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I enjoy the atmosphere, the different cultures, the dual enrollment program, and the pathways. Both dual enrollment and pathways allow students to gain real-life experiences, certifications, and a jump start on a degree while still being in high school. As far as cultures, I originally went to a school system that was majority one race and culture, so after transferring to Ware I was exposed to a lot more which I feel like has benefited me more to see how others interact and live in a different area.
Ware County High School has prepared me for college by providing rigorous and academically challenging education courses. They offer Advanced Placement classes as well as dual enrollment classes at an accredited institution. I have been a part of various school related activities. I participated in football, baseball, and the swim team. We advanced to the state playoffs in football and swimming, and we were awarded the opportunity to swim at Georgia Tech. I've also competed in Model UN, served in BETA and NHS, and have had a positive experience in a diverse and nurturing environment.
At any given point, you could have a wonderful teacher who cares an awful lot, or an unqualified one who doesn't give two shakes. The band is wonderful though and Poetry Coffeehouse helped me come out of my shell.
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The overall community of the school is excellent. All of the students and staff are very close. There is, however, a lack of focus on the arts.
Great school full of caring educators! Wide variety of opportunities from dual enrollment courses to AP courses.
The main things I liked about ware county were the clubs that were available to me and also the amount of good quality teachers that helped me better prepare for my time at college. The clubs they offered helped me find the career path I wanted to pursue while also helping me enjoy my time in school. The teachers were excellent in helping get me ready for what I would have to do in my post graduation decisions.
I love the environment that our teachers create! One thing I would like to see is more encouragement in finding out information on our own, as opposed to blindly carrying another’s perspective.
I’m in my junior year and this is my second year at Ware County and so far, it’s alright. The JROTC program is great though.
The teachers are kind of a hit or miss. Some are particularly amazing; they help with college, after-school questions, practice, etc. Others are more focused on the grades of students and less on their wellbeings.

There are quite a few AP classes offered, but unfortunately, none of them are math.
Ware County High School is a school that values academics and extracurricular activities. The school makes sure you know and understand the content that you're taught.
Not good at all ! I wouldn’t recommend anyone sending their child to this school. Too many incidents with teachers and students , too many unanswered questions.
My teachers were really great and very interested in seeing me succeed. I never had a teacher that did not offer extra helpnifnitwas needed. Even my principal, Mr. Smitt stepped up and help my entire 10th grade geometry class. It is a nice school where the teacher's and administration care about the students, and success is the goal. If I could change one thing i would give better options for school lunch.
Its a great school to learn at. I would like to see a change in concern for female dress code, and more concern on helping students with class work. Students cannot learn if they are in ISS due to frays in clothing or shoulders showing.
Unlike most schools, Ware County High School offers pathways for each student so they can find a route for their life beyond high school. I also enjoyed the AP class opportunities. These classes help your college resume and get a head start on next level classes. There’s very few things I disliked with the exception of dress codes, punishment rules, and the BEWARE slogan (strict set of rules).
I like how if I needed something or help with anything I could go to anyone in this school and get help from them. I also liked how they had tutoring if I needed extra help in any class that I needed extra help. I like there sports here.
The one thing I would like to see changed about this school is the dress code. If it has to come down to uniforms so be it.
I have went to Ware County High School all four years and its overall a good school. Teachers let parents know about the students, they care about students safety and make sure everything is under control.
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It is a very good school. I felt like my teachers really cared. Once the new principal, Bert Smith, took over we had way less fights(maybe 1 or 2 a year vs 1 or 2 a week before he took over) and much better attendance. I grew to love this school. Great place to go.
I liked my teachers and enjoyed being in a friendly environment. I would like to see them change the dress code to something reasonable and the cleanliness of the school to increase and the faculty.
In an otherwise humid and groggy environment, Ware County creates a home to students who need basic education. Much like other high schools, Ware County fits the needs of most students; programs such as Jrotc, Band, Sports, numerous clubs and organizations, etc. help students find where they belong much before graduation. I would not want to spend my high school years any where else.
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