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Walsh Jesuit High School Reviews

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Walsh has been a great school the past four years, teachers care about making sure each and every student is on the path to success. Being that it is a private school there are less distractions than you would find in the average public high school. Drug testing ensures that students make positive choices and frequent social events offer time to see friends and family.
i love the family atmosphere that walsh provides. i also love the high education that i have received
Walsh is a very welcoming community. The people here want you to succeed and will help you to do that.
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Walsh Jesuit is an amazing school. The teachers genuinely care about the students, the classes are engaging, challenging, and interesting, and extracurricular and programs are welcoming and a full experience for every student. As a minority student, Walsh Jesuit is less diverse than some other schools in the area. However, there are several people at Walsh dedicated to reaching out specifically to minority students to make sure that they are having an engaging school experience with access to the resources they need. I truly appreciate Walsh Jesuit for all its faults.
The competitive and supportive environment Walsh has provided is very useful and appeasing. Walsh has helped me grow in the best way possible.
Walsh Jesuit was a open, accepting, holistic educational institution. One thing I would like to see change is the further opening of thought to challenge religious doctrine.
Transferring to Walsh Jesuit High School in the middle of my high school career was a very difficult adjustment. Leaving behind friends and my love for soccer due to the last minute change of schooling was the hardest to come to terms with. However, with the support of the school administration and my peers, it did not take long for me to feel a part of the Walsh Jesuit community. My favorite thing about my school is the endless amounts of extracurricular activities. Walsh allows students to enhance their passions and interests in things outside of academics. I was given the opportunity to be president of the Art Club and join many other clubs. However, I believe my school could improve its diversity. There are times where I’ve found myself in situations where I am often misunderstood because of the lack of knowledge on my background. As my senior year approaches, I hope to continue my journey by having an amazing and productive year.
I liked how it was a academically challenging school. I have made alliances. I appreciate my time there.
I enjoyed extra curricular activities during my time at Walsh but the teachers and administrators did their jobs poorly.
Great Faculty and Staff! So kind a caring. Walsh does everything they can to prepare students for college.
Great service programs and outreach community service opportunities. A loving environment based on personal growth as well as building relationships with the school community. Great sports programs and a very mature academic learning environment.
It is like you are in a family. Everyone cares about each other which is nice to have in a school. The education is great and many of the teachers are truly there to help you. I have made great relationships with teachers as well as life long friends.
I really loved Walsh in my first few years of high school but over time it became more prison like than any should should ever be.
It is great in all aspects, except in the area of diversity and the effort from students to make everyone feel as if they belong.
What I love about Walsh Jesuit is the community it provides. We are truly a family. I think everyone can find something to be involved in whether it’s service, a sport, or theater.
I truly loved all of the different activities that were available regarding community service! Walsh does a very good job at making you aware more of others, yourself, and many social justice issues. I loved my overall experience at Walsh and would choose it again if I had to.
Both of my older brothers went to Walsh, and I just graduated this year. My younger sister will be attending Walsh next year. Walsh has opened our minds through science, English, theology, math, and more. The experiences I had at Walsh I will never forget. Walsh also brought my best friends and I together, whom I will never forget and could not live without. The faculty and staff are super friendly and are truly examples of "Men and Women for/with others." I am so proud to call myself an alumni of Walsh Jesuit. I would not be who I am today if it wasn't for Walsh Jesuit and everything it has provided to me.
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Walsh is a great school, with great teachers and a great student body. I personally have been involved in too many things to count, and have filled up all four of my years with extracurricular activities. That being said, i have enjoyed every second of my experience at Walsh.
Have found myself at Walsh through religious experiences, immersion trips, the great help of the teaching staff, and the support of the Walsh community.
Great academics and great people! Not very diverse and fairly snobby but overall amazing school! Teachers are about students and athletics are amazing too!
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