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Walsingham has a great community. Everyone cares about everyone. Your teachers care about you and want you to succeed. The classes are amazing with top notch lessons. There are many programs available along with clubs. Sports are a big thing here around 90% of students do a sport. At Walsingham, they teach you Mercy core values with every student lives by. This just makes the community nice to be a part of. The people here are some of the nicest in the world.
Small classes and lots of sports opportunities! I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in learning how to work hard and be better prepared for the rigors of a college preparatory school.
Engaging, creative, rigorous, caring, Faith-filled school with fantastic opportunities for learning and growing at all levels. Superb faculty and students.
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My son has been a student at Walsingham since preschool and we couldn't be happier with the school. He has thrived there academically and with sports as well. Top notch staff , wonderful teachers, and a beautiful campus and facilities!!
Walsingham Academy offers an excellent education and prepares students for college and for life. Not only are Walsingham students academically strong, but they are also really good humans. The Mercy education is second to none.
Walsingham Academy does a wonderful job preparing students academically and teaching to the whole person. Talented faculty, excellent extracurricular activities and a family atmosphere that prepares students for college, life and beyond!
Walsingham Academy not only prepares its students for future educational opportunities, it also prepares them for life where they know right from wrong. Its Mercy foundation instills in everyone qualities beyond the usual elementary or secondary educational program.
Our family had a wonder experience and education at Walsingham. Both children attended from kindergarten through graduation. Both went to college and have great jobs and families. I can’t say enough!!!
I have had a great time here, I would not want to be anywhere else. Good teachers, administration, and people. I have had the most fun of my life roaming these halls and met teachers that I can call my friends. Shoutout to Dr. Barko for being one cool dude.
Academic freedom, mercy education, SAT and AP excellence - what's not to love? Walsingham grads succeed in life and lead others to success.
Love the atmosphere, the values it children love school...
No school is perfect but Walsingham is a great place for children to grow and learn...
My child has been attending Walsingham since the first grade and is currently in the 10th. We love this school!
The class sizes are small and a perfect size for those who may extra attention or for those who are more intimidated by larger classes. The teachers and staff are absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t imagine sending my girls to any other school!
We love Walsingham! Our daughter started there last year and has flourished. They have small class sizes, students are challenged, and they help developed the kids holistically versus just academically.
This is a wonderful school with a competitive academic program. Despite the small size a variety of AP courses are offered, which allows for students to enhance their academic standing in relation to college admissions.
Working at Walsingham has been a joy. The students are polite, caring and proud of their school. Parents are generous with their time.
Great school that is prepping our sons for college. Small class sizes and excellent learning environment. Provides a solid foundation so our kids can choose which colleges they want to attend.
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I had a very good experience at Walsingham Academy when I attended grades 4 through 12 there. I particularly enjoyed being part of the small, tight-knit community. By the time I had finished high school, my graduating class was more like a family than anything else. I also enjoyed having my Catholic faith as part of my education.
Safety is outstanding. I think the way that some students are allowed to get a way with not following procedures is not fair. I also think that just because you are not from the family that gives the most money that you should not be picked for different key representative events like Mary at Christmas or May Crowning. Also think it is not right that the school does not fix or encourage all students to get along with each other.
The beginning years spent at Walsingham are well worth it. Being a student there helped me to become a better person and prepared me for high school. On the other hand, high school was less ideal. Three teachers there were the best I've ever had throughout my educational career. However, most of them were unfair or un-engaging. I thought I was a very average student in high school. I never thought I would get into a good college because the teachers were very hard on me. I found that once I got into Virginia Tech, I thrived more at the university level than I ever did in high school. Maybe it is because Walsingham prepared me or was harder on me, but I still felt very discouraged most of the time at this school.