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Whatcung hills puts a huge focus on courses revolving the STEM program and as someone interested in engineering, I was always thrilled to have classes in DIG, PoE, aerospace, etc...etc...
The education that students get here is amazing. The teachers here for the most part want to see the students succeed, and will work with them to make sure they have a solid understanding of the material. This school prepared me well for college, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to go to a school like Watchung Hills.
Watchung Hills Regional High School offers students numerous ways to express themselves. Whether it be artistically, academically, or athletically there is room for every student to participate in something they are passionate about. The teachers are incredibly friendly and helpful for the most part, and will aid students to achieve their academic goals as long as they see their hard efforts in doing so. Extra help with teachers is always offered as an alternative to expensive tutors for those who do not have the same financial resources as others. Although the school has its flaws, it is for the most part a safe and peaceful learning environment for students.
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Watchung Hills helped get me to the right place for school. While I struggled with some personal issues at home school was a safe space. There are many teachers I didn't get to have however some of the teachers I did have will remain in my memory for a long time. Always having an open office door or being understanding of what I was going through. The academics that are offered are amazing, with variety and opportunities to earn college credit.
It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work as well. I had a a lot of fun with my friends here. I like the school because 4 different townships go here, so you make a lot of friends. Most teachers are nice and helpful, and the guidance counselors help a lot with the college process.
I felt Watchung Hills focused too much on schoolwork and how competitive the school is instead of focusing on mental health and giving their students a break.
Overall a good school with lots of AP classes and club opportunities but very little diversity, especially within the programs created to help prepare students for college.
Watchung Hills Regional High School gave me a lot of opportunities. But not all the teachers are good and work well with understanding students situations.
The teachers and stuff are very helpful. People are very friendly. My daughter made good friends and has improved academically every year.
Watchung Hills is above average in both size and quality. Housing around 2000 students, the school comes with many of the ups and downs this brings. On the ups side, the opportunities present are extremely varied, with a slew of elective classes to choose from along with extremely diverse clubs and activities. However, on the downside of things, the sheer size of Watchung Hills makes social life more of a challenge. This inevitably causes cliques to form, a system that also has its own benefits and downsides. In regards to sports and clubs, sports in particular are often fairly tight knit and make for a good way to make new friends. Clubs, however, meet less frequently and for a shorter period of time than sports in most cases, and are less effective at achieving this. Despite that, the sheer volume of clubs is quiet impressive.
The education within Watchung Hills Regional High School is why I am extremely grateful to attend this school. For example, I have not only learned an immense amount of important history from my three years of taking history class, I also learned about the human condition and many life lessons because of my phenomenal teachers within the history wing. Many of the teachers wishing Watchung Hills truly care about their students, and it shows. In addition, I have immersed myself within the theatre arts area of the school, and have learned more about myself as an artist. Because of the many music and arts courses I have taken, I know that I will continue the arts in my college pursuits.
The academics at this school are unnecessarily hard. I know students who have graduated who come back and tell me that our high school over-prepares us. For example, one of my friends has 126 in one of his classes in college but his GPA in high school was below a 3.0. This might look like an advantage, but it honestly shouldn't be considered as one. Students are overworked and are always stressed out. There are times when we have to pull all-nighters due to the unnecessary workload that is given. Students who have low GPAs aren't actually dumb or don't work hard. It's just that the school is hard. With the level of difficulty, the school has a "no extra-credit" policy, which is what makes it even worse. This makes a lot of the students look bad when they apply to colleges, but they're really not, which is the sad part.
Not only does the school place a strong emphasis on safety, the general supportive atmosphere in the school makes it a suitable learning environment.
Loved that there was a a wide variety of electives to choose from. The teachers were always cared for the students.
Had a great 4 years, loved the choices for electives that my school has to offer. The athletic programs are great. Guidance Department really works with you to get you prepared for the college application process.
has a great academic programs for all types of students. I would like to see the school offer a mechanical program for students interested in that field
Watching hills has a lot of diversity and readiness for college. Has resources that better the students and eduction.
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Many of the teachers were passionate about their job and very engaging in class. It is a big high school so there are many different people with different interests all over the place, guaranteeing that others will share common interests.
Watchung Hills has EXCELLENT teachers that will literally change your life for the better and prepare you so well for the future. The school is really big and has a lot of great clubs to get involved in so be sure to explore all your options and get involved because you won’t regret it and you will make some great friends along the way! The only bad thing about the school is the administration just because of all the politics and how people at the top are always trying to take away students freedoms just to make the school look better to the public. Overall, WH is a pretty good school and I’m so grateful for the enriching education I’ve receieved!
Watchung Hills provides extensive resources to students who are preparing for college. The amount of niche programs lets students explore choices that impact their decision post-graduation.
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