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It has been an amazing 6 years at walnut. I came here in 7th grade and it really pushed me. Just in the 7th grade they were already pushing us with exams and classes, which really helped me when I entered the 9th grade taking exams. They offer so much with teachers that even stay after school every day with these things called "help nights", which is to help the student pass their class and prepare for any tests or just to get some extra help. The diversity of the school is amazing and you meet so many cool people and different kinds of people.
The school has a very beautiful campus and offers many classes of choice depending on what each student loves like art classes, there’s many history choices, math and science.
Walnut Hills High School is wonderful! No matter your personality type, there is always an abundance of clubs, activities, and classes you will be interested in. The academics are off the charts and provide the students with so many opportunities for classes. Classes from Russian to stage craft and to college engineering courses. Such an abundance of classes helps every student find their fit and get a good idea of what they plan to do in their future. Walnut Hills Is the perfect school to prepared you for college, the faculty even goes out i ohh their way to provide college preparatory lunches and other incredibly helpful student resources. This is the school that will prepare each student for college, their future, and life long friendships and success.
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Walnut is a very academically competitive school that sometimes neglect students mental and emotional health. The school is very rigorous and has a large workload and often pushes you to take harder classes with massive workouts. There are a few teachers and staff who care about their students and there are others who come just to collect a check. overall it is an average school and you get out of it what you put in.
While I was at Walnut Hills High School I always appreciated seeing the diverse clubs and activities that they provided. There seemed to be a club, sport or activity for every individual there. Something I would change is the teachers involvement with the students and adapting to their personal ways of learning. I tend to notice that students with different learning techniques often struggle more in that particular class. In conclusion the experience was one that helped me grow in ways I wouldn't expect and I appreciate the curriculum that has challenged me.
Walnut Hills has a very rigorous academic environment, but only if you choose to partake in it. It offers a lot of AP courses, which tend to have very good teachers. The school has very good college prep. The school has multiple top-notch clubs such as JETS and robotics, and its resources are enough to propel you if you work for it.

However, it is a rigorous academic environment, which brings serious mental stress to some students. Only enroll if you can work for it.
(I am a current junior) I am continually amazed by my teachers and peers alike. The majority of the teachers I have had have fostered a culture which encourages learning while allowing for some fun. I am forever grateful for all of my teachers as well as the knowledge I have gained at Walnut Hills High School. Go Eagles!!
My experience at Walnut hills has been great. I am currently a senior and have loved the relationships I have built with my teachers and classmates. I have met my closest friends here and I love the diverse selection of advanced/ AP courses you can take here. I love watching the senior choir performances and school plays, but Walnut’s diversity sets it apart from any other school in Ohio. I gained a greater sense of appreciation from the people of different ethnicity, political, and religious backgrounds.
This is experience was overall great, but i worry the school cares more for the grades reputation and high test scores, more than the actual students mental high. I've learned a lot and now I'm independent and ready for college if I made it through this school and the pressure of not being smart enough I'll never question my intelligence again.
Walnut Hills High School will prepare you extremely well for a higher education, however the school itself leaves much to be desired. For as much pressure they put on the teenagers that attend the school, there are very limited mental health resources, many of which are student run. I have had quite a few experiences in classes where teachers expect you to be able to teach yourself the material. The way class schedules are handled is atrocious, and if you have an issue for counselors, you have to make an appointment at least two to three weeks in advance due to the ridiculous caseload each counselor must maintain.
Walnut Hills is a great school in a lot of ways. The teachers will always stay late to help, and are always willing to work with students 1 on 1. The school has a great music program, with bands, orchestras, choirs, and even steel drums and jazz band. We have a huge sports program as well.

The one area where Walnut is lacking is its facility. The school is very old, and hasn't been properly renovated in years. HVAC is spotty across the school. Ive had classes in rooms with temperatures recorded at 41 degrees, and 79 degrees. Water fountains may or may not work, and maybe 1 out of every 5 sinks will turn on.

What Walnut lacks in its facility though, it makes up for in the education it offers.
Really smart teachers. Some who care more than others. moldy walls, chipping paint, broken air vents, broken sinks and toilets. Metal detectors that serve no point because we walk outside between classes. A lot of diversity and great people
I love the people I met there. Nearly all of the teachers were awesome. Most of them were actively helping their students succeed. Many of the teachers I had showed great work ethic and plans. All of them made sure that I had everything I needed.
I am a recent graduate from Walnut Hills High School. While I was there, the issues I had were astounding, from poor staff etiquette to the books that are older than my parents. Once I left, I was able to see how they had prepared me for life beyond. While I would love to see some staffing changes (some teachers have lost their ability to teach), the school itself is a breeding ground for excellence. Unfortunately that can go hand in hand with being overworked, overstressed, and lead to depression, which is what many of us faced. Long nights, tears, and emotional imbalances were not uncommon, but you can pull through because students are what make Walnut Hills the best. Go eagles!
Walnut Hills is an excellent school with superb academics, a fantastic staff, and a great place to participate in extracurricular activities. The teachers really push their student to be the best that they can be and really foster a sense of community within the school. The amount of diversity at the school is unmatched in the area.
The school needs to address the high pressure environment that promotes grades over individual wellbeing.
In terms of access to advanced placement courses, college readiness advising and resources, and the ability to take courses at local universities, there is no better public school to prepare you for your college and career aspirations.
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I love how diverse the atmosphere is along with the faculty that care so much about the student body. Walnut has prepared me for college in ways I couldn't even imagine. When I first enrolled in college, I didn't know what to expect but with the help of Walnut college isn't so bad. Walnut prepared us all to rise to the highest "sursum ad sum" is our school motto. School taught us the proper way to study, prioritize our time, balance our studies, incorporating them into our lives. I appreciate Walnut Hills High School for showing me to rise to the highest no matter what.
A challenging college prep public high school excelling in academics. Are these rankings based on anything other then opinions?
I wouldn't want to be at any other school. Walnut has its issues but I'm definitely college ready and more knowledgeable of other cultures because of this school. I would definitely send my kids.
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