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A highly competitive private school that strives to push for the best academics and top students. Because it's such a small school It can be very clicky and the students compete with one another constantly. However, if you are a student that can rise to the occasion and compete with the top students in Illinois it could be the school for you.
Walter Payton is a rigorous and very good school and in my wholly honest opinion, you make the best of your education. Payton is really good at catering to the needs of their students and ensuring that they are receiving a quality education that works with the needs of the student body. There are tons of classes that students have the option of taking, such as Broadcast Journalism, Art History, and Mix and Math. The teachers are also really great, as they are always willing to talk to students and are understanding of deadlines and workloads. Of course, not every teacher is perfect, but they do their best for the students at my school so that is what matters. The community at Payton is quite tight-knit, as students from all grade levels interact with one another and do not hesitate in inviting other students into discussions and activities. This fact is furthered by the wide variety of clubs that the school offers, alongside the opportunity to start your own club if the need arises.
Walter Payton College Prep is not a perfect institution, but it is definitely what you make of it. Here, I've found a rigorous curriculum, abundant social life, and connections with peers and teachers that will stay for me for a long time. I couldn't have had a better experience at any other high school.
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WPCP being a CPS Selective Enrollment School, your teen must live in Chicago.
We weren't sure we'd like the system of several classes one day, the rest the next; but they really get to dig in to a subject this way. Once every 2 weeks is "seminar day" - interesting things for the half-day, from pet shelter volunteering to judo, a local nature preserve to films.
Top-notch sci teachers, esp "Ms. Fig". 1 Lit teacher w/chip on her shoulder. Ms. Hudson is fab, for college prep/gen support; we love the comfort dog.
Sports: many choices, NO AstroTurf.
Theatre can't be beat, 2 productions/yr.
Tutoring run by members of the NHS.
8am's tough for teens, if later could = more sleep!
Walter Payton College Prep has provided me, in my opinion, the best high school experience. Firstly, the education is the gold standard. Every class offered is a honors class, allowing for a rigorous learning experience in whatever class you want. Secondly, the teachers are always helpful whenever you are having any problems in a class, and and approachable and able to teach you what you missed without making you feel bad for missing it. Finally, the faculty try to reduce the stress in students lives by prohibiting homework over break and allowing students to participate in seminar days, which are half days every other week intended to reduce stress in student lives.
As a student of color at Payton, I have come to realize the lack of diversity that is seen in the Payton student body.
I’ve had a good academic experience at Payton so far. The teachers and staff are wonderful for the most part, but administration could be a little better. There’s a wide variety of clubs and sports to join, and the school is very accepting.
Payton is overall a very socially aware school. I think it's a school where students can feel welcome regardless of whatever they identify is. There are some issues though, as all schools have.
Payton is a great school to get an education and has tons of programs, sports, clubs, and activities to join. The teachers are very nice and are always willing to help during their breaks and times after school. Though the academics are nice the school culture is mediocre. Though Payton strives to have an all inclusive community, but sometimes the administration and students take it too far. Where a small phrase or action can be reported, even though the action was not offensive and is taken completely out of context. The reports on students are mostly just ignored/not acted upon, or people will get in trouble for a small phrase that was interpreted wrong.
I think Walter Payton is a great school. It is filled with ambitious people who want to be successful. I think the students there are kind and there are some great teachers there as well. I think some teachers arent as invested in the success of the students as others are. I also think Payton could be a little more diverse.
Nice school. Great academics, many sports and clubs to join. Great block period schedule with enrichments each day.
Very open-minded school. The diversity is increasing every year. Many resources and opportunities offered for academics and travel. Great environment for finding yourself and interests.
As a student, I think it is an incredible place to better yourself as a person.
I would always suggest putting this as your number one to apply to; but I'll talk about the cons since I see a lack of it.
-Payton is very close minded liberal; although I am admittedly liberal, I noticed it is close minded to listening to conservative views. Two kids "came out" as republican and were constantly bullied, whispered behind their backs, and nobody wanted to associate with the republicans. I wish this school was more open minded.
- STEM focused. The math classes were all tough. This school used to be called The Chicago Science and Math academy before it was officially opened, and it sticks by this name.
- 90% of students are hardcore academic. As someone who has always been very lax about school it was hard to befriend people who's life revolved around academic perfection. This was a social challenge because of the difference in lifestyles.
This school offers a smooth transition from elementary school to post-secondary education. Payton prepared me for the rigor of college classes and despite its difficulty, while I was there, I have benefitted from the high expectations that I had as a student there.
Showcase school for CPS. Full admiration expected from parents who are considered blessed to have their child in. Do not consider if your child has any social or developmental challenges, no matter how small, or is not of the "mainstream" mentality. Be very skeptical about all the talk about inclusiveness and ability to adapt to each student. The leadership of this school is very territorial, political and self-absorbed. Some teachers, of course, are great. Do not ever try to criticize anything that is considered dogmatic. In summary, it's form over substance here and the school ratings feed on the selection of never-ending pool of extremely talented children who have few other good options in this city.
It was challenging but prepared me well for my adult life in college and outside of school. Classes were hard and the ciriculum was rigorous but there was so many highly educated teachers with all specialities and bacgrounds. It was like an university. It pushed your limits and taught you that you need to work harder and keep improving yourself.
It's a small, public high school located not too far from downtown. It's in a safe neighborhood with tons of restaurants to try. The students are hardworking, intelligent, and predominantly liberal.
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There are many opportunities to grow not only as a student but as a person here at WPCP. Besides being an excellent academic environment, the social environment and what you feel it is, is entirely what you make of it.
Walter Payton gave me countless opportunities what I honestly don't believe I would've had at any other high school. The travel opportunities are ABUNDANT like social activism trips in South Africa, artistic expression trips in the UK, choir trips in Argentina and Iceland, science and environmental protectionism trips in Belize and Costa Rica. I had the amazing opportunity to go to Italy and the UK, experiences that aren't often offered in most high schools. Did I mention this was a public school as well? CRAZY!!! However, no high school is completely perfect and Walter Payton is no exception. There was a wide range of inconsistencies amongst the departments that were hard to manage and at times unfair (the same AP course within the same school and same department having drastically different requirements), racial issues were not solved with the same amount of care as I would've liked. Overall great school.
Walter Payton College Prep is a wonderful school that properly prepares students for college and the real world. This school has helpful teachers and resources, stimulating classes, and a variety of clubs an extracurricular activities that challenge students to reach their full potential.
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