students. Our grading scale, though very tough, is consistent and allows us to push us to our limits.
I loved the musical aspect of this school, and the encouragement and freedom I got to further my abilities.
Many of the teachers are readily available out of class and willing to give any needed help.
At my high school, the teachers cared about your academic strides. On the other hand, we did not have many class options to choose from, therefore the I may have to graduate in 5 years instead of 4 years.
My experience in high school was great. My freshmen and sophomore year were the worst because I was adapting to the transition of middle school to high school, but it turned out okay. The teachers were really friendly and cared about the education of their students. They always tried to help everyone. If I had a chance, I would totally choose to go to this school again. It's a small school, and the best part about it is that you get to know everyone in your grade.
Standard cafeteria food. If you're used to hot lunch programs, its not bad.
Bullying was a non-issue for my class. I'm not sure on others.
There are plenty of sports clubs to join. Waterloo has great facilities for all of its sports clubs. Arguably some of the best facilities in the conference.
Almost all of the teachers I had experience with were very good. They care about the students and want them to succeed.
Considering the size of the school, there are many options for students to get involved in. All one has to do is apply themselves to a group and they can expect to get much out of it.
The staff does a great job and don't get the credit they deserve. I've felt extremely prepared for college work and other obstacles I've faced since graduating.
The academics are decent. However, they're the best for those who really wish to succeed. The school has only a few AP courses, but they provide great education for those who participate and take the AP test. There are online college classes available for those who qualify to take them.
Overall, the majority of teachers are great. There are a few that are simply amazing, and go above and beyond in every aspect of their work. You can tell that the students are their number one concern, and you can see that they love what they're doing.
There has been major improvement of school spirit in the past couple years. Students are very supportive of their teams. The sports teams seem to have good chemistry as well. The only complaint I have would be that some of the coaches are not always considerate of the things they say to their players.
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The guidance counselor is the best part of this school. Without her, the rating I would give would be much lower. However, having her at this school makes it such a better place. She is always willing to help with anything, and is open to any ideas you may have. She gives you her complete attention, and always offers her help. She is the best part of the administration at my school.
There are many different clubs available to students. I myself am part of many different organizations, and I always have a meeting to go to or an activity to participate in. I'm not even in all of the possible clubs, yet I'm consistently busy with the ones I am in. The groups offer many different competitions, at both Regional and State levels. The teacher involvement tends to be very high throughout most clubs.
The school has gotten rid of a lot of the older teachers and has replaced them with younger teachers. We had excellent teachers during my first years, but by now things have gone downhill with the fresh-out-of college teachers.
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