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As a latina student attending Washburn I never felt like I fit in. The teachers were all caucasian and a sprinkle of students were ethnic. I felt that I had to work twice as hard to be on the same level of my peers because I looked like I wasn't "capable enough." The students weren't the kindest and only a handful of teachers stuck their neck out for students. As much as I had a few teachers I could rely on, I wish I could have felt more comfortable at school.
The faculty were very kind and committed to academic excellence with students. There were many opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities.
Washburn Rural offers a lot of advanced level classes, great sports teams, and a variety of clubs. The teachers care about the students and everyone works hard to make sure students are successful post-high school.
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It was a decently sized school with a good art program. They aren't the best or most competitive school academically but the teachers really care.
I liked the amount of diversity in classes and how we got to choose our classes. I also liked the amount of work put into our extra curricular activities like sports and music. What I would like to see change is the push of activities during our study hall period and let it be a time to relax or do homework instead of it taken over by other activities (not talking about clubs).
I formed many amazing bonds and was able to experience some great opportunities! Washburn is very a good school for academics and sports. However, that is whats most important to the school. Students well-being and problems are put second.
I loved attending this high school! The atmosphere is very personable and welcoming. The staff and administrators are very nice and have our best interests. They are there to help us be successful and are willing to do whatever it takes to help the students.
This high school has really opened me to new ideas and thinking of new ways. The school is usually well organized. I was lucky to be part of many tutoring programs in order to assist other students, and be an IB (International Baccalaureate) student. One of my friends was even able to start her own club and it will continue even after us. I believe that having that ability is so amazing. They're were certain times, like with mental health, that I think my school could have worked on better. All my teachers truly cared about their students and enjoyed what they taught. One of my chemistry teachers would go out of her way to find new ways to teacher students who didn't understand, or give additional experiments to help us fully understand what we were learning. Even nonhonors classes, the class had fun, but still continued to learn.
Washburn Rural is a great school! I have had a great experience at Washburn. Washburn offers different programs and activities for different types of individuals. Students can choose their classes based on their plans after high school. Also, there are many different clubs and activities that are offered.
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I enjoyed this school and had a great education there! The teachers are amazing and have great extra curricular activities!
My experience at Washburn Rural was great. I was offered many opportunities and I had the ability to develop long lasting relationships with a large number of people. Many people may not have opportunities available to them that I had the chance to receive.
The main thing i liked about Washburn Rural is that they take educational very serious. Something that i would like to see change but don't know if it will would be the amount of diversity in the school. It seemed like there wasn't enough of that.
I enjoyed my time as a student at Washburn Rural. The library was the best part of my experience, though. They have an a pretty wide selection of books and genres and I loved to sit by the window and read during lunch period.
Large school but soo many opportunities. Made some lifelong friends and memories. Teachers are really invested in students success.
Some of the teachers are wonderful. They created a warm and welcoming environment where students feel comfortable enough to ask for help. On the other hand, some teachers do the complete opposite and make it known that they do not want to be there and do not care about the students.
I recently moved here and the inclusivity could improve as well as the school's concern for the student's mental health. However overall it is a good school.
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I enjoyed the school a lot. I made so many friends here and enjoyed my four years here. It was always easy to talk to my teachers. Make sure you try and get involved in something during your time here it really makes the experience.
My whole high school experience was great there. All my teachers were well prepared in their classes and the atmosphere was inviting. A few things I would change is how our schedules were set up and the school lunches.
Most of the teachers are helpful and the principal tries hard to make sure everyone is happy and being fair.
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