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Warsaw Senior High School Reviews

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I go to Warsaw Senior High School and I love it. The teachers are amazing and will go to extreme length to help a student in need. The school is pretty new with WIFI and air conditioning all throughout it. We get out at 2:25 if on the honor roll. That gives a lot more time then you would think. It is great here. Come and visit.
There are good opportunities to get involved. It is a small school with everything being pretty average.
I have had a fun experience here at Warsaw High School, while learning a lot of new things. I feel like if there could be one change, I would hope that it would be the schools diversity. We are average for our area, but it is mainly just a white-populated school.
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I'm a senior at Warsaw and I like that they have duel credit. It helps a lot of students and parents because it's cheaper. Students can also get a lot of schooling done before even graduating high school. There's very few that I would change about Warsaw, bit if I had to pick something I would pick the school lunches. There isn't much on the plates. Most people don't eat at all because of the quality, which is a very unhealthy thing to do considering most children don't eat breakfast in the morning. Warsaw is a very safe and great school.
Warsaw is a great school. Definitely a smaller school. Could use more funding for the different activities the school tries to do for its students. Teachers are great.
The commitment for different clubs is straight-up terrible. Each club has one or two activities a year that everyone takes a part in.
Beyond the books, Warsaw High School is a place that I would want to attend just because I enjoy being a big fish in a little pond. Warsaw High School isn't very big and therefore we have a LOT more fun!
The Teaching staff at WHS is fairly decent. However, I will say that a fair number of the teachers are "burnt-out", in the fact that they just give the same old lessons year after year, and as a result, they get tired of saying it. I would like to see more technology usage in the classroom as well.
Many options for students and very competitive!
The teachers try to be friends and not teachers
I believe that most of our teachers are unprofessional and gossip with students or teachers about students and the way the school is ran.
We have only a couple clubs for example drama club, fbla, ffa, enviromental club and scholastic bowl. These are the only clubs ive heard of and they could be great but not many people are going to enjoy. We need more of a variety.
Some of the punishments that are given from teachers/principles i don't always agree on. Sometime they are too nice to those who do things that shouldn't happen at school.
The teachers here are wonderful. The one thing I absolutely love about this school and that the teachers do know how to teach especially the math teachers.
We don't really have that much bullying. We focus more on drugs and drinking. For example this week was red ribbon week so we had dress up days.
We don't have the best football team as we did at my old school. Coming to this school i've been to one football game that we didn't even win. Otherwise we lose majority of our games.
Its okay food, I ate my junior year when I first moved here but now that I am a senior I bring my own food.
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We have technology always available to us. We have a computer labs on both of our floors as well as a laptop cart that can be taken into any classroom.
Teachers will go out of their way for any student. They will stay after school for an unprecedented amount of time if necessary to help a student.
My school has some college classes available to us. Some students can knock out their first year of college completely.
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