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School is above average for athletics and academics, however the basis and corruption is unacceptable. in a school environment you expect nothing but the best from your teachers. Yet time and time again we see that not only are some of the teachers under qualified, but unfit to teach as well. Teachers are selected based on personal and financial connections to the school, the the Teachers reciprocate this philosophy to their favorite students which creates a divide between first and second class students. Dont get me wrong many of the teachers here are wonderful people and great at their job. But far to many are under qualified and play favorites. If your not a first class student or a star athlete you should not expect the same privileges as others in the school. On the bright side the school offers many clubs and activities with something for exeryone.
I graduated from Ward Melville High school and had a wonderful experience. This is a great & safe school for children to attend.
I enjoyed attending Ward Melville HS and loved most of my teachers from this school. Most of my teachers really admired hard-working and organized students. The teachers really care about their subjects and try their hardest to make an enjoyable learning experience for all of their students. I felt safe in Ward Melville and would recommend anyone apply for a job there!
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Ward Melville Senior High School is a sports driven school. There are a variety of sports played here, for example like field hockey, lacrosse, swimming, track, and cross country. Ward Melville heavily supports (allocating a lot of the school's funding to sports) and encourages students to pursue sport scholarships for college. The academics at Ward Melville is extensive, however there are a number of teachers unqualified to teach AP level classes. Many students have to self-teach the material. The school makes sure to check in with its students to make them college ready or find an alternative path. In some of its weaker aspects, the school lacks a system to help victims of bullying, harassment, and sexual assault and prevent incidents from reoccurring. A number of complaints filed go uninvestigated and often than not the response from the school to deal with incidents are inadequate.
Wonderful school with a wide selection of electives and clubs often not available at other schools. We do however lack diversity.
Ward Melville High School is an amazing school where all the teachers were friendly helpful and caring. The school was a warm inclusive environment. I wouldn’t change a thing
Teachers are hit or miss. Some are absolute gems, and others bore you to death. Some students are druggies and drama queens, but you can find a nice group of friends fairly easily. We have a great music program. We also have a decent AP and honors system, but the teachers treat you like you're in college, and half of the kids ending up getting anxious and depressed because of it. Mental illness is rampant in Melville due to stress, and the resources can only help so much.
Fantastic school. There are so many opportunities and resources that can help you succeed. The staff members are super friendly and do their best to help the students. Only thing that is a minor downfall about this school is the lack of diversity, but it isn't too terrible.
At Ward Melville, there is not much school spirit. However, there are great clubs and classes that you can join.
Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Ward Melville High School. I've made many friends, and unforgettable memories. I'm heavily involved in their music program, and have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with them. The teachers are awesome, and know what they're teaching. However, I feel like the rest of my academic teachers aren't as committed as they should be. Although they offer help, they don't communicate as much as they should, and only seem to express some form of acknowledgement that you need help when you're failing the class or it's the end of the semester. Also, this school doesn't have much diversity, and I believe cultural events should be more present in our school.
Theres plenty of clubs, sports, and events. National Honors Society is a joke, pretty much everyone gets in. Guidance counselors, at least mine (Mrs. Sheppard) are so sweet and caring! They really try to help you solve any issue, academic or social. Security is also a joke, anyone can get in as long as you show id, no metal detectors or anything like that. Everyones extremely competitive, so much so that they battle with administration for 0.3 of a point on averages. Great variety of AP, honors, and regents classes, I never found myself wanting anything more. Families in this area are usually 1) extremely rich, using Mommy and Daddy's money for everything ofc and have no regard for money or 2) just your middle class average family. Usually everyones already in their cliques unless you're attractive then they’ll be all over you and you'll have tons of friends. I’d say my time here was good, I’m glad to be moving onto bigger and better things.
I liked the school itself (physically) and the people within it. The teachers almost always are pleasant to have and are beneficial. Overall I enjoyed my time at Ward Melville.
Offers a wide range of classes including honors, APs, and some college courses from local universities. Some teachers are amazing and dedicated, some are incompetent. The school is at times too willing to protect its own staff when they've done something wrong. There are a lot of students which provides plenty of social opportunities
There are a variety of advanced classes in all subjects, as well as a diversity of classes at an introductory level. This allows for a lot of experiences and opportunities in different classes. However, the school does not have a good system for helping students that fall behind in school. I believe this should be addressed in the coming years
The things I enjoyed about the school was the teachers. All of the teachers I had were all sweet and always offered extra help when I needed help. They all cared about us.
There’s a really good selection of clubs at Ward melville. I’ve found a home in a club and there’s something for everyone
Ward Melville High School academically will definitely prepare me for my academic career in college. The high bar that is set allows students to continue to try and pass that bar and achieve amazing goals. The courses offered at our school are like no other high school in New York and I will always appreciate that.
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Ward Melville has been mostly a positive experience. For myself, as an out gay man, it has been accepting and I have found my place within the theater department. However, some issues are pressing. One is that the resources for students facing depression or anxiety are lacking. Not so much that they don't exist but that most students don't know how to access them. My friend has experience going into the counseling center and them telling her they couldn't help her because she wasn't anyone's student there.
Throughout my three years at Ward Melville I have made so many great memories that I will take with me the rest of my life. I think that the staff is truly amazing and they care about their students. I’ve never had an serious problems with the school. The only thing they need to work on is the food but otherwise I think Ward Melville was a wonderful school to go to.
I loved my experience at Ward Melville High School. It was a very clean, secure environment. All of the students and teachers were very diverse and always friendly and supportive. There were a lot of opportunities for extracurricular involvement. Most students were very serious about their academics and this was always encouraging. The teachers and other resources were always accommodating when needed.
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