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The school Walnut Hills High School overall excels in many areas that many schools struggle with. For one, the way this school prepares each student for college is my favorite part of it. The work load is incredibly high, which in hind sight can be seen as a flaw, but if looking at the bigger picture college will seem almost easy to graduates of Walnut Hills no matter the college. It teaches us how to multitask and juggle work and extracurricular activities. One major complaint that many students (including myself) have with Walnut is the safety precautions that they take (or do not take). For example, when we first enter the building, the security guards check our bags to make sure we have no weapons or drugs. On the contrary though, many of the security guards disregard some of the students and let them walk in without even checking if they have any contraband. This is a serious matter of my safety and my biggest and only complaint.
Walnut Hills High School is a very great school in regards to academics, arts, college readiness, and sports. The only thing I would change about the school is the organization during bell changes.
A Walnut Hills education is quite vigorous and entails a lot of challenges; the work load can seem hefty at times, and the advanced courses difficult. However, I feel as if no school would have prepared me better for college. Aside from the amazing academics, the Walnut Hills community is diverse and unique.
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Walnut has a very challenging academic program but if you apply yourself then the results will be amazing when looking back on everything they teach us and how they take our thinking to the next level.
One of the best public schools around, however, there are still a number of problems. While the academics are very good, the building itself has problems, such as coolant leaking from the ceiling once a year. The school is also overcrowded and difficult to get around. The school does have flaws, but the excellent teachers and activities make up for them.
Walnut is a very diverse school so being able to experience different cultures helps make you a more well-rounded person. Walnut also has a variety of AP courses and passing those courses can lead to less money needed for college and preparing for college classes simultaneously.
Walnut Hills High School is a very good college prep school, but if you want a low-stress environment or east classes, this would not be the school for you. It has a great selection of classes and if you get the right teachers, your experience will be great, but a poor teacher can cause you to fall behind. I generally enjoyed my time here.
Seems alright, some of the teachers kinda odd and the students seem smart. If you’re going to go to a public school in Cincinnati, this is the one.
Walnut Hills is one of the best schools in Ohio... academic wise, though some things need to be improved, such as hiring the right teachers for certain courses, because some teachers are not right for certain courses they’re teaching (some teachers are absolutely amazing, others are just meh to how did they even get in here). But All in all, it’s a great school for college prep.
The counseling office is not on top of their jobs and never check twice to make sure the student is on tract to graduate with ease. The security guards are too forceful and have broken students belongings and even made some students feel uncomfortable. The teachers are lazy sometimes and others don’t expand beyond what the books are telling the students already.
Very bad for my mental health, school is fake supportive and unnecessarily challenging. cried almost every morning. covid 19 was a blessing because i didnt have to go back to school
The halls are way too crowded, and the school is usually overly accepting when taking in students, each year more seventh graders are accepted in and the hallways get that much smaller, with so many students, locker sharing is mandatory, with only seniors getting the option of getting their own. As for education, it's a good school for education, as long as you're willing to put up with getting B's and C's, or instead, having a few sleepless nights in a row, especially when enrolled into multiple AP classes. The teachers at Walnut, with a few exceptions, can tend to not realize their students have multiple classes, other than just their own, so in some classes, you will have 2+ hours of assignments from them for just that night. Otherwise, there is a school psychologist who can help in case you are feeling too stressed from schoolwork, and most teachers will understand missing an assignment here and there, but it's unlikely your teacher accepts late work. Good luck at this place.
Walnut is not only a very diverse school but also a college prep school. The school offers numerous AP classes and CCP classes. These classes help set students up for college success. The school also requires all 7th graders to take Latin till their 9th grade year. While yes Latin may be a dead language it is also the root of all other languages too. The schools offers many clubs for all types of things, making sure that no student ever feels left out. The school over all is very diverse and feeds off setting students up for college success.
Walnut Hills is a great school for students that would like to challenge themselves with AP classes for they have the most AP offerings out of any high school nationwide. There are also many great teachers at Walnut.
Walnut is a great school, but it is extremely crowded, and a very competitive school, which sometimes is a bad thing
It is a large diverse school focused on academics. It also has an amazing arts department. It is a wonderful place where you meet people from all walks of life.
My experince at Walnut Hills High School has been a 5 star experience largely centered around the culture, student body, and the college prep program. The culture brings diveristy and sports which provides excitment in my daily engagements. The student body is made up of a diverse cultures which has allowed me to make lifelong frienships. The teaching staff is also diverse which allows for a more comprehensive learning enviroment. The college prep program plays a huge part, as I direct my future compass to my college of choice, which is seen in the classwork by teachers that I beleive will have me well prepared for the college.
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It's a very diverse work environment, with something for any type of person! No matter what your interests are there's something for anyone. Although the workload is a lot and classes are hard, teachers and staff are always there to help.
I can't wait for my student to be done with Walnut.

It is a beautiful campus, but it is overcrowded. Hallways during class changes are unsafe. Class sizes are mostly in the 30's.

There is a toxic attitude among many lower grade teachers to weed out students who are not "Walnut material". Instructional methods are outdated and arcane. Quiet students fall through the cracks. Individual attention is rare.

Teachers in the upper grades have a better perspective. But, expect your student to be up past midnight keeping up on work that is piled on by teachers who do not coordinate their workloads.

The counseling dept will make you feel as though anything asked of them is a hassle, and that you are an inconvenience. They never pass on a chance to remind you how busy they are.

The students are mostly kind, capable, and ambitious. But, many I know are in counseling to deal with the stress.

Again, I can't wait to be finished. I wouldn't even let my next child apply for admission.
Walnut Hills gives you everything you need if you want to excel academically, but it can work on cultural sensitivity.
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