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Washington County Technical High School Reviews

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Washington County Technical High School is an amazing trade high school, that allows students to get a step in the door of their chosen career path. Tech high has allowed me to get a head start in my nursing career. This school has allowed me to get my CNA and I have the opportunity to get my GNA and CCMA while still in high school. Which will able me to get a health care job straight out of high school. The only down side of the school is the parking lot because of all the students it is difficult to get out of the school lot in a timely manor. Other than that one down side the school is a great opportunity!
As a senior, my two years here at Washington County Technical High School has been amazing. My teachers are supportive and honestly the best at what they do. The specially prepared food is amazing, and very diverse. My fellow students have the same goals as me, to be successful. There’s not a better high school experience that I could’ve asked for. I love that my Technical school still allows me to be just as productive at my home school as I am at Tech. My tech teacher is by far the best relationship i’ve had with a teacher because I know he cares about us and always wants us to have integrity and he also trusts us. I can vouch for my school when I say that we ARE the best high school in the county.
I like how we have every other day dedicated to our career areas and that we have faster paced classroom environments.
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Love the program and tech area I signed up for. It has helped me grow so much in the field that I want to have in the near future
I love going to Tech High. The teachers care about the students. They look at each student as a person and are always there to help each student. The teachers always go the extra mile to make sure each student understands their assignments and do not want to see any of the kids falling behind. The kids are there to learn and care about their education.
WCTHS is a wonderful technical school for those who want to get an advancement for their future career. It will get you an early start on what program you would like to study and it is very helpful when you go into college.
This school is amazing and I loved every part of going here. The school is very accepting of all people regardless of sex, race, etc. I always feel secure and safe and Most of the teachers I 've had love their jobs and treat students like family. This school has given me a headstart on college credits and really makes me feel prepared for what's to come.
Tech High has allowed many great things come my way. I've been able to grow my expertise with the help of my technical teachers. I went for the Culinary Arts program, which was one of the best ideas I've ever had. I learned new things and met great people. I've gotten to get outside experience through the program as well.
I enjoyed the many programs and the way in which they prepared me for my future. The teachers and administrators are all very involved and hold student’s needs to be the highest priority. The school is truly amazing in the way it brings kids from all across the county and allows them to integrate and create lasting relationships. I highly recommend the school for not only the various educational opportunities but also for the social environment that pushes students out of their comfort zones and creates amazing bonds.
All of the staff is beyond helpful in gearing you up for college and or career readiness! Everyone wants to see you succeed in everything you do
What I loved about Washington County Technical High School was how excepting they were. Each person belonged to a Tech area but all the Tech areas were friendly. There were no fights, very limited bullying. The teachers are always willing to help whenever they could. The food is excellent and provided by the Culinary Arts students every day. The Tech programs do everything they can to provide their students with everything they will need for their future careers. Also, the faculty and staff were always pleasant. The administrators always did what they could to meet me in the middle and the staff and mainly the custodians were always quick to respond when you needed them to.

A few things I would change would be the lunch menu. When I attended this school, we often had burrito bowls, walking tacos, taco salad, etc. This became a bit excessive and I would like to see the Culinary Arts Program get a bit more funding for a more voluminous lunch menu.
I absolutely LOVE Tech high!!! Tech High has so many programs that help prepare students for college and career! Tech High has a very nice group of staff and you make friends easily, and the food is amazing! I love my school because of the hand on work we do. Tech High is only for high school juniors and seniors, but it is a very career enhancing and very good school t o go to. We have no displinary issues.
WCTHS is a great school if you are looking for a career in Engineering. The teachers are great especially in the engineering department. She has helped me choose a great path for my future and I know I have a greater chance at succeeding because of the attention and skills she has equipped me with. I am excited to go into a great field and know I will have no trouble getting a job after I finish at the Vocational school of my choice. I also appreciate how involved the teachers were from all of my general classes. They have a desire to teach, because they like what they do. I know I could not have gotten the opportunities in this amazing field, without my 2 years at this school.I know I am ready and prepared for everything PIA has to offer because of WCTHS.
Washington County Technical High has teachers who really care about your future. What you're learning daily pertains to your career choice and is reflective of current industry standards.
I loved my experience here at tech high! I was able to make plenty of new amazing friends, of which I would have never met if not for choosing to come to this school! I was motivated by my amazing teachers and counselors to do more of what I love and now because of that I am on a pathway to success.
I love my tech area. It helped me to figure out what to do with my life after I had no idea what I wanted to do.
I love how you have to apply to the program of your choice to help you get ready for college by getting experence in the field before choosing to pursue it later on. I am in the Criminal Justice program there and I honestly would not want to be anywhere else. The teachers understand that you want to be there, so there are no fights and the workload is easier to maintain.
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I think Washington county technical high school is great because it allows you to persue a career field you are interested in. It gives you a head start on your career and gives you feel for what you’ll be doing in that area. It is also a great learning environment because every student wants to be there. The teachers are great. They’re motivated, enthusiastic and fun. I think it is a great school and I’m glad I chose to go there.
WCTHS offers 16 technical areas ranging from carpentry to biomedical sciences. Students apply from all over the county which allows them to make new friends while learning about and doing things they enjoy.
Tech high gave me the chance to find what career I was passionate about and let me explore and strengthen this passion. I will always be grateful for the teachers and friends I met while attending this school.
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