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Walton High School is a very good school and prepares its students very well for college. It's extremely competitive and course load is very high. There are also levels for classes, such as On-Level, Honors, and AP, and you can take whichever. At the higher classes there it can be super stressful and it is not for everyone.
The only reason why this school is highly rated is because of the students. The school itself isn’t that great.
Walton is great, period. They are prepared well for collage for sure. However, I give parents a warning that you should keep in mind that nearly all of good collages do care the school ranking, even though COBB does not provide it t to collage.

If you come to Walton (or any other competitive high schools in North Atlanta), you need GPA 4.5 at least to go straight into GA tech. GPA4.4 is not enough unless they have some outstanding talents, if they are from Walton. Note that it is the level of GPA that UGA accepts to Honors. Walton is still good school go to, but do not except your child go to US top 10 collages from here due to school ranking issue. They have a lot of GPA 4.7 or GPA 4.8 students, GPA 4.5 is not good enough to compete with these.
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The student atmosphere and competitive attitude was toxic, but the difficulty did get me ready for college (which is easy compared to going to Walton!)
The school presents itself in a good way. Teachers are constantly looking to help students and faculty members improve their performances. Walton is very good at being the best at what they do whether it is in a sport or academics. The school is very good at making sure that everybody knows how to stay safe in all possible situations. Parents are always welcome to be involved in numerous amounts of activities. I am always hearing from my college friends that Walton makes college so much easier.
Great school, very rigorous. Walton gives its students many opportunities to grow and be prepared for college.
Walton is a great school for those who are academically excellent, but if you’re someone who is easily stressed or doesn’t like being around mean students, I wouldn’t recommend coming to this school. Furthermore, I’ve had some good experiences with the teachers here, especially the secondary teachers.
Great school with extensive resources and opportunities for its students. However, competition between students is extremely common and become difficult for students to deal with.
I liked the size of the school and I liked the teachers. I didn't like how they switched to the online textbooks because I like having the physical book in my hands. I would change the how quickly they would move through the curriculum.
School fosters an environment for elitism, bigotry, stress induced disorders and bullying. Peers of mine struggled with depression, eating disorders, and binge drinking due to competitive nature of school. Accurate counseling and mental health awareness was not demonstrated by the staff at Walton.
I am a former student. In my experience it was hard to fit in as a junior who moved to the US from another country. However, the teachers were excellent.
This is a fantastic public school where the students are pushed very hard to be high achieving, but the competitive nature of the school can be overwhelming. This school is great for intelligent, motivated students, but for those who need to move at a slower pace with more individualized attention tend to really struggle, even though Walton is making efforts to cater to all learning types.
Walton high school offers lots of choices for academics and plenty of AP courses, if someone wants and can do them. Has a good mix of extracurricular activities and clubs but many are not active. The robotics team there is excellent. Teachers do not have time to pay attention to individual students because its a large school but are available before and after school to help. Some teachers are known to grade pretty hard and that's very difficult for the students.
I like how everyone is sweet and nice at Walton. Teachers do make sure that we all are prepared for college. The thing I would change about Walton is how it is stressful.
At the time I attended Walton, I didn't really like it much because of the whole clique and sports nonsense that tends to be the culture at almost any high school. Looking back, however, I realize the academics of the school were top notch, especially the wide selection of AP courses. I wish I took advantage of this more while I was there.
Walton High school is a very intense learning environment. With some of the highest rigor in the state, it is easy for some to be overwhelmed with it. I would like to see a more open plan with scheduling classes, allowing for students to have more time to study for the intense classes they take. Overall, I am very happy with my experience at Walton, and would personally recommend it to parents wishing to give their students the best learning environment in the area.
Great school with good academics and lots of activities, but extremely high stress levels which makes it hard for students.
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It is a really great school if you are a white person. It is really hard for minorities to find a place where they belong at Walton.
It gets you ready for college. The environment of the school is also very nice since everyone is there to learn.
I feel well prepared for college.
Great community and parental involvement.
Great engaging teachers for the most part.
New facilities and very clean
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