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There are so many teachers that want to help you learn and prosper in what you love. Some of the classes are extremely difficult and help you prepare yourself for challenges you will face ahead in college. There are many teachers that are also support people when needed.
I like all the staff at my school. I would like to see they way the staff handles and deals with the situations that happen change.
Warren High School is a very welcoming school. When entering high school it can be very nerve racking and scary but the staff at this high school treats you so well and each teacher truly wants you to succeed. My favorite thing about this school is their extracurricular activities. they offer anything each student would be interested in from sports to clubs to religious meetings and they welcome anyone who is interested. One thing I would change is the guidance counselors, the counselors do not do their job very well they are not very beneficial in this scholarship process and did not talk to me once about college or helped me make my decision. They do not portray the open door facility as most schools do but other than that I would be willing to say that this school is the one to go to!
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I loved the staff and teachers at the high school. The teachers and staff always put their students first. Whether it was in athletics, academics, or safety. They always found a way to make the child feel loved and wanted.
I went to Parkersburg High School and Warren High School and I can say, without a doubt, that Warren High School is much more educated. I can see my classmates and graduating class going far in this world and I can thank the teachers and staff for this.
At Warren everyone gets along, I have never met more friendly kids or teachers. The teachers are always wanting to help the students grow and help their goals come true. Everyone knows everybody because we are such a small school, granted we have 800 kids but that does not stop anyone from getting to know someone. I am so happy to be able to call almost everyone my friend. The thing that I would change in our high school is definitely how hot it is. We do not have A/C so it gets really hot during the summer. We also have glass hallways, so that does not help either. Everyone is very helpful, you never have to worry about being embarrassed about asking a question because everybody is willing to help you out. We are like a huge family.
My experience at Warren High School has been nothing short of exceptional. While the school may be underfunded, the teachers add such a value that make Warren seem wealthy. I have never once had a teacher that was not invested in every student and committed to making sure we are prepared for the next step in our education. The teachers at Warren High School have shown me how fun and exciting learning can be. Although I would like to see an improvement in the outdated facilities, the school's staff makes learning at Warren High School an unforgettable experience.
This school is filled with mostly good people, but the school itself is falling apart. It makes it difficult to learn, especially when not all of the resources you need are available. Needs to change.
Warren isn't very diverse, but it is accepting of all it's students. The classes are high quality and truly prepare you for a college setting.
It is a excellent school. The teachers are amazing. We are getting new facilities soon which will make the experience even better. I am proud to to a Warrior!
i felt like i wasn't getting proper education. The art teacher is very disrespectful and favors certain students. He talks bad about students behind their back and does not set a good example for teenagers. The sports coaches are also biased depending on last name.
Our teachers are great. They care about their students and put a lot of effort into our education. The community is close knit and supports our athletes, clubs and organizations. I feel like my high school experience was remarkable because of the people and staff that make it great.
The school buildings are in bad shape but the teachers are awesome! Our community has attempted to pass a levy to build new school building multiple times but the community always votes it down. While this is disappointing, the teachers and staff continue to do an amazing job teaching the students. I feel like I am prepared to move on to college next year. I attended Washing State Community College my Junior and Senior years of high school through the CCP program and this has also helped prepare me for college. I am thankful for my Warren High School experience and look forward to moving on to the future.
AP classes are present, but not much variety.
Most teachers here haven't only had the siblings to the kids, but had their parents in class and went to school with their grandparents. People live here and stay here, and that's basically it.
There are a few choices, but the same few people do everything in the school.
Crazy parents will be crazy parents. I don't think that this is an issue particular to Warren High School, people today are self-focused in general.
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The teachers at Warren High School are generally great. If the student is willing to learn and adapt, the teacher will as well.
Sure sometimes there's bad days and the days you struggle through trying to teach yourself but when you have those teachers in class that care about your individual!
Unfortunately in this occurrence the bads out way the goods. There are a select few teachers who do everything in their power to enrich and encourage their students but a lot simply are not a 100% comminted. There are very few groups go attend as well besides music groups and drama.
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