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As a Black student, I can say that I've had an average experience at Walter Johnson. There are little to no teachers of color, in all four of my years I've had 2 women of color be my teacher (one who's class I was switched out of within the first 3 weeks of school). Because of this, and the lack of diversity in high level classes and extracurriculars other than sports, it's hard to thrive as a Black student here. While I wouldn't say I had a bad experience, it would've been better if there were more staff and students I could relate too.
The teachers as a whole aren’t bad, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of extremely good and extremely bad teachers. Grade inflation is through the roof. Administration is disconnected from the student body. Needs more science electives. Needs better and more realistic college preparedness (i.e. stop expecting us to stay in the county after we graduate). Out of all the public schools in the US, WJ definitely isn’t bad, but that doesn’t mean it’s GOOD. It’s not crumbing, but it’s still a place I can’t wait to get out from.
It’s a great school. The academics can be challenging but teachers are always willing to help you and make sure you are doing you’re best. With so many electives in any subject students have the opportunity to focus on any of area of study they are interested in. There is a place for everyone, and a club for anything. Not to mention it’s extremely easy to start a club of your own. WJ is huge with around 2,500 students this can make standing out hard. You must be competitive to get the attention of teachers and to make any sports team. But the size also makes it easy to make a ton of friends
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I thought the school was pretty good, I learned a lot and the atmosphere was fairly friendly. The facilities were also adequate, and the food wasn't terrible.
Walter Johnson was overall a good experience. The school is in an affluent area, so there are generally good resources and opportunities. As a musician, I can vouch for its excellent music program. It's surrounded by restaurants including a coffee shop and a Giant grocery store that students can eat at during open lunch. It has a strong academic culture where students are expected to take AP classes. However, you won't have much of a social life; study culture is rampant and students talk mostly about their classes. It's also very overcrowded, meaning students are crammed like sardines in stairwells between classes.
It does its job when it comes to teaching, although some teachers don't come off as people who should be leading a classroom full of teenagers. But when it comes to going above and beyond and preparing its students for life after school, it doesn't seem like an important value.
very nice school in a nice area, teachers were overall helpful and good at their jobs, lots of clubs to join / start, good sports teams, welcoming environment
It was overall good, but we did have an incident involving insensitivity towards the Holocaust from a large group of students. However, the school handled it, and they seem to care about the students. Academically it's a very high pressure environment.
For the most part, I have loved the teachers that I have had so far at WJHS . My only complaint would be the sheer workload that is demanded of us every week.
Diverse with many great teachers that are willing to help you to succeed! Loved the school especially how they support and encourage you to reach for your dreams.
Everyone is extremely nice, There is a large variety of classes you can take and they give everyone a chance to succeed. It's very diverse.
The educational value is very high and because the school is located in Bethesda, great opportunities such as interning for the National Institutes of Health are available. It is in a safe location surrounded by a tight knit community. Also, it has open lunch, meaning that students can go off campus to the array nearby restaurants and stores. The AP program is amazing, as teachers prepare the students very well and thoroughly for the end of year exams. In fact, Walter Johnson students tend to have scores higher than the national average on such tests.
Walter Johnson is a school that offers a wide variety of ap and honors courses to effectively challenge students.
I have had a wonderful experience at Walter Johnson. The teachers that I have had have all been amazing and have really helped me to grow during my high school experience. I have been on my school's softball team since 9th grade, and that would be the source of my few complaints. While our school is very accepting, I have noticed that the boys' baseball team has gotten more resources and support than our girls' softball team. I would really like to see that changed. They get a tarp to cover their field, they get a really good fence, all the good stuff. Our team had to put up the fence ourselves after constantly asking for help, we had to repeatedly ask for a new field because ours was not adequate, we have to make sure that we are seen, whereas the boys' team is always seen. That would be my one complaint.
Walter Johnson has LOTS of spirit. We always have the craziest student section at sporting events and there's always events going on. The facilities are updated and our technology is modern/works well. The reason I do not give it five stars is because of the faculty. There are multiple teachers I've had that have been blatantly racist/sexist and there is never any action taken by admin to remove them from the school.
I like the individualized learning experience offered here. Although, there is not enough diversity at the school.
Despite having a few poor teacher, the majority of my experience at Walter Johnson has been positive. While there are certainly problems in many aspects of the school's culture and resources, I have been exposed to many fun and useful opportunities to learn and connect with others. Overall, though certainly flawed, I think WJ is a good school.
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Walter Johnson High School is a safe and inclusive school and I highly recommend it. I take AP classes, play varsity soccer, and have good teachers and great friends. Go Wildcats!
I love how this school encourages diversity: cultural, social and intellectual. As a new student, my peers were welcoming, and counselors were available for students. During the lockdown, teachers actively continued assignments and checked in on us, although I wish there was more instruction during the lockdown.
Walter johnson high school is very diverse and the teachers are passionate for the students. GOO WILD CATS!!!
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