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My experience at Warden High School honestly isn't very good. Most teachers don't even stay for very long. The quality of teaching is pretty average. Many students, including me, use the running start program to get a better quality education.
Warden High School, was interesting to say the least. You would never think so much trouble could come out of such a small school. My graduating class of 2017 was 69 students out of 106 students in my class total, that’s around 65% which isn’t turn is 15% lower than the national average of 80% for the 2016-2017 school year according to the National Center for Education Statistics. I blame this morbidly low graduation rate on the the faculty. My school was like most schools, constantly prepping students for college, which is no fault in the slightest. The fault comes when teachers turn their heads on students who either were not interested in going to college, or did not think they would be able to go to college. This leads to a disinterest in school as a whole by students. And instead of seeking help for these struggling students and showing them why performing in high school is important they neglected them and simply passed them onto the next grade.
Extra-curriculars have been a big part of my high school experience, and there are plenty of sports and clubs you can participate in. The teachers and administrators are very helpful and easy to talk to if there's an issue. The only bad thing is that there has been a lot of transitioning teachers ocer the past few years.
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In my opinion Warden High School is a good school but we been having a loss for teachers therefore students don't really connect with the teacher and they cant get the specific help they need and I also think they should teach us how to do taxes and pay bills.
There are some really great staff who do work in the Warden School district, however over the years the quality of the staff has worsened. We have lost many good teachers and have replaced them with many that may not be as qualified or know what they are doing and this impacts our learning and puts us behind compared to other schools.
What I like about warden high are the teachers. They are very helpful if you don’t understand something they go over it that what I like about it.
My experience at Warden High School was great. I like how a friend can be made with no problems. I like how you get to know just about everyone in the school and can always go around to ask for help. At Warden High School there is also several ways to be involved and sports is one of my favorites because I enjoy to play and be in a team. My favorite part of playing has to be representing softball at state. At Warden we also have a great staff and many that can help and make you successful. One thing I’d like to change is the time give extra time in between classes because many times some can get busy and not make it on time. Overall, Warden High School has been a great experience and really fun to be around.
Solid school which caters to the whole student. Academic offerings are varied. AP classes, college in the classroom and advanced technical classes are offered.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities. However, most of the towns support and the financial support goes to the athletics.
Although the school is really low in difficulty, it makes up for it in opportunities. The school is so small that a student can literally be involved in school government, multiple clubs, artistic programs, any sport they choose, and still be able to have time for homework. The student are separated into a few groups, but those groups are open to any new comer who shares their interests. The biggest thing about the student body is that they will support each other.
The teachers are the best. Even though they work in a school where the students don't are unresponsive, the administration treats them awfully, and the pay is poor; the teachers keep on teaching. They are so encouraging to the students. The go out of their way to make sure that the student gets the education they need.
The extracurricular activities are really great there are many clubs anyone here at the school can attend. The leos club, The nerd herd, robotics club, guitar club are some of the clubs and next year we plan to add more
My favorite experiences at this high school is all the times i have participated in sporting events. The crowd interacts in a way that cannot be explained by words but by experience at attending them. If I could do school again i wouldn't choose to another school to attend its just electrifying here and that's what i love the most about this place.
The teachers here at Warden High School are very friendly making them easy to go to when I have questions about either school work or just questions that I have. All teachers are easily approachable and they provide answers using the best of their ability to do so.
The safety at our school is very strong. They are always looking out for us and keeping police on campus to make sure that everything is running smoothly. We lock our doors and have practice drills for any safety hazard that may occur at our schools. We are a very safe school and I feel in no danger of our security.
There are many extracurricular activities at our school. From sports, to clubs and many more. The sports programs here are very competitive but very fun at the same time. A great majority of our school plays a sport and most enjoy what they do. In the clubs, we earn a lot of fundraising money and are able to go on college visits and help those out who are in need.
I have been blessed with great teachers since my freshman year. I love the way they teach and how they are always there for you. They are some of the greatest teachers and have made my high school experience greater than I would have ever expected. I loved that I got the priveledge to attend Warden High School.
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The teachers at our school are always there when we need them. Although I feel like they pile too much work on top of each other at the same time, they are always there to help us when we need it. They are overall great teachers.
Overall there are not really safety problems. There have been some issues, where a student says he is going to bring a gun to school, but just some rumor. However, the school district evacuated and went into lockdown. We don't have a tight security system, but I belive most students feel pretty safe at school.
There aren't a whole lot of after school activities, but enough to where students can partake in and do community service and better themselves. For instance, there is National Honor Society, Guitar club, robotics, drama club, and Leo's club. There could be several ways to better and make the after school activities more efficient and more fun, however we have a small school, as well as a smaller budget.
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