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Walnut Hill School for the Arts Reviews

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The student body is a truly special group of people, talented and socially conscious and gearing up for artistic futures that will make an impact. However, there are several arts departments that could stand updating in terms of diversity and performance/show opportunities, which are both important to making artists of the future that are also often overlooked. Teens will have both a rewarding and draining experience.
Walnut hill was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Yes it has issues but so does everywhere else. Walnut hill gives each of its students the opportunity to grow and develop not only as artists but also as people in general.
This school is terribly over-priced. It is more expensive to be a day student there than to live at college. It is also very poor in diversity, which is fact being swept under the rug by this website. It isn't n/a, it's simply not diverse. And sports has a B? There aren't even sports!
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Walnut Hill has been a great experience. I am a four year senior in the music department and have been lucky enough to work with great, motivational faculty and wonderful, inspiring students. I have loved getting to know people from different countries and live on such a diverse campus. The connections I have made will be lifelong. Walnut Hill sets you up perfectly for college; especially in the arts but also in the academics, in giving you a worldly perspective, providing a change for independence whilst keeping structure and safety, and in incredible college counseling support. I love Walnut Hill.
Walnut Hill is an incredible place to grow as an artist, as a human, and as a world citizen. It's where so many diverse perspectives come to collaborate. What comes out of the work at Walnut Hill is pure magic. I wouldn't trade my experience as a Walnut for the world!
Walnut Hill has given me so much over the 3 years I was there. It gave me an incredible arts education, a different outlook on life, and incredible memories. The majority of the teachers I had were amazing and helped me grow so much.
Walnut hill is an amazing, accepting, unique, exciting, energetic community full of people from all different backgrounds, experiences, and identities. It's a very welcoming and safe space for all people as well as being an amazing place for young artists to focus on and develop their arts. Walnut hill prepares students for professional careers in their art disciplines as well as any liberal arts college or career.
Fantastic teachers. This is coming from a former dance major; you will not find teachers that not only care about your dance career, but your career and your life in general. The schedule is grueling--expect to be 24/7, but if you love your art and work hard it will all be worth it. Going to steal this from a Reed review: "you will find the most diverse group of white people." There is an upper-class/white majority for sure, but the students tend to be incredibly compassionate, down to earth, and there is no such thing as popularity. Beautiful campus, beautiful dorms, and a school that will boost your college/conservatory applications well.
Although the hours of the health center are not ideal, no students that I know of has had their needs ignored.
Although student life appears vibrant, Walnut Hill struggles to get students to come to scheduled extracurricular events. This is most likely due to the already ultra-scheduled life a Walnut will live
Many different clubs with a diverse interest.
Loving environment where the students thrive, both academically and artistically. A wonderful school with emphasis on personal growth.
Top-notch in so many ways. Whole-hearted, smart, artistic, genuine, friendly, accepting, tolerant, entertaining, loving, flexible, and good people and great role-models all around.
Depends on if your parents donate a ton of cash to the school or not.
Its not the best but they're working to make it better. They've added a bunch of new clubs this year and actually scheduled a specific time for their to meet.
They're not really the best at responding to emails or being available when you need them to be.
Not the best school in the world, not the worst. Arts wise this school is top notch, but as for respect between teachers towards students, not so much.
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It's okay! but I love my school.....kind of ^^
School grounds are very safe. They could, however, make it easier to see the nurse when you need to.
Not many athletic clubs or teams, but many other clubs to choose from. Lots of volunteer activities as well.