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I liked that Washington High School had so many outlets and options for the students. So many teachers have provided a safe place for their students over the years and have remained up to date in their accomplishments passed graduation. The administration is looked at differently by a lot of students, but in my personal opinion, they tend to not think through things in the best way possible. Overall, the high school experience at Washington is average, but the teachers are what really made a difference in mine and so many others lives.
Overall I've had a great time here. The counselors and deans are always willing to listen when you need guidance on how to become a better student. There are teachers in this high school that have significantly shaped my view on schooling in a very positive way.
It's a welcoming experience since the beginning of the whole journey. I can say that I've learned a lot with the help of the staff and students. This place will always store the 4 years of memories I've made at this high school.
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One of the most Uplifting things about Washington Community High School is having teachers who truly want you to succeed and understand the material they are teaching. To them, teaching isn't just a "job", but a passion. The Instructors want their students to be as prepared for their future as possible.
Washington Community High School is by far one of the best schools I’ve ever been to. The teachers and staff are all very friendly and supportive of all the students no matter your education level and understanding of subjects. The athletic programs are among the best in the area and all coaches put in a lot of time and effort to ensure success for all student athletes with their sports and with school. Great community overall and I highly recommend having your kids attend Washington Community High School.
I like the high school but the punishments for the students seems to vary by their race and social status
The experience in general is pretty good, I feel pretty lucky to be here. Most of the teachers are good. I did subtract a star because there are a few teachers that either don’t care or are just bad at teaching which can be really frustrating. Also the halls are SUPER crowded during passing period, and the fact that classes are 49 minutes long instead of 50 is kinda stupid. Other than those few things, I have enjoyed my time here so far, and really wish I could have finished off the year IN school.
Inclusive, diverse program of curriculum & learning. Administration & staff dedicated and student-centric.
Washington Community is such a good high school. Every faculty is very nice. The teaching system is great. The environment is safe and welcoming. The spirit in the students is amazing. Even the food is delicious. There is so many activities for students to be a part of. What I would like to see changed is that no one is forced to take physical education. It is not needed and no one enjoys it. Also, Washington has no teacher of color, no diversity in students. I want that to change.
I love the focus placed on all of the programs at Washington. Our town loves sports, but the support is spread evenly instead of only putting money and resources into a select few programs. This even spread has allowed programs in theater, athletics, art, music, and more to grow and flourish, and the school is very well-rounded. What might be changed at the high school is the stark difference between standard and honors classes. From what I have seen, it seems that the standard classes are a complete breeze for most, while the honors courses can make even the best and brightest overwhelmed and pressured.
Washington High school has many extra-curricular activities. There are lots of things to do to get involved. School spirit is strong and the teachers show that they care about our learning.
Washington Community High School has been a place that has allowed me to grow as a person. The teachers along with the academics are at a high level, and are superior to many other public schools. There is not a diverse population at Washington, but I have always felt included. The resources for LGBT students could be better, and the school has been working to change many policies. I feel very safe at Washington, and the protocols that they have put in place protect all of the students. I feel very secured, and prepared for emergency events to occur. I have been able to participate in many life changing activities, during my time at Washington. The music department is high quality, and we place very high in the state. I have also made many life long friends, while being in the music department. I have had the opportunity to experience many things, that other schools couldn't have provided me. I am ready for college, and I devote part of my success back to the high school.
I had a pretty good experience in high school. It definitely went by super fast. Although I am excited to be able to move on to much bigger things.
I've enjoyed most of my time at Washington Community High school. I've been in mostly honors classes all four years. I've also participated in the Baseball program as the first two years has been a great learning and growing period of skills and sportsmanship. However the varsity years have been the complete opposite, Coaches do not teach nor do they have care for the students health or growth. Our school has excellent electives to choose from and innovative teachers. The Facilities are top notch. Our counselors are available and always helpful.
I like how most of the teachers are super nice and encouraging. I do not like how some of the coaches for the varsity teams pick favorites over talent.
It has decent academics, nothing extraordinary. A lot of people abusing power at this school. Not very diverse. Good band program.
Washington Community High School achieves academically and athletically. This high school helps you plan for your future but also keeps in mind that you have to live in the present. This school has wonderful students and staff. All the staff are helpful in every which way. i loved going to this school and this school helped me become the person I am today.
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Its a pretty decent school, people here are generally chill. Our Music program is the best part of our school. We have one of the best marching bands in the state and a beautiful new facility. Our wrestling team is also really good, we have one state the last 4 straight years.
Washington Community High School really prepared me for college as well as life after college. They did so by helping me pick what high school classes to take and what colleges to look at that interest me. All of the teachers are very nice and always willing to help you with your school work if you are stuck. One thing that could be improved is the size of the library. I personally think that the library could be larger and a more warm environment where you can go to read and relax.
I enjoyed the variety of classes offered at wchs as well as the clubs. Meeting new people and making friends is easy here as well. The AP classes are amazing and the pass rate for the exams is way above average so I know I can trust my teachers to help me prepare for college.
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