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They have great teachers that will sit down and take the time to help you understand what is being taught. The faculty and students are really involved in the community and helping each other out. It has a great career center that will help students get started in their career paths.
Warren Central High School is a great school with plenty of opportunities. The school seems pretty large but feels smaller once one gets accustomed to it. The administration has an amazing group of teachers who create a safe space and a nice atmosphere for the students. The school does have its cons such as having classes with a large amount of students so the teachers and students do not really connect well which is something I would like to be changed.
In the years of performing in the performing arts center ive seen that it is continually growing and that the stage needs to be expanded so that there is more space for everyone
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I liked that our community was tight and supportive. I would like to see a change in fairness in athletics, change in teachers teaching tactics also more organized school overall.
It was an interesting experience, to say the least. But I was able to meet so many amazing teachers. Some of them truly cared and wanted the best for their students. I have never met a more caring and supportive staff. I love them all with my whole heart and I am happy that I went to WCHS.
I have been having a great time at school here so far. There are some times when things seem unfair or something like that but that is simply the way things go and I can tell that the school is a lot better than people make it out to be.
My experience in warren central hs was the best.I love the teachers and staff that are involved in each students life.Warren Central feels like a good and safe school for anyone.It is also a very competitive at sports,clubs and academics. Students involved more in activities find out more about themselves and actually see they are able to do the impossible.
I love them academically and their sports. What I would change is starting school at later date. I also love the support that the faculty and staff gave us.
I loved the teachers. I utilized the Walker Career Center. I was able to get hands on experience and be prepared for my major early.
For me Warren Central was a horrible place to be. The administration failed to protect me as a student at Warren. My mom complained and we were promised all these services that would protect me as a student. I never received amy help. I was bullied at that school. NO HELP was what i received. The last few weeks of school I got in a fight with that bully. I was expelled the bully wasn't. My mom finally found a wonderful Charter School for me. Thank you Victory College Prep.

Asia Warner class of 2020
As ab alum there's so many things I want to say about Warren Central High School. The hallways are narrow, the school lunch was sub par, the commons area is always packed like sardines, and everyone was always loud at seven in the morning, but there was never a dull moment at WCHS. The teachers are always there for you and really do care about your success. In addition, the administration is always there for their students and listens to there voices and concerns. What makes everyone at this school a family is the bonds we create with each other and the teacher/ administrators through MANY various clubs and sports. At the end of the day, everyone at WCHS are there for each other through the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I found an incredible community and belonging in the clubs that I participated in. However, the overwhelming population of students who misbehave began to ruin the experience for me. My freshman class totaled up to about 900 referrals in this incomplete school year. Nonetheless, students can still find their groups in this school and its a dynamic I’ve never experienced before. Warren Central High School doesn’t have the typically cliquey high school groups, but rather everyone has their groups of friends and goes through their high school life. The school has a stigma for having fights way too often and I agree to extent. While I witnessed a large amount of fights, it wasn’t as hyped up as the rumors perceived it. Warren Central is known for not being the best. They are great at some sports but doubted almost everywhere else. If a student affirmatively chooses their experience at this school they will most likely find a good time.
They are really in tune with sports and the performing arts is superb. They offer several languages that are awesome. And they have so many majors to go into.
Very nice school and they loved the kids and never gave up on them at all. We could always count on them.
Overall, the programs that Warren Central has to offer are very good. The performing arts program that they have is one of the best in the state. Not to mention, the Walker Career Center offers many useful courses, and some of which such as welding and cosmetology allow you to get a job straight out of high school. The school is very large, with the senior class alone having over 750 students. The school isn't perfect, but then again, no school is. Regardless, I would say that Warren Central is one of the best high schools in the state of Indiana.
Warren Central high school is an average school with the exception of sports which most sport and teacher seem to highly enjoy. They offer a couple of food to choose from but it tends to be the same every week. Fights are usual to see during school hours and shocks nobody. Depending on what teacher you have it can either a fun or boring/stressful year, just like any other school.
I like that the principal at Warren central does his best to make sure every student get what they need to succeed.
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I think Warren Central does many positive things. Warren has so many things that other schools don´t have. Some of those things are our career center and things our athletic department does. The career center at Warren sets kids up to go right into the working industry once they graduate. Many other schools even come to our school so there kids can get some of the same experience. Warren also has great teachers who try there best to deal with all the kids. They stay after with students and sacrifice their own time so that students can succeed and be the best that they can. Some things I dont like is how many students go to Warren and how there are problems with students at times. Classes are so big and can sometimes be up in the 30´s.
As an alumni from Warren Central High school, I can truly say that I couldn't have went to a better high school. From the academics, all the way to sports I enjoyed my time being a Warren Central Warrior. The teachers care about your future not only as a student but as person. I recommend anyone who lives in Warren Township to go to Warren Central.
My experience at Warren Central High School was very pleasant. I made friends and shared experiences with my friends that I never though possible. I was part of the Performing Arts Department through band, pep band, and marching band, and I got the opportunity to travel and meet new people in the process. Overall, Warren Central helped me grow and mature as an individual and as a student.
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