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Some teachers are not great, but the school is academically good. The big problem is the lack of diversity. It feels very bland and boring but overall it's okay.
This school is great for kids looking for a top-notch public school education. Not a very diverse school.
I have had a good experience at this school. Lots of clubs and opportunities, and very good academics.
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Overall, the staff is great. I enjoyed my classes and felt my teachers were very supportive and encouraging. That being said, the students and the atmosphere was very poor. Because everyone attended Pyle before (there is no other feeding school) the kids are very cliquey and unwelcoming.
Walt Whitman High School has given me so many opportunities--from the range of classes, electives, and extracurriculars, everyone can find their own niche at this school. The teachers and coaches are supportive and genuinely care about their students' success, they have pushed me to do my best.
Walt Whitman High School is a wonderful school. It is a safe and learning environment for all students. It has a big a very diverse library with a lot of equipment for students to use to be more comfortable. Another thing I like about this school is the engaging staff that we have at this school. Its amazing the way that you can interact with teachers, and it makes the school experience fun. The school is very big because of the number of students at the school. A thing that I don't like about this school is that the parking lot is reserved for people with a permit, which can be a mess with you have a car and you need to find a space to park. It is hard to park out of the school zone because its a residential area and they don't let you park on the drive way. In summery, this is one of the best school in the area and there is an engaging environment for all students.
The student body is largely made up of white students who are severely uneducated on their own privilege, many of which are racist. The teachers are average at best, and the reason students score well at Whitman is that they have access to upscale tutoring and practice. The atmosphere is the least welcoming I’ve ever experienced, and I strongly discourage anyone from transferring there.
It's a really good school and has extremely good academics, however, the student body faces a lot of issues, many of which are not properly taken care of. Despite this, I really enjoyed my time at Whitman but wished there was more diversity.
Walt Whitman has pretty decent academics, decent sports teams, lots of clubs. Whitman isn't the most diverse school, but there are a lot of opportunities and places where students can fit in. The main thing is that Whitman has a ton of spirit and energy.
People aren't nice, the administration won't listen to student and staff input, and it's not really the greatest for me at least.
Walt Whitman is a fantastic school, it has spectacular teachers and various opportunities that help you figure yourself out when planning what you would like to do. Many teachers are open to assisting stuents outside of class in their studies when the student is performing poorly. There are various extracurricular activities for students to involve themselves in irregardless of what a person does.
If you plan to go to Walt Whitman High School, be prepared to work and study very hard to get good grades. You won’t be going to this school to have a memorable four years of high school. You won’t be having any fun. Instead, you will be piling up on homework, and studying all night to keep those grades up. There is no culture at this school. It is a very bland and straightforward institution.
There is such a tight connection between all of the students, parents and staff members, which creates the amazing environment it is known for.
Whitman is a challenging school in academics but overall I would like Whitman to have more diversity. There have been some racial incident in which the school and the community should work on.
I genuinely loved it there. I'm sad senior year ended in such a disappointing way, but the community that was built around the school was amazing. Everyone is there to support one another and encourage everyone to do their best.
Walt Whitman is a very good and very supporting school. Whitman and its teachers always try their best to cater to your needs. I've had an amazing experiences and the teachers has always supported me. Although there isn't that much diversity, the kids are very nice. This school has bought me many opportunities for the different programs they offer and for me having a chance to take automotive classes at Thomas Edison high school of technology to be ASE certified as a student is amazing. the ASE certification has bought me many opportunities to work at different shops, get technical books, diagrams, scholarships, and amazing support from all the teachers. Walt Whitman is just a wonderful school for any kind of kid thats looking for new friends, new opportunities, or just a new home. Walt Whitman has really tried to adjust and make the students feel as normal as possible during these trying times whether it be a school wide event or a club.Whitman has always made the kids feel at home
The classes are very interesting and the students are extremely competitive and educated. Almost all your peers are ridiculously smart and committed. Some racists and entitled white kids though and not a diverse school at all.
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I’d like the foreign students get more involved in the school’s mainstream activities. I loved how welcoming the local crowd is towards them!
I have been going to Whitman for three years and I like it very much. There are very intelligent teachers who are amazing at teaching the subjects they teach. I have become a much better writer and a better logical thinker. There are many class options with a range from graphic design to astronomy. There are so many options for people, that everyone can find something that will interest them. The teachers can be very understanding and helpful, which makes the learning process easier. The only thing I would change about Whitman is the way incidents at the school are handled, because we continue to have racial intolerance at our school.
Whitman is a good school with great education but it is a highly competitive school and has had some racial problems.
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