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Warrior Run High School Reviews

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Warrior Run was an excellent high school, and provided me with an enjoyable four years. The teachers and administration worked really hard to prepare students for life after high school. There were many opportunities for students with varying interests, such as interests in college or interests in the work force. Warrior Run offered programs like LYCO CTC, STEM, and ACE for students who wanted more than the typical high school experience. I am part of the Accelerated College Experience program at Bloomsburg University, which has prepared me for life as a real college student. I am extremely grateful to have attended Warrior Run High School, and to have been given many unique opportunities.
It is an overall great school. However, I think they could offer more variety of classes. The teachers are nice and can be helpful.
A small school that doesn't offer what people want to do. This school lacks a lot of funding and money for different organizations but the teaching staff is good and well liked
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Very small school, i enjoyed how personal everyone was. I graduated with a class around 100 and i knew everyone's family. I came from a very small town, which was nice. I just wish some of the appliances and rooms would have been updated a little.
The teacher at the school are very relaxed and are very good at communicating with the students. The school is willing to work with students one-on-one if the student is behind the class. One thing that could be improved is the process of scheduling for next school year. Some classes that you want don't fit into your schedule if you take AP or honors courses.
I have been in Warrior Run for 4 years and I loved every second of it. The teachers are so helpful and understanding when you have personal things going on. They always want to help you be your best self.
There are many friendly faces and helping hands at Warrior Run. All of the different clubs and activities really help students interact with others and get involved with the school.
I like that Warrior Run School District is rural and small and that anyone is accepted there by fellow peers no matter your sex/race/religion/special needs. The buildings need updated (which supposedly has been in the works for the past 5+ years but no results yet). The athletic fields need upgrading (ie soccer, track especially) so that as athletes we can be competitive with surrounding districts. Offer more options in the High school level for classes. Computer technology is rather good for such a small district.
Warrior Run was not one of the greatest places to be. I moved there in 6th grade and graduated from there and nothing changed the whole time. I'm not writing this out of spite just giving an honest review. Teachers favor the boys and girls that play the most sports and have more friends. If you're not in an AP or honors class they teach you like you are dumb. I honestly can say I did not learn a lot. They shove information down your throat for two days and then test you on it. If you fail it's because you weren't paying attention. When in reality they didn't take the time to explain all the information to you. When you ask a teacher for help with work they tell you to come back at a later time or to re-read the chapter all over again. There are good teachers there that actually help with life and school, but over all the bad out way the good.
For a rural high school, WR offers a good variety of AP courses, as well as honors courses. The teachers really do care about the students and are supportive. There have been a lot of administration changes in the last 4 years, but they are currently doing a good job. This school may be small, but it will allow you to succeed.
Most of the teachers that I had throughout my four years were quite good and cared about my education and they have a good curriculum
The lack of a push for students to do their absolute best is a bit disheartening. The goal of the teachers should be to push their students to do their best and not settle for mediocrity in the pursuit to graduate from school.
The teachers are very dedicated and helpful. The honors classes can be challenging, as well as AP classes. Definitely take an AP class if you plan to go to college. Though nothing can truly prepare you for college other than actually going and taking college classes at a University, AP classes do help you to have a higher standard for your work. Some teachers do not prepare students for college in that they track students down when they need work from them- this does not happen in college.
I like the teachers and the teaching staff of this school they are very nice and generous. And its overall a great school
I loved Warrior Run. There was so many different sports that anyone can participate in. And everyone was friendly, we where like one big family.
There were no tutor sessions
I was part of a lot at school
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We have a wonderful nurse, and amazing athletic trainers who work together a lot to make sure we are all safe and well taken care of.
There is something for everyone, and so many opportunities to grow
My experiences at Warrior Run have been very up and down, but the one thing that has affected me most is Cheer.
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