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The academics at this school are unnecessarily hard. I know students who have graduated who come back and tell me that our high school over-prepares us. For example, one of my friends has 126 in one of his classes in college but his GPA in high school was below a 3.0. This might look like an advantage, but it honestly shouldn't be considered as one. Students are overworked and are always stressed out. There are times when we have to pull all-nighters due to the unnecessary workload that is given. Students who have low GPAs aren't actually dumb or don't work hard. It's just that the school is hard. With the level of difficulty, the school has a "no extra-credit" policy, which is what makes it even worse. This makes a lot of the students look bad when they apply to colleges, but they're really not, which is the sad part.
Not only does the school place a strong emphasis on safety, the general supportive atmosphere in the school makes it a suitable learning environment.
Loved that there was a a wide variety of electives to choose from. The teachers were always cared for the students.
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Had a great 4 years, loved the choices for electives that my school has to offer. The athletic programs are great. Guidance Department really works with you to get you prepared for the college application process.
has a great academic programs for all types of students. I would like to see the school offer a mechanical program for students interested in that field
Watching hills has a lot of diversity and readiness for college. Has resources that better the students and eduction.
Many of the teachers were passionate about their job and very engaging in class. It is a big high school so there are many different people with different interests all over the place, guaranteeing that others will share common interests.
Watchung Hills has EXCELLENT teachers that will literally change your life for the better and prepare you so well for the future. The school is really big and has a lot of great clubs to get involved in so be sure to explore all your options and get involved because you won’t regret it and you will make some great friends along the way! The only bad thing about the school is the administration just because of all the politics and how people at the top are always trying to take away students freedoms just to make the school look better to the public. Overall, WH is a pretty good school and I’m so grateful for the enriching education I’ve receieved!
Watchung Hills provides extensive resources to students who are preparing for college. The amount of niche programs lets students explore choices that impact their decision post-graduation.
Considered one of NJ's wealthiest high schools.
Lots of programs and extra-curriculars.
One of the rare schools that offer engineering/architecture electives and AP classes.
Watchung Hills is overall a good school. Compared to a lot of other schools nationwide or even in the area, it is very advanced and prepares you well for college. While the administration can be hard to work with, most teachers are nice. I've had a number of teachers who've really inspired me, been kind to me, and definitely influenced my direction in life. (The history department in particular.) Yes, there is plenty of drama and fights over trivial things, but you'll find that at any school. As a senior, my best advice is to take advantage of all the school offers. Be it clubs, sports, extra help...take advantage of it, and immerse yourself in the culture. You'll get teachers you hate or courses you hate, or have to deal with seemingly incompetent administrators, but in the end, the good memories outweigh the bad. Have fun, apply yourself in class and extracurriculars, and thank those teachers that go above and beyond to help you learn. If you do, Watchung Hills will serve you well.
As a student here, I have a slightly biased view and, like all high schoolers, I can't wait to leave. But, it's a school in a suburban neighborhood so you kind of know everybody but then don't at the same time.
I thought that my experience at Watchung Hills was very good. All of the staff and teachers were nice and eager to help. One thing, however, which I hope they change is the school spirit. I feel like no one has spirit, and little students attend the sporting events.
High school is a formative time for everybody, and the staff at WHRHS know this and are there to help you succeed. All of the faculty including the academic advisors are all there to help you succeed to the best of your ability. At this school, everything that you put into it will be given back and then some. It is important to be somewhat self motivated to make sure you get the most out of everything offered here.
I enjoyed the number of engineering classes offered. Classes such as intro to engineering design, principles of engineering, and civil engineering and architecture really allowed me to explore engineering and fostered a love for engineering. These classes led me to major in engineering in college.
Watchung Hills Regional is an amazing school overall. With so many electives and a range of academic classes there is always a place for any student to fit in and find their niche.
Currently a senior at Watchung Hills, I've seen everything. Good and bad. Watchung Hills is a very great school, academically. The students are ambitious, the athletes are motivated, and the teachers truly love their jobs. The school has an ambundous of resources such as technology, art supplies, instruments, biology tools, etc. Overall, there are no major accounts of issues regarding bullying or physical fights. However, one criticism. There is no diversity. It is a very caucasian dominant school, and students here have a very closed-off mindset. I feel as though most students are not very educated about people not like themselves, and therefore don't know how to act around certain minorities. I have witnessed racial slurs, mostly behind people's backs, and felt very uncomfortable. The worst part of all, administration is not aware nor informed of occurrences like these, therefore there is no action against stopping this. We need change.
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Watchung Hills is primarily full of white, affluent students. The academics are taken very seriously, but only to the extent that your test scores make them look good.
The teachers at Watching Hills are INCREDIBLE. Every day, I leave class inspired and ready to learn. However, the administration at Watchung Hills is terrible. When I had a problem with an unfair teacher last year, they were apathetic. Admin also resists any change that would better the mental state of its students if it risks lowering their statistics in any way.
Since 4 districts send their students to WHRHS, I am grateful for all the new friends I got to make and the people I got to interact with. Additionally, the teachers and guidance counselors are very helpful and supportive and the overall school offers many resources for students to use.
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